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G2 Intelligence Pathology Institute 2014
February 28 - March 1, 2014 | Universal Orlando

Does the Hurdle of IT Connectivity Seem Insurmountable? LabMetrics Can Lead the Way

As the landscape of pathology and the diagnostic market evolves toward a value-based paradigm shift, many pathologist professionals are left with questions and concerns.

  • How can you prepare your organization to align with the changing health care models?
  • What’s the key to keeping up in the shuffle, and coming out on top?

Simply put, information technology (IT) connectivity is a major key factor in adapting to these rocky changes. G2 Intelligence clinical research* shows that value-based lab services are contingent on clinical decision support enabled by information technology, which provides practical solutions for 360 degree customer care.

According to a G2 Intelligence study, larger labs already invested in IT are at an advantage. But one third of smaller community and regional independent laboratories are not set up with IT connectivity at all, facing numerous challenges:

  • Unequipped setup to handle decision support processes required by health care reform
  • Stunted IT funding because payment operations still rely on a fee-for-service basis
  • Limited financial incentives to adopt technological systems due to newness of value-based models

Learn how to face these challenges at this year’s two-day G2 Intelligence Pathology Institute 2014 conference running from February 28 to March 1. LabMetrics is proud to be a sponsor at this event, which will focus on helping pathology professionals successfully adapt to market changes.

LabMetrics Supplies Key Components to the IT Gap Solution

G2 Intelligence cites a number of IT gap solutions and the molecular pathology testing market shows great potential for generating industry savings and revolutionizing patient care operations.

For more immediate solutions, LabMetrics is a major player. A life sciences consulting leader, we focus on increasing the connectivity and competitiveness of our clients. Our innovative technology-enabled services help you navigate the changing landscape of the pathology lab market:

  • IT infrastructure assessment of your facility to ensure it will support connectivity, reporting, and informatics necessary to adapt to new health care paradigms
  • Detailed cost-strategies development to facilitate optimal value and efficiency of your lab
  • Rapid connectivity, reporting, and business intelligence deployment to facilitate data mining

Surviving the confusing new molecular pathology codes and models requires an overhaul on laboratory strategies and IT infrastructures. LabMetrics will help survey your client base, extract meaningful service metrics, and counsel you on designing your IT lab system and service delivery operations to fulfill your clients’ needs.

The G2 Intelligence Pathology Institute 2014 Prepares You for Future Success

At this year’s third annual Pathology Institute conference, distinguished industry experts will discuss the importance of better IT connectivity, how to choose the best practice models for your organization’s financial needs, what the challenges of the new paradigm shifts mean to your organization, and more.

You’ll also discover the critical role pathologists play in revolutionizing personalized medicine, and learn practical strategies for dealing with complex pathology informatics, billing, and coding.

Don’t miss out on a chance to maximize your lab’s success. For more information on IT connectivity and pathology lab solutions, visit us on the web at

We hope to see you at the G2 Intelligence Pathology Institute 2014!

* U.S. Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Testing 2013-2015: Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts publication

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