The Big Reset: Compete & Win in the Emerging Value-Driven Market

at G2 Intelligence Lab Institute 2015

October 14-16 | Hyatt Regency | Washington DC Capitol Hill
Lab Institute 2015 - The Big Reset: Compete & Win in the Emerging Value-Driven Market

"Faced with challenges ranging from escalating reimbursement and health plan pressures to new delivery and payment models, the laboratory industry stands at a critical juncture, with rapidly changing market dynamics threatening to stymie its continued growth and economic viability in the years ahead" - the context for this year's G2 Lab Institute.

LabMetrics can provide you with the best range of strategies, technologies and services to maximize your resources, revenue, and efficiency. If you’re considering growth strategies, capital projects for a startup, an expansion of service lines, or to improve the accuracy and value of your QA and business metrics LabMetrics is here to help. We can also help you with our full-range of staffing services, Lean Six Sigma strategies to streamline your organization, or compliance requirements. LEARN MORE

LabMetrics' team stays with you through every project stage from assessment to design, and implementation, providing you with solutions that will drive your profitability.

We look forward to meeting with you at G2 Lab Institute and discussing how LabMetrics can help with all of your project needs.


LabMetrics consultants have recently been engaged to assist clients - large and small - with their
laboratory project needs that include:

  • Laboratory Startups: toxicology, wellness, woman's health, molecular.
  • Compliance: OIG audits, policy and procedure review, inspection readiness.
  • Strategic Planning: feasibility studies for startups & private equity, business growth, billing program development, outreach, information technology.
  • Capital Planning & Expenditure: instrumentation, billing services, LIS, outreach connectivity, informatics, oversight/implementation.
  • Interim Staffing: technical consulting, QM development/mentoring, lab manager, medical director, toxicologist, project director, CIO.

About LabMetrics

LabMetrics is a proud sponsor for G2 Intelligence. A premier full-service laboratory, management, advisory and health information technology consulting firm, LabMetrics supplies innovative business, clinical and technology solutions to our clients. As a respected leader, LabMetrics provides a 360° approach to improve your laboratory and pathology businesses. LEARN MORE

Because LabMetrics' team of experts stays abreast of the most recent business, compliance, regulatory, operational, technology and scientific trends in the industry, our tailored consulting helps you keep your competitive edge honed for success. Enduring today's rocky healthcare landscape may seem to be survival of the fittest, but with LabMetrics advisory services and consulting solutions, we arm you with the lab management tools, strategies and guidance to thrive.

Check us out at to see how we can help your lab adapt to the new changes in health care.

Featured Services
Our startup services are tailored to the clinical diagnostic, pathology, and toxicology (pain management / drug of abuse) sectors. We can manage all aspects of your startup from business plan development through certification and sample processing to achieve your quality and financial goals.
Having a sound, well-developed roadmap that will guide your organization in their decision making and ensure financial viability encompasses the essence of a strategic plan.
We remove barriers to make sure your organization is in compliance for CAP inspection readiness, mock survey, claims reviews, compliance audit assessments, and joint commission readiness.
Our in depth assessments will analyze your lab's operating costs and efficiencies, structure, technology, capacity, and productivity to increase your profit margins and save you money. Our assessment services are tailored to meet your specific project needs.
Learn how to use lean six sigma strategies for sustainable process efficiency to develop cost-saving best practices, automation & workflows, tools, and effective operations.
We align your technology-enabled solutions with your enterprise goals and assist you through implementation to give you an innovative edge. Our comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) process simplifies the complexity of evaluating, selection, implementing and integrating cost-saving improvements and cutting-edge technologies. Let US do the heavy lifting and walk you successfully through the process.
We have the skill and experience to provide interim leadership and staffing to assist your organization in aligning practices with new modes of thinking enabled by cutting-edge IT, industry trends, testing technologies, and best practices. Let us help manage and guide your laboratory to achieve profitability and success.
Our principles and associates will show you how to implement procedures, systems, and technology that maximize profits from your excess lab capacity or standalone lab business.

October 9, 2014


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