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Let Us Plant and Eat Vitamin-Packed Leafy Vegetables!

It’s time to plant a fall garden. and we’ve got a great assortment of vegetable greens that are ready for your garden or containers! Eat them raw. Cook some in olive oil and a little garlic. Harvest a few leaves at a time or invite friends to harvest a lot for that night’s dinner. Experiment and plant some of our many varieties of lettuce. In colors of light green to burgundy these fall plants can be added to any nook in your landscape.

Other colorful veggies that brighten the landscape are Bright Light Chard, Redbor and Winterbor Kales.  Kale not only gives great fall color but tastes better the colder it gets. Want a great stir fry? Try the Pak Choi or Rubicon Napa cabbage.

Our Fall weather can also be ..well let’s say HOT before winter finally settles in so it is a good idea to explore some of our bolt resistant varieties. It is great to have vegetables that can

withstand some heat and cold, a perfect quality for this area of Florida this time of year. Calabrese Broccoli Cabbage can take some heat and so can Cherokee and Anuenue Lettuce. The Red Mustard and the Joi Choi Pac Choy are slow to bolt and offer an uncommon flavor to stir fry vegetables or salads.

For a complete listing of what’s available right now at the nursery check out our “Hot Out of the Hoop Houses”. You will be delighted by the expansive and unusual choice in fall greens.


Plant JUST FRUITS GROWN vegetable starts for an extended harvest.

Just Fruits Grown leafy vegetable sets have two or three plants in each cell. This allows you to experience an immediate harvest of tasty vegetables while leaving room for the remaining plant to reach maturity. You’ll be eating fresh fall greens in two weeks and your harvest will continue for most of the fall

The Strawberry Plants are Almost Ready!

We’ll have Sweet Charlie and Camerosa available this year. Both sweeter than any store bought strawberries. By Mid-October our plants will be ready for your prepared garden.  Young 4 inch potted strawberry plants that we have gotten off to good start can make your strawberry harvest a reality. You can plant them in your garden or in containers. From plant-to-mouth eating is a delight! 


Check out our helpful strawberry guide on “How to Grow Strawberries” to get a head start on getting your beds ready.

(We'd like to thank the folks at Johnny's Seed for granting us permission to use their photo's)


Yes! We have Compost

Despite the fact Quincy Farms is no longer in the business of making Mushroom Compost, we have found a good substute. "Garden Compost" is a compost made of recycled yard waste and hardwood bark. It's weed free, rich and peaty, and does a great job of helping your soil hold water and nutrient. Being a plant base compost we have found by adding 10 pounds of Espoma Garden Tone to each scoop added to the garden beds it works well. We also have bagged Mushroom Compost and CowManure for smaller gardens.

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Landscape designer Betsy Smith will discuss the wide range of plants that feed honey bees, how to incorporate them into your home landscape and techniques for making your garden more pollinator friendly. Learn which plants honey bees yearn for and how to make your yard a friendlier habitat for these hard working pollinators. Open to general public Time: 10:00 to 11:00










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