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July, 2017 - Gingers, Heliconia, Costus, Lemon Grass/Herbs (Jul 2017)
HELICONIA     GINGERS     COSTUS 25% OFF listed price Full and Starting to Flower HELICONIA Jacquinii Caribbean Sunset Richmond Red Red over Yellow Orange Gyro Dwarf Jamaican COSTUS Speciosus variegatus Curvibracteatus           'Orange Tulip' Pictus ORNAMENTAL GINGER ALPINIA: ZERUMBET, NUTENS and CALCARATA ZINGIBER ZERUMBET EDIBLE GINGER for the Garden or Landscape

July 18, 2017 - Ornamentals, Draceana, Trees, Palms (Jul 2017)
FLOWERING ORNAMENTALS and MORE LANDSCAPE BEGONIA Rhizome and Cane varieties plus other Cool and Flowering Plants Pedilanthus - Slipper flower Soap Aloe - A. saponaria Peperomia - Green and Red Edge Flavia African Iris Plectranthus amboinicus - Cuban Oregano          HELICONIA   CARIBBEAN SUNSET   JACQUINII   ORANGE GYRO &         RED OVER YELLOW   DWARF JAMAICAN   LOBSTER CLAW   RICHMOND RED                                            

Bromeliads #2 July 11, 2017 (Jul 2017)
ASSORTED BROMELIADS CLEARANCE SALE on LARGE VARIETIES Portea petropolitana Large summer blooming landscape bromeliad  Grows to 2' tall with flower spikes emerging late spring that reach 4-5 feet Bloom spike colors include shades of pink, purple, blue, teal and lavender Early summer brings purplish fruits that develop in place of the flowers There is as much as an 8 month display of color The foliage will be bright yellow-green in the sun and rich green in the shade

Bromeliads July 11, 2017 (Jul 2017)
BROMELIADS HUGE SALE on ASSORTED VARIETIES and SIZES       Billbergia amoena Attractive clumping Brazilian species. Flower spike features bright pinkish-red bracts with contrasting pale green flower tipped in vivid blue. Flowers late Fall through Winter. Full sun to partial shade.            Aechmea maculata Upright growth habit. Does well in sunny locations. Flowers late Winter through early Spring. Inflorescence stands straight up, rising abo

Begonia July 6, 2017 (Jul 2017)
COLORFUL BEGONIA for SUMMER            Begonia odorata 'Alba' Cane like grower with small round shiny leaves Flowers are white and fragrant Flowers ALL Year   Begonia Pink Angel Wing                Cane-like stems. Large, cascading cluster of pink flowers.    Begonia ‘Lana X’ This cross is a tall grower with profuse clusters of rose-red flowers. Dark green lobed leaves with maroon undersides that are heavily splashed wi

Landscape by Sylvia Gordon, Inc.

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