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Annual Report 2011-2012

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'Ghost' Tiger Sired Four Cubs in Panna

DNA analyses prove that a tiger, presumed dead due to poaching in 2009, sired four cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. Read more   
Dominant Foot-and-Mouth Strain Infects Suburban Villages
The deadly and highly contagious FMD strain has claimed 456 cattle in Karnataka, and 5,791 livestock in and around Bangalore were found infected.  Read more 
New Wildlife Sanctuary To Be Formed in Kodaikanal, TN

The State government has notified the formation of a new wildlife sanctuary in Kodaikanal. It will be the State’s 12th sanctuary.  Read more
Borneo’s First Elephant Sanctuary Launched
Tourism, Culture and Environmental Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun launched the first phase of the Bornean Elephant Sanctuary at Sabah.  Read more 
Tibetan Monks Prove to be a Secret Weapon For Saving the Snow Leopard
Tibetan Buddhism considers the snow leopard and its habitats strictly sacred, and the monks patrol wild landscapes surrounding monasteries to enforce strict edicts against killing wildlife.  Read more
Ecological Armageddon Imminent For Wildlife As Forests Shrink
In a study spanning two decades, the researchers witnessed the near-complete extinction of native small mammals on forest islands created by a large hydroelectric reservoir in Thailand.  Read more

TCFs contribution to the ABTA Animal Welfare Guidelines

The Association of British Travel Agents has issued a set of specific guidance manuals for animal welfare. TCF was one of the consultees whose input has been incorporated into the manuals. Read more about these manuals here.
TCF's contribution to Hitavada's Twinkle Star Magazine

Twinkle Star Magazine is a popular children's magazine, promoted by The Hitavada - one of central India's popular newspapers. TCF regularly provides articles which are featured in this magazine.
In the 19 years of its existence, The Corbett Foundation has touched many lives and has made a positive impact on the people and wildlife of India. However, the crises that India’s tigers and its forests’ face are much larger of an issue, and unless more support and resources are pooled in, the future seems bleak. Everything cannot be left only for the Government to handle. Every person of this country must take some action towards conserving the natural heritage that India is blessed with. However small this contribution might be, it will definitely help in shaping a brighter future for the wildlife of this country.

Come celebrate the Joy of Giving Week with The Corbett Foundation. It is because of your kind support over the years that we have accomplished as much as we have and brought about a positive change in so many lives.

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The donations to The Corbett Foundation are exempt u/s 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The Corbett Foundation is registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 under registration no.231650853. Indian and overseas donors can make use of our safe and secured online payment gateway facility to make your donations. 
The Corbett Foundation would like to thank the Axis Bank Foundation, Pirojsha Godrej Foundation, Bombay Gowrakshak Trust, Wildlife Conservation Trust, Rare Species Fund / Preservation Stations, Michael Ackroyd, Harry Robbins, Daryl Arakaki and Virat Industries for their generous support towards TCF's activities and programmes.

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Conclusion of the Naturalist Training Programme in Kanha 

After over two months of intensive training, the Naturalist and Guide Training programme successfully concluded on September 26th. A total of 26 young trainees have benefitted from this programme.

Tribal Art Training programme in Kanha
The Tribal Art (Gond art) training programme commenced on 16th September . A total of 5 aspirants were selected from the villages located in the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. These aspirants will be trained by talented Gond artists over the course of two months.

Basic Computer Training programme in Corbett

The third batch of basic computer training commenced on September 16th in Corbett. A total of 17 aspirants are being trained under this programme. 

Sewing and Tailoring Training Programme in Bandhavgarh

A group of fifteen women from Baigaon village are being trained in the art of sewing and tailoring under the PUKAAR initiative.

Sewing/Tailoring Training Programme in Kaziranga
A total of 30 trainees from villages around Kaziranga National Park are being trained in the art of sewing and tailoring. This programme commenced on August 29th, and will culminate in October 2013. 

Ornamental Jewellery Making Training Programme in Kanha
A total of 15 aspirants have started learning how to make jewellery under the jewellery making training programme, which commenced on September 23rd. 


                          Meet Mr. Yogesh Marko

Yogesh Marko belongs to the Gond tribe, hailing from Dabrani village near the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Yogesh underwent a training in basic hospitality with TCF in 2012, under the PUKAAR initiative. Thereafter, he was a part of 23 short-listed candidates who were selected for a three-month Certificate Course in Advanced Hospitality Management at the SYNA International Academy of Hotel and Tourism Management in Katni. A campus recrutiment held by SYNA led him to procure a job at Barbeque Nation, an esteemed restaurant in Mumbai. He is currently employed there. We at TCF wish him the heartiest congratulations! 

Mr. Marko is a shining example of what the PUKAAR initiative hopes to accomplish - to give the tribesfolk a fresh lease of life, to give them opportunities to earn a sustainable livelihood, and to have a valid way of supporting themselves and their families, in turn reducing anthropogenic pressures on the forest resources.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16th September since 1995. This day marks the importance of the Ozone layer and its crucial role in the environment. The theme of the 2013 Ozone Day celebration was “A healthy atmosphere - the future we want”.

TCF-Corbett organized an environmental awareness session on the World Ozone Day for the students of BDJM Public School, Dhikuli at the Center on Global Warming at TCF-Corbett. The one-day session included presentations on ozone layer, its formation and depletion, climate change, and protocols associated with this. Through this programme, the students were made aware of the ozone layer, its imperative role in the survival of life on planet Earth, and the importance of preserving it.
How I Became A Man-Eater - A poignant narrative by Dr. Johnsingh from a young tiger's perspective.

One of India’s foremost conservation biologists, Dr. Johnsingh takes us on a disorienting and sad journey, shifting our mind’s eyes into reverse with the sad story of a young tiger who struggles to survive in a shrinking and degraded habitat, even as the presence of humans and greedy poachers drive him to a fate he never wanted.

Read the entire article here .

Distribution of Chlorine Tablets and Chlorination of Wells in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

India’s continuously growing population  has been putting a severe strain on all of the country’s natural resources. In rural areas, most of the water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff. It is estimated that almost 20% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe and unsanitary water. In India, water-borne diseases like diarrhea alone cause more than 1,600 deaths daily.

To prevent such waterborne diseases, The Corbett Foundation- Bandhavgarh medical team chlorinated 16 wells in 5 villages located in and around the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. In addition to this, chlorine tablets were also distributed to the local communities to prevent the occurrence of waterborne diseases in the area.


Did you know that elephants have the largest brains amongst land animals?

Apart from being the largest living land creature, the elephant is also known for having the largest brain. In an adult, the brain weighs about 10-12lbs. The elephant's brain is similar to that of humans in terms of structure and complexity - For Eg, the elephant's cortex has as many neurons as a human brain! 

The elephant (both Asian and African) has a very large and highly complex neocortex, a trait also shared by humans, apes and certain dolphin species. Asian elephants in particular have the greatest volume of cerebral cortex available for cognitive processing of all existing land animals, rendering them as extremely intelligent animals.

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