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 World Turtle Day

The month of May presents a rare combination of ‘Endangered Species Day’, ‘World Biodiversity Day’ and ‘World Turtle Day’. On World Turtle Day i.e. 23rd May 2018 , The Corbett Foundation (TCF) jointly with Kaziranga National Park, published an illustrative poster titled 'Saving the Turtles and Tortoises in and around Kaziranga', and was inaugurated by Mr Rohini Ballave Saikia(IFS), Divisional Forest officer of Kaziranga National Park. 

Turtles are an integral component of Kaziranga's prized biodiversity. In the last few decades, due to habitat loss and fishing, some of the turtle species are at unprecedented risk and endangered. Local community participation is crucial for the long-term survival of turtles in and around Kaziranga landscape. 

The poster strongly intends to create awareness amongst the community about turtles. In view of this, poster highlights threats, status and environmental benefits of turtles and tortoises in Kaziranga. For better penetration amongst the community, poster will be distributed in schools and forest camps in local languages as well.  

Wildlife Patrolling

Due to the strike called on 24th May 2018 by employees of forest department, Kanha forest was under no surveillance. 
Respecting the request by Kanha Tiger Reserve, resorts and local NGOs assisted in patrolling the forest areas to prevent illegal activities.The Corbett Foundation offered full support to the forest department in patrolling activity. 

The Corbett Foundation (TCF) along with Baug Villas, Baug Tola and Bangar Tola, patrolled areas around tourism and non tourism zones for core and buffer. The areas were in Mukki, Behsanghat (Core), Samnapur and Garhi ranges(Buffer). Patrolling was done in two phases, foot patrolling in the morning and night patrolling by vehicle.

Patrolling helped ensure safety of wild animals, confiscate some of the jungle produce like Kusum Lac, report hit & run cases and prevent villagers from activities harmful to forest. The patrolling continued till the strike was called off.

Kaziranga Diaries

The Corbett Foundation partnered with Kaziranga National Park (KNP) to support their insightful Nature Orientation Program from 15th – 18th May 2018. Select students from around 29 villages of KNP enrolled for this residential camp. Divisional Forest Officer of Kaziranga National Park, Mr. Rohini Ballav Saikia(IFS), eminent wildlife biologist and TCF's scientific advisor Dr. AJT Johnsingh and other dignitaries inaugurated the camp, followed by the publication of ‘Kaziranga Diaries’, a magazine on biodiversity of Kaziranga.

The camp schedule was engaging and compact. The interactions with environmentalists & wildlife experts were quite intriguing for the students.The program ended with the bird watching session.
Sahjeevan - A life together

Squat Rhinoceros walking through tall grass, dense jungles bordering river Brahmaputra, human habitats interspersed, Kaziranga National Park (KNP) – a surreal beauty by itself, but this picture can be deceptive. The mighty river Brahmaputra, with her massive floods, has power to convert this picturesque life of Kaziranga to rivers of dead animals…roofs with families perched dubiously…relief camps crowded with gloomy faces…! The Corbett Foundation's tireless support to rescue and save wildlife and people in such situations and conservation activities round the year has become an inseparable part of their community life...a life together…Sahjeevan!!! 

‘Sahjeevan’, a ravishing short film created by two young interns from Green Hub - Pelevizo Meyase and Thangminlal Misao, was screened at Green Hub film festival, Tezpur. The film features a story of community, conflict and the unfaltering conservation work by The Corbett Foundation at Kaziranga National Park. 

Do not give a miss… Watch the entire story here!

Everything Counts!!!

On 22nd May 2018, World Biodiversity Day was celebrated by exquisite brush strokes of students and eminent artists that enlivened the walls of schools at The Corbett Foundation’s Kaziranga division. The Big Fives of Kaziranga were vivified on the school walls by a renowned sculpturist Mr Papu Ghosh.  

Mr. Prasanta Borodoloi, a veteran artist and wildlife documentary maker interacted with students explaining how biodiversity would re-establish itself if we provide some suitable space and environment. Student’s keen interest and enthusiastic responses to all the activities thrived positive hopes for conservation of biodiversity.

The Accolades

A paper on “Patterns of livestock depredation by tiger (Panthera tigris) and leopard (Panthera pardus) in and around Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand, India” by Dr Harendra Singh Bargali (Head – The Corbett Foundation, Corbett Division) and Mr Tanveer Ahmed (Wildlife Biologist) has been published by PLOS ONE. 

The Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) and adjoining forest divisions with high density of tigers play a crucial role in conservation of tiger in Uttarakhand state as well as in the Terai-Arc Landscape. However, CTR is surrounded with multiple-use forest, agriculture land, human habitation, townships and developmental projects. The paper provides a detailed account of patterns of livestock depredation by large carnivores in and around CTR between 2006-2015. The paper also gives information about seasonal variation and hotspots of livestock depredation. 

The duo has a second paper as well to their credit published in Isaac Scientific Journal and focuses on study of “Status of wildlife habitats in Ramnagar Forest Division, Terai Arc Landscape, Uttarakhand, India”. The findings are expected to serve as baseline information for planning future management strategies and determining changes in wildlife habitats.

To download papers, click the links below.

World Environment Day

On 5th June 2018 - World Environment Day, TCF Kanha team along with the Forest department, organized a clean-up drive near Khatia gate. Field Director (Kanha) along with DFO (Buffer) supported the initiative. Many locals participated in this activity. Cleaning started near Khatia gate and all the plastic bottles were collected. The Field Director Mr. Sanjay Shukla warned the shop owners in the surrounding area to dispose the trash in a right way.

In the evening, TCF arranged clean-up operations with the local kids. The kids were briefed about the importance of plastic free environment.

A beautiful Brown Fish Owl flew to the Kaziranga National Park (KNP), never to return. But situation was not the same few weeks back. This owl chick was found fallen on the road, may be its mother was dead. He was hungry and thirsty with no feathers to fly. Manoj played his mother by feeding him with the fish but without touch. After few weeks, feathers developed and chick took small flights. When he was capable enough to hunt, Manoj fed him alternate day. Slowly owl ventured out at night and fed himself on frogs and toads from paddy fields. Manoj was observant about him at night too. Finally when chick was capable enough, Manoj said a warm good-bye to him for his life in wild.

A passionate wildlife rehabilitator, Manoj Gogoi, is an exemplary lifeline for such orphans and injured wild lives of the KNP and a valuable asset of The Corbett Foundation – Kaziranga division. He is never tired of receiving rescue calls & makes himself available for the same 24 x 7. With his exceptional rescue skills of venomous and non venomous snakes, he is everyone’s favourite ‘Snake- Man’. In last decade, Manoj has saved more than 3500 wild birds, mammals and reptiles.

“As far as possible, snakes should not be disturbed. They are not our enemies. All the killings of snakes happen due to ignorance, fear and lack of awareness. I’m glad snakes are not killed in Kaziranga” says Manoj being wildly humane.

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