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Summertime....We love the summertime, life slows down in the heat, and the garden and orchards are full of summer fare. We thought the late spring freeze was going to leave us with a less that desirable apple and pear crop but many made it through. The persimmon and citrus crops are coming along nicely, and our new trial of Caroline raspberries looks very promising.

The spring selling season is winding down, but the nursery has still got a great selection of fruits. We still have a few oddballs like jujube  and mayhaws,  as well as a good selection of citrus , peachapple  and berries,  and plenty of herbs. What’s buzzing at the nursery now is all the summer color, hot tropical lilies and ferns for cool shady gardens. We’ve been working to have a great collection of plants that attract native pollinators.  The pathways are lined with butterfly and bee plants, and the selection is awsome.

Ducks in the Orchard
We’ve got some new visitors in the orchard this summer. Christine Smythe our local fowl expert has loaned us a pair of ducks and this cool duck tractor to try out for weed control. Alice and Ralph the honeymooners as we call them are settling into their new digs.

This proto type is loaded with recyclable parts that easily unbolt to allow it to be moved to areas over patches of troublesome weeds. The little play house is their night time safe house and they’ve got a pool to hang out when it’s too hot.  

It turns out ducks are great at rooting out weeds. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Summer Siesta

It will soon be that time of year again that the nursery takes its summer siesta. We’ll be closing this year between July 2nd and August 15th. We’ll take the down time to do building mantaince, and work in the fields to build a beautiful fruit tree crop for the fall selling season. Although the retail will be closed we’ll still be available via email or phone to answer your plant growing questions. Anyway the nursery is still open for three more weeks, so come on down and stock up on fertilzer and plants  for the summer.

 Blueberry Growing Tips

Summer brings a bounty of fruits ripening in our gardens, and blueberries are one of our favorites. Nothing beats the experience of standing in a beautiful garden and popping sun ripened blueberries into your mouth, it’s like eating liquid sunshine.Beside the fact they’re tasty; blueberries are a nutritional powerhouse packed with more cancer-fighting, anti-aging, eyesight-saving and disease-fighting antioxidants than foods like spinach and salmon.

Easy to grow blueberries are a tasty and attractive addition to the landscape. These durable, low-maintenance shrubs have a unique misty blue cast and are truly beautiful in all seasons. In spring, dainty, bell-like white blooms cover reddish canes. Flowers are followed by blue-tinged foliage and huge clusters of powder blue fruit. In autumn they make a brilliant show as they turn from orange to scarlet to fiery red. Mixing blueberries into your landscape is easy.  Read More…

Sales Bin
This is it , the final stopping place for bent and twisted sisters, onesies and twosies and not looking their best plants. Now is your chance to get some great deals, we’ve loaded the bin with a great selection of citrus   peaches   apples  perennials, vegetables and more, all at 50% OFF. We’re also having our 40% OFF SUMMER SEED SALE  this gives us a chance to restock with new seeds in the fall and you a chance to stock up on seed at a great price!



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