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24 Successful Years of Conserving the Wild and the Wilderness... 

On April 22, 2018, The Corbett Foundation (TCF) completed 24 years of its committed work towards wildlife conservation and community development across important wildlife habitats in India. The journey that began from Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, eventually spread across Kanha and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh, Kaziranga Tiger Reserve in Assam and around the Greater Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. In addition to the above areas,TCF also lays emphasis on conservation of critical wildlife corridors of Kanha-Pench and Bandhavgarh-Sanjay Dubri, both in Madhya Pradesh, and the adjacent forest divisions of Corbett Tiger Reserve.  

TCF takes this opportunity to thank all its donors, partners and well-wishers for the unstinted support to TCF and of course to the cause of wildlife conservation.

The Corbett Foundation joins the
Board of Society for Conservation Biology - India Chapter

The Corbett Foundation (TCF) partnered with the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and Amity Institute of Forestry and Wildlife, Amity University, to support and actively participate in an international conference titled ‘Nature Conservation in a Time of Change’, held at Noida, India. TCF team members Dr Bertrand Horne presented the poster titled 'Diversity of Butterfly species at Abdasa taluka, Kutch district, Gujarat', Nandish Vaidya presented the poster titled 'Primary survey of lesser carnivore mammals of Abdasa taluka of Kutch, Gujarat, India' and Tanveer Ahmed presented the poster titled 'Effect of compositional heterogeneity of landscape on birds in Ramnagar Forest Division, Uttarakhand'. Tahir Ali Rather presented a paper on “Do small nocturnal mammals use moonlight as a cue of predation risk?” and Tanveer Ahmed prepsented a paper on 'Determinants of trees richness at landscape level in Ramnagar Forest Division, Uttarakhand'. 

The Conference also saw the formal launch of Society for Conservation Biology - India Chapter with the objective of encouraging wildlife research and conservation in India. TCF Director, Kedar Gore, was invited to join the Board of SCB-India Chapter along with several other eminent people from India representing other organisations and institutions of repute. 

In search of the Golden Treasure...

Golden Mahseer (  Tor putitora), also called as ‘Tiger of River’, is a species of fish mostly found in mountain rivers. Being habitant of Himalayan foothills, it is also found in River Kosi flowing at the outskirts of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand. The Corbett Foundation (TCF) recently partnered in the Mahseer Survey initiated by Ramnagar Forest Division in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India and The Himalayan Foundation.  

Since past few decades, this species has suffered a steep decline in its populations pushing it to the Endangered category; the reasons for its decline mainly being pollution, anthropogenic diversions of water flows, over fishing and destructive fishing methods. The objective of the survey is to develop a baseline information on Mahseer and other fish fauna of River Kosi that would help in the longterm conservation of Mahseer. The team could report an occurrence of 15 species of fish in River Kosi.

 Enumerating ‘The Larger Proportions’…

The Corbett Foundation (TCF) assisted The Kaziranga National Park authorities to estimate population of ‘One Horned Rhino’, a bi-annual exercise very crucial to determine the breeding status of Rhinos. The orientation training was imparted to the participants of the survey by Kaziranga National Park officials. Mr. NK Vasu, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife), briefed the enumerators and observers from the Forest Department, media and NGOs, guiding them on accurate collection of data.

A total of 2413 rhinos were counted in Kaziranga.

Dr Naveen Pandey, Manoj Gogoi and Sumanta Kundu from TCF team participated as enumerators and observers in this project.

A summit for the Flyways

A Summit for the Flyways was organized by the Birdlife International at Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 23-26 April 2018 to bring together and mobilise leading organisations and individuals actively involved in the conservation of birds and bird flyways. Ornithologists, conservationists, researchers and policy-makers from over 100 organisations and 70 countries actively participated in this Summit.  

One of the objectives of the summit was to review conservation of Bustards as the Bustard species are amongst the most threatened bird families and need intensive conservation initiatives. The Corbett Foundation was invited to speak at the Summit about it's work in conserving the Great Indian Bustard in Kutch, Gujarat, India. TCF's representatives - Kedar Gore and Devesh Gadhavi - shared TCF's work with bustard experts across the world. Dr. Asad Rahmani, TCF's Scientific Advisor and renowned bustard expert, too attended the Summit. 

The Summit saw the launch of the Birdlife International's Report 'State of the World's Birds 2018' which can be  downloaded here

TCF publishes a pictorial handbook on
'How to avoid conflict with Sloth Bears'

The Corbett Foundation's and Madhya Pradesh Forest Department's joint publication "How to avoid conflict with Sloth Bears?" and it's Hindi version "भालू के हमले एवं टकराव से कैसे बचें?" was officially released by Dr. M. K. Ranjitsinh, IAS Retd., former Secretary Government of India and a Trustee of The Corbett Foundation, in the august presence of Mr. Jitendra Agrawal, IFS, PCCF (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden, Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Harbhajan Pabla, IFS Retd., former PCCF (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden, Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Mridul Kumar Pathak, IFS, Field Director, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and other dignitaries.

This pictorial handbook richly depicts illustrations on how to avoid encounters with sloth bear in easy-to-understand language in the Central Indian Landscape. The handbook is a part of TCF's study on understanding the human-sloth bear conflict in the Kanha-Pench Corridor supported by DeFries-Bajpai Foundation. The booklets are for free distribution and will be made available to the villagers. TCF will also make a poster of the illustrations for easy outreach and awareness among the local communities.

TCF expresses its sincere
 thanks to Mr. Jasbir Singh Chauhan, IFS, APCCF and former Field Director, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Mr. Sanjay Shukla, IFS, Field Director, Kanha Tiger Reserve and former CCF Seoni, Mr. Subharanjan Sen, IFS, Pench Tiger Reserve and Dr. Dhiren Bhargav, IFS, CCF Balaghat for their support during the project. We extend our special thanks to Mr. Rajnish K Singh for his support in coordinating the book release.  

To download English version  click here.  To download Hindi version  click here.

Planet Earth through Eyes of GenNext...

World Earth Day, 22nd April 2018, was celebrated at Rising Sun English School in Kaziranga division of The Corbett Foundation through quiz & painting competition.

Mr Tahir Ali Rather, wildlife biologist from The Corbett Foundation (TCF) – Bandhavgarh team gets recognised by Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and Amity Institute of Forestry and Wildlife, Amity University, for its paper presentation on “Do small nocturnal mammals use moonlight as a cue of predation risk?”

Tahir was one of the winners and received certificate and cash prize as token of appreciation from the organization.

His paper presented findings on very interesting behavioral tools of prey and predators in relation to the various moon phases. In this study, he tested the influence of moonlight on the activity pattern of Indian gerbil ( Tatera indica) and Black-naped hare ( Lepus nigricollis) in presence of two predators, Jungle cat ( Felis chaus) and Asiatic wildcat ( Felis silvestris ornata) using data from 585 camera trap photos. 

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