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We're inspired by this Gore Vidal quote, “As every author—and every reader—knows, writing well is the best trip of them all.”

We hope you'll find new journeys for your students in this selection of books from our publishers, who have garnered rave reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Foreword Reviews, Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, and other leading reviewers. Their titles have also received numerous awards. The selection presented is a variety-pack of fascinating reading, and each book is sure to appeal to many of your young listeners and readers.

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Table of Contents:

Children's Picture Book Titles:

Fiction | Nonfiction

Young Reader Titles:

Fiction | Nonfiction

Children's Picture Book: Fiction

One of Six Award Winning Hardcover Storybooks from Baxter's Corner: Collection I 
by L.S.V. Baker
Illustrated by M.E.B. Stottmann
Baxter's Corner

Encourage discussions of the social struggles children face, such as an absent parent, which is what Ally the Alligator deals with in Ally Alone.

“Captivated the young students. The additional resources... have given our counselor ideas for lessons to help build the skills focused on in your books.”
—Jennifer Fernbach, M.Ed., Instructional Facilitator, Moore Elementary

ISBN: 978-1938647192 (Hardcover)
978-1938647253 (Set of Six)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale,

Volume 5 of the award-winning Snowman Paul series
by Yossi Lapid
Illustrated by Joanna Pasek
Snowman Paul Publishers

“Fantastic pictures, enchanting snowman characters, and fluid rhymes will be a draw for winter-loving readers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The Amazing Snowman Duel would be a fun addition to any library or bookshelf.”
BlueInk Review

International Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner and Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner.

ISBN: 978-1949091052 (Hardcover)
978-0997389982 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon

A Children's Book with Implications for All of Us
by Aaron L. Polansky
Illustrated by Genesis M. Kohler
Dave Burgess Consulting

This beautifully illustrated story about kindness and helping others is a must-read in the genre of social-emotional learning. Written for children, it provides incredible jumping off points for meaningful discussion with readers of all ages.

Love who you are. Love what you do. Help others do the same.

ISBN: 978-1946444981 (Hardcover)
978-1946444967 (Paperback)
978-1946444974 (eBook)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon,

by Robert Agnello
Illustrated by Amia Jones
On The Lamb Prod.

Mom's Choice Award Winner!

A little boy sees something scary but ends up finding a best friend.

ISBN: 978-0985348083 (Paperback)
Ordering info:, Amazon

by Anne Zadek
LO Annie Press

Girl magician Houdini Carini learns that practice makes great magic. A humorous picture book with a real-life lesson about tackling difficult tasks. Bonus content: illustrated instructions for a real trick beginning magicians can do.

“A clever, vividly illustrated book about learning from mistakes.” — Kirkus Reviews

ISBN: 978-1732326996 (Hardcover)
978-1732774704 (Paperback)
978-1732774711 (eBook)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

by April M. Cox
Illustrated by Len Smith
Little Labradoodle Publishing

“A fun, beautifully illustrated, and heartfelt animal tale.” — Kirkus Reviews

Mom’s Choice Award Gold Winner.

A tiny puppy with a huge heart overcomes insecurity, builds self-esteem and discovers the power of kindness, friendship, and love. Former Disney illustrator. Includes downloadable Teacher's Guide (curriculum mapped to common core), audio/video and coloring/activity book.

ISBN: 978-1733960519 (Hardcover)
978-1732456662 (Paperback Companion Coloring & Activity Book)
978-1732456631 (eBook)(Also available as an Audiobook)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, bulk orders via

Series Book 1 of 5
by Randy R Juhl
RJ Kids Publishing

It’s a wild and crazy rhyming adventure, illustrated in a rainbow of colors, telling the tale of how one tiny mishap can grow into a gigantic problem. It features a crew of stumbling, tumbling cross-country runners, a herd of crazy escaped zoo animals, a battered/splattered paint shop, and a happy little town splashed with a bazillion colorful footprints!!

This book is part of an ongoing fund raiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

ISBN: 978-1733595810 (Paperback)
978-1733595803 (eBook)
Ordering info: Amazon

A Brother and Sister Adventure
by Sumi Fyhrie
Illustrated by Kabita Studios
First Steps Publishing

Adopted Brother and Sister, a cat and dog, do not get along. Brother likes to dig holes in the yard and drool; Sister likes to preen herself on a pink pillow and sleep. When a midnight intruder disrupts their life, the unlikely duo must put aside their differences and protect home and family from the unwelcome thief.

ISBN: 978-1937333935 (Hardcover)
978-9781937333454 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale

A Simpletown Tale / Count with Me Story
by Sumi Fyhrie
Illustrated by Kabita Studios
First Steps Publishing

Adam uses his imagination to travel the world in his backyard. Today, Adam is an explorer looking for his dog Bear. During this humorous rhyming adventure the reader is challenged to search-and-find Bear, as well as count story elements. Hidden inside are things in threes. Can you find them all? Come along with me.

ISBN: 978-1937333324 (Hardcover)
978-1937333348 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale

Children's Picture Book: Nonfiction

A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book
by Dr. Maria Alma G. Pérez
Del Alma Publications

“Exceptionally well organized and profusely illustrated, ¡Todos a Celebrar! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library English/Spanish bilingual collections.”
Midwest Book Review

ISBN: 978-0982242247 (Hardcover)
978-0982242254 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Brodart, Midwest Library Service, Amazon

Baby Animal Environmental Heroes
by Sylvia M. Medina and Krista Hill
Illustrated by Morgan Spicer
Green Kids Club

Based on a true story, Molelo the Fire Elephant is about a young African elephant that is scared away from his mother during a fire. Hurt, scared, and lonely, Molelo is taken to a safe place where he finds old friends and is protected by new human friends.

ISBN: 978-1939871787 (Hardcover)
978-1939871794 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale,

Hot-Air Ballooning
by Alese & Morton Pechter
Best Publishing

“Vibrant, gorgeous photos of huge, brightly colored balloons… like a giant party in the sky… solid information.” — Kirkus Reviews

“All about the sport and passion of hot-air ballooning… Beautifully illustrated and highly recommended.” — Midwest Book Review

“Opens the skies to children and adults alike…” —J.M. Cousteau

ISBN: 978-1930536999 (Hardcover)
Ordering info: Best Publishing

Young Reader: Fiction

by Richard Ballo
Illustrated by Lisa J. Michaels
Tolman Main Press

It is tough being small, and a mouse, being chased by people and a cat. The Mouse in the White House shows a mouse with a playful attitude. Kids will see the interior of the White House, learn about people who work there, and the kid solves the mouse problem.

ISBN: 978-1945518003 (Hardcover)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor Publisher Services

by Stone Soup Editors
Children's Art Foundation–Stone Soup

Meet the most memorable animals that have appeared in the pages of Stone Soup magazine. From the day-to-day pleasures of a beloved pet to the imaginary space of a wild animal’s experience, this collection of stories by kids brings to life the joy, adventure, and love we experience through animals.

ISBN: 978-0894090592 (Paperback)
978-0894090684 (eBook)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon,

Young Reader: Nonfiction

an illuminated Aleph-Bet book
by Debra Band
Honeybee in the Garden

Love our Environment? Spirituality? Honeybees and dahlias lead children of 3 to 93 on a gorgeously illustrated tour of our world, with biblical praises of God.

“Graceful, dreamlike encounters with nature” — Jewish Book Council.

“This stunning book will delight all who explore its pages.” —Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews

ISBN: 978-0985799670 (Hardcover)
978-1732363014 (eBook)
Ordering info: Honeybee in the Garden,, Amazon

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