Indie Nonfiction from IBPA Members: Winter 2018
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We're loving this quote from Steven Spielberg, “All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that's why it takes so long." Inspiring words!

We hope you'll find new inspiring books for your readers in this selection of nonfiction titles from our publishers, who have garnered rave reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Foreword Reviews, Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, and other leading reviewers. Their titles have also received numerous awards. The selection presented is a variety-pack of fascinating reading, and each book is sure to appeal to many of your patrons.

Thank you for your time, and for all that you do!

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Table of Contents:

Art | Biographies & Memoir | Body, Mind & Spirit

Health | History | Political & Current Events

Psychology | Reference | Religion | Self-Help


History, Design
by Lois Rose Rose
Lois Rose Rose Studio

Fringe: History, Design informs students and inspires teachers. This 120 page book defines the 10 basic types of fringe, and shows 80 original full color examples.

With a peer-reviewed text by Lois Rose Rose, artisans and scholars will learn the potential of fringe for their designs and research.

ISBN: 978-0977767021 (Paperback)
Ordering info:

Biography & Memoir

A Memoir of Psychoanalysis
by Melissa Knox, with a foreword by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Cynren Press

Baptized into the faith of psychonalysis at fourteen, and gaslighted with the notions that she’d seduced her father and betrayed her mother, Melissa shouldered the blame of a family pulled into and torn apart by psychoanalysis.

Sometimes divorcing Mom is the least crazy thing to do.

ISBN: 978-1947976054 (Hardcover)
978-1947976061 (Paperback)
978-1947976078 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Wholesale, Seattle Book Company

Body, Mind & Spirit

Diving into the Depths of Your Personal Understanding
by Mariane E. Weigley, JD
Weigley Publications

Mariane Weigley shares her compelling journey from Abuse to Energy in this 2nd of the 3-book Abuse & Energy series.

Seeing life and the world from a new perspective can allow the awareness and create the opportunity to change from the inside. Individuals, therapists, psychologists, women’s group leaders discover the premise that we are energy! It shares the life stories of emotional abuse, allowing the reader to apply the concepts to their own lives.

ISBN: 978-0988499027 (Paperback)
978-0988499034 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Wholesale

Wisdom to Get Unstuck and Power to Move on from the Muddy Paths of Life Transitions
by Tolu Adeleye, PhD
Contemporary Lifestyle Publishing

What do you do if you lose your job when you have just recently gone through a divorce? Sanity and Strength provides you with a practical framework of discovery that enables you to come out on top as you navigate through the loss of relationships, career, business, and other significant status.

ISBN: 978-1936001064 (Paperback)
978-1936001804 (Audiobook on CDs)
(Also available as an eBook and downloadable Audiobook.)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon, CD Baby


by Jeanne Besser and Barbara L. Grant, MS, RDN, CSO, with the American Cancer Society

From the American Cancer Society comes a revised edition of What to Eat During Cancer Treatment, the essential cookbook for people undergoing treatment.

Practical guidance and more than 130 simple, nourishing recipes will help patients cope with side effects. Anticipate—and overcome—the challenges of eating well during cancer.

ISBN: 978-1604432565 (Hardcover)
978-1604432589 (eBook)
Ordering info: IPG


The Triumph of California Wine
by John Briscoe
University of Nevada Press

John Briscoe tells the complete and dramatic story of the ascendancy of California wine in vivid detail. He also profiles the larger story of California itself by looking at it from an entirely innovative perspective, the state seen through its singular wine history. From the first harvest and vintage, through four overwhelming catastrophes, to its amazing triumph in Paris, Crush chronicles how wine from California finally gained its global due.

ISBN: 978-1943859498 (Hardcover)
978-0874177152 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Follett

by A. Robert Neurath
Neurath Publishing

The book describes the employment of German professionals by Turkey after the rise of Hitler; the protection of Jews by Muslims in France, Albania, Bosnia, Rhodes and Germany; and their successful careers after the war. This is in contrast with recent xenophobia and disdain for immigrants in the United States; admiration of former Russian communists, and endorsement of far-right political parties.

ISBN: 978-0692150610 (Hardcover)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Political & Current Events

Too Costly in Dollars, National Prestige, and Lives
by Paul Brakke
American Leadership Books

In THE COSTLY U.S. PRISON SYSTEM: Too Costly In Terms Of Dollars, National Prestige And Lives, author Paul Brakke provides a careful, close-up look from a conservative perspective of what’s wrong with the prison system and how to fix it.

ISBN: 978-1947466371 (Hardcover)
978-1947466388 (Paperback)
978-1947466395 (eBook)
Ordering info: Ingram Publisher Services, Ingram Wholesalers, Overdrive


A Guidebook for Reading Others
by Dan Hill
Sensory Logic

Described by Kirkus Reviews as “A smart, entertaining book” full of “clear examples,” Famous Faces Decoded uses fun, relatable celebrity examples in providing emotional intelligence (EQ) insights. This book shows that emotions are hidden in plain sight on all of our faces by covering 23 expressions revealing seven core emotions.

ISBN: 978-0999741603 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive


The Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address
by Robert Hickey
The Protocol School of Washington

“An essential purchase for all libraries... made to last and well worth the price.” — Library Journal

Updated second edition of today's standard reference at The White House, US State Department, Pentagon, embassies, universities, public libraries, and corporate headquarters. 6" x 9" hardcover library binding, 576 pages, index, acid-free paper. $80.00.

ISBN: 978-0989188609 (Hardcover)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Amazon


How My Interfaith Journey With Daisaku Ikeda Made Me a Better Christian
by Lawrence E. Carter Sr.
Middleway Press

“This book explains how a black Baptist preacher found his spiritual and intellectual self largely through an interfaith journey with his Buddhist teacher. It testifies to the unique forces that can nurture and sustain the very best in terms of pan-religious dialogue and cooperation. A monumental achievement.” —Lewis V. Baldwin, Vanderbilt University

ISBN: 978-0977924592 (Paperback)
978-1946635068 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Wholesale, IPG

God's Toolbox Series
by Jack Hartman & Judy Hartman
Lamplight Ministries

Book 4 in the God’s Toolbox Series. Solidly anchored in 221 verses of scripture, this guide to God’s love for us is presented in easy-to-understand explanations of each passage and what God intends for us. God is the loving Father of every person who receives Jesus Christ as their savior.

Full study question section allows for individual and group study. Lamplight Ministries has over 200,000 books in print in nine languages.

ISBN: 978-0915445790 (Paperback)
978-0915445806 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor,Ingram Wholesale, Midpoint Trade Books


How to Recover from Bipolar Illness
by Michael Rose, MA
Being Well Press

Bipolar Wellness is a self-help guide for those who suffer from bipolar disorder. There were many aspects of the book that I enjoyed. It allowed me to gain insight into the disorder as well as the holistic approaches that ensure the health of the patient. Because of this, I’d recommend the book to those who suffer from bipolar disorder as well as those who are interested learning about the disease.” —Robin Goodfellow, San Francisco Book Review

ISBN: 978-0999111208 (Paperback)
(Also available as an eBook.)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Library Direct, Overdrive

True Stories of Grief and Healing
by Diana J. Ensign
SpiritHawk Life Publications

“Frank, warm, unflinching, and compassionate—a heartfelt work that explores sorrow and healing.” — Kirkus Reviews

Heart Guide is a 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY Award) Gold Medal Winner!

ISBN: 978-0988332003 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

A Road Map to Manifest a Life of Power and Purpose
by Susan M. Omilian
Butterfly Bliss Productions

This guide, second in the three-book Thriver Zone series offers a road map for the journey to assist victims of abuse on their journey from victim to survivor to thriver.

The innovative material is valuable not only for victims of abuse but also for their families, friends, counselors, therapists, crisis center staffs, and attorneys. It is a resource for supporters, offering a process for the journey to thriving for those caught in this web of abuse.

ISBN: 978-0984250943 (Paperback)
978-0984250950 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker &Taylor, Ingram Wholesale, SPU-IPG

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