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“Grow Your Own” that is what gardening means to me. We’ve been in love with self sufficiency and simple living for years,

and tending an orchard or food forest is truly a satisfying experience. There is just something very gratifying about planting a small new fruit tree and watching it become a full grown tree bearing a healthy crop of fruit. I find somewhere along the trail you tend to slow down and see what really counts, good food…..

Life hums along nicely here at the farm. The winter crop of satsumas, navel oranges and pummelos in the orchard is in full swing, we’re still getting a few persimmons, and the kitchen garden is full of salad fare. Come on down… the tasting table is set up on the weekends and you too can taste the season.


The crop of new young fruit trees is looking good this year and awaiting new homes to go to. We have an outrageous new crop of over 40 varieties of citrus fruit, all grown on cold hardy trifoliate root stock, plus all the common fruits like apple, southern pears, plums and peaches, as well as unusual fruits like jujube, mayhaw and paw paw. This is the best time of the year to plant a fruit tree and also the best time for good selection; don’t wait until we’re sold out to get your trees.


We're famous for helping new gardeners get a good start growing plants as well as solving complicated plant growing questions. If you're truly interested in learn more about growing attend one of our winter workshops where we'll share what we know about coaxing food from the earth in our climate.

Please take note we are holding some of our winter classes on Saturday mornings, we know that will make some people happy.

If you’re new to gardening, and worried that your first effort to grow fruit will turn out to be a fruitless venture, the best place to begin is with easy to grow types of fruits. 

Easy to grow fruits are more forgiving of soil types, more disease resistant, and better able to tolerate busy gardeners with little time to water. This does not mean that you can just dig a hole and drop the plant in. The gardener that spends the time choosing a good site with lots of sun, enriching the soil, and paying attention to watering the plant when needed, is the one who will reap the best harvest. But “easy to grow” really does mean that you’ll spend little or no time spraying for fungus and bugs. These types of fruits are also good choices for people that want to grow their fruit organically. Let’s check out the possiblities.. Read more of this article

We’d like folks to know that we grow our own vegetable plants. You won’t find a Bonnie’s shipped-in plant around here. Our collection is a mix of University of Florida recommend varieties, and heirloom non-GMO varieties.

We do unusual cell packs like kohlrabi, artichoke and off beat asian greens so you can plant just a few and explore a new taste. Lettuce is a passion of ours so you’ll find usually up to 10 varieties on the benches. We trial many varieties in our gardens so we’ll have local knowledge on what and when to plant as well how to grow them. We’re good at helping you get success

THE JF STRAWBERRIES crop is grown and ready to go.This year’s crop includes Sweet Charlie and Camerosa, two super 

sweet varieties that grow and fruit reliably in the deep south. 4 inch plants at nursery for $1.49 each. You know you need some....



Giving plants is a great way to share your love of gardening with others. Many peoples first experience into gardening begins with a gift of a plant from someone they love. Caring for this plant of friendship often opens a new world that connects to caring for all things on this earth. Plant some seeds of hope with someone you love. 


Make sure you stop off at the sales area on your next visit as there is always some good deals to be found.

This weeks collection includes

CITRUS  $19.99 many varieties to choose from....



50% off selected perennials, cell pack veggies and ornamentals.


Saturday December 8th
10:00 to 11:30

with Ted and Brandy Cowly-Gilbert

Whether you’re new to growing fruit or just want to learn how to be more successful growing fruit trees this class is for you. We’ll cover the basics of site and soil. Demystify chill hours and what they mean to you. Give guidance on choosing varieties of fruit and talk about organic orchard practices. We’ll take a walk to the orchard and end the session by planting a fruit tree.

Free, no class size limit.Please call 926-5644 to let us know you are coming. Class held outdoors; will be postponed if rainy.

Saturday January 12th 10:00 TO 12:00

with Brandy Cowley-Gilbert

This is a hands on class to learn how to winter graft your own fruit trees. You’ll get a basic understanding of why and how fruit trees are grafted. Then we’ll work with you to graft two fruit trees of your choosing, apple, pear or persimmon. Rootstock and scion wood provided for two grafted trees. $50.00 cost for class includes basic starter grafting kit with knife, tape and grafting wax. If you want to bring your own knife you can delete $10.00.

Class limited, call 926-5644 to reserve a spot. Class held indoors.

Saturday January 19th 10:00 to 11:30

with John Melton and Brandy Cowley-Gilbert

This class will cover the basics of pruning. Why we prune, how to make the right cuts, and when is the right time to do it. John Melton and Brandy will give insight on the various styles of training fruit trees as well as talk about how to maintain older trees.

Free, no class size limit.Please call 926-5644 to let us know you are coming. Class held outdoors; will be postponed if rainy

Sunday February 10th 10:00 to 11:30

with Betsy Smith

Turn your yard into an edible food lovers paradise. Betsy Smith is a talented landscape designer well practiced in the art of edible landscaping. She’ll talk about how to create a funtional what fruits make good hedges, specimen trees and ground covers as well as how to incorporate edibles into your existing landscape.

Free, no class size limit.Please call 926-5644 to let us know you are coming. Class held indoors if rainy.


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