Indie Fiction from IBPA Members: Fall 2018
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We're loving the “Human Family” poem by Maya Angelou that includes this stanza, “I note the obvious differences/between each sort and type,/ but we are more alike, my friends/than we are unalike.” Words, poems, stories, books—their magic helps us see with new eyes.

We hope you'll find new magic for your readers in this selection of fiction from our publishers, who have garnered rave reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Foreword Reviews, Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, and other leading reviewers. Their titles have also received numerous awards. The selection presented is a variety-pack of fascinating reading, and each book is sure to appeal to many of your patrons.

Thank you for your time, and for all that you do!

All of us at the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)

Table of Contents:

Historical Fiction | LGBTQ | Popular Fiction 

Romance | Science Fiction & Fantasy

Historical Fiction

A Francis Bacon Mystery
by Anna Castle

Francis Bacon must catch a murderer to regain Queen Elizabeth’s favor. He recruits handsome Thomas Clarady to chase witnesses from Whitehall to the London streets. Everyone has something up his pinked and padded sleeve. Even the brilliant Bacon is at a loss — and in danger — until he sees through the disguises of the season of Misrule.

“A laugh-out-loud mystery that will delight fans of the genre.” — Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2014.

ISBN: 978-0991602506 (Paperback)
978-0991602513 (eBook)
978-1945382123 (Audiobook-Libraries)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Overdrive, Amazon

A Novel
by Barbara Ridley
She Writes Press

Award-winning debut novel set in WWII. Lena Kulkova, a young Czech Jewish woman, is separated from her family, a refugee in war-torn London.

“When It’s Over brings the forces of history to a very human level.” — Booklist

“A sweet read, with thoughtful, touching storytelling.” — Foreword/Clarion Review

ISBN: 978-1631522963 (Paperback)
978-1631522963 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Publisher Services



by Jim Provenzano
Beautiful Dreamer Press

Two very different boys—Joshua, a piano prodigy from a stable middle-class home, and David, a farm boy raised by an alcoholic, abusive father—discover, then lose, then find each other again.

Fighting religious intolerance, “rehabilitation therapy,” and the heartbreak of AIDS, the two grow into men before our eyes.

ISBN: 978-0998126265 (Paperback)
978-0998126272 (eBook)
Ordering info: Ingram Publisher Services, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

by Lee Wind
I’m Here. I’m Queer. What The Hell Do I Read?

A cross-over title of great interest to adult readers!

“The premise is a real hook.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Insightful... valuable... Fascinating information about Lincoln and Speed is also bound to spark curiosity.”
Foreword Reviews

Wyatt, a bullied and closeted teen, triggers a backlash when he reveals historical evidence that Abraham Lincoln was Gay.

ISBN: 978-1732228108 (Hardcover)
978-1732228115 (Paperback)
978-1732228122 (eBook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Ingram Wholesale, Overdrive

Popular Fiction

by Susan Wittig Albert
Persevero Press

It’s Christmas, 1934, and the citizens of Darling, Alabama, are unwrapping a big package of Christmas puzzles. Will Mildred and Earlynne’s new bakery survive? Will Charlie Dickens discover what his wife is hiding? Will the sheriff find out what’s brewing at the prison farm?

Susan Wittig Albert takes us to a place where real people have courage, respect for their neighbors, and the dream of doing their best. There’s nothing puzzling about that.

ISBN: 978-0996904070 (Hardcover)
978-0996904063 (eBook)
978-1974917945 (Audiobook)
Ordering info: Baker & Taylor, Brodart, Ingram Wholesale

by Penny Goetjen
Secret Harbor Press

In a deceptively tranquil harbor town on the coast of Maine, disappearances at a popular inn cause only hushed murmurings among locals until the innkeeper’s wife goes missing and a nosy guest delves where most would rather leave undisturbed, uncovering a tortured trail of betrayal, deception, love lost, and murder.

ISBN: 978-0997623567 (Paperback)
978-0997623574 (eBook)
Ordering info: Brodart, Ingram Wholesale, Amazon

by Trevy A. McDonald
Reyomi Publishing

A new chapter begins in the lives of childhood friends in this sequel to Time Will Tell. The unresolved issues and hurts of their youth don’t just vanish into thin air. For Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope, true friendship is strengthened over time... no matter the hour.

ISBN: 978-0967071244 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Overdrive, Amazon

by Diane M. Johnson

A rural creek floods. A thirty year old bridge collapses, and haunting secrets from the past are dredged up for a small town when an Indian spirit returns to seek retribution. IR Rating 4.1

“A crisply written, creepy novel about unnatural disasters, The Schoharie offers shocking twists and terrifying scenes that will satisfy any horror fan.” —Jennifer Dixonfor, IndieReader

ISBN: 978-1543907674 (Paperback)
Ordering info: Overdrive


by Lezli Robyn & Tina Smith (editors)
Heart's Nest Press - Arc Manor

Free digital subscription for public & academic libraries only. A magazine celebrating romance with some of the top names in the genre, including Brenda Novak, Beverly Jenkins, Juliet Marillier and Jayne Ann Krentz.

One year free subscription to digital issue.

by Andrea Thome
Hesse Creek Media

Who can we count on? The family we're born into or the one we create for ourselves?

“Fans of Nicholas Sparks' books will enjoy Andrea Thome's writing. She manages to tell a classic romantic story that is interesting, vibrant, and surprising.”
Windy City Reviews

ISBN: 978-0997850444 (Paperback)
978-0997850499 (eBook)
Also available as an Audiobook.
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Amazon, Findaway Voices

by Diana Forbes
Penmore Press

Sex and Suffrage collide in the International Award-Winning Debut Novel, Mistress Suffragette. During a glittering age when a woman’s reputation is her most valuable asset, a young suffragette must decide whether to compromise her principles for love, lust, and the allure of an easier life.

Winner of 17 Awards, including the Garcia Memorial Prize for “Best Fiction Book of the Year,” and 1st Place in the Missouri Romance Writers of America (RWA).

ISBN: 978-1946409072 (Paperback)
Also available as an eBook and Audiobook.
Ordering info: Ingram Publisher Services

Science Fiction & Fantasy

by Lark Benobi
Vegetablian Books

“Lark Benobi unabashedly takes on modern politics in all its bestial madness in The Book of Dog, celebrating the joys of womanhood, diversity, and the wonders of nature... a triumphant tale about marginalized people who work together to effect the greater good.”
Foreword Reviews

ISBN: 978-0999654613 (Paperback)
978-0999654620 (eBook)
978-0999654637 (Audiobook)
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale

Volume One of the Seventeen Trilogy
by Mark D. Diehl
Fencetree Productions

Nineteen-year-old waitress Eadie challenges the hierarchy when she assists a bedraggled alcoholic known as the Prophet, drawing massive social-control machinery into play against her. The Prophet predicts she’s the general who will lead a revolution, and a few desperate souls start listening. How can she and her followers possibly prevail when she’s being hunted by a giant corporation and the Federal Angels it directs?

ISBN: 978-1986027113 (Paperback)
Also available as an eBook
Ordering info: Ingram Wholesale, Overdrive, Amazon

by Mike Resnick (editor), Robert J. Sawyer (columnist), Gregory Benford (columnist)
Arc Manor

One year FREE subscription to public and academic libraries only. A magazine of science fiction and fantasy featuring interviews, stories, and articles from some of the top names in the genre, including George R.R. Martin, Larry Niven, and Robert Silverberg.

Regular subscription $19.99. For Libraries $0.00. Simple subscription form.

Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders
Edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law
Laksa Media Groups

“Addresses issues surrounding migration and borders at a very poignant moment in history.” — Booklist

“Political and daring, this collection adds to the future imagined by Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, Margaret Atwood, and Aldous Huxley.” — Foreword Reviews

ISBN: 978-1988140087 (Hardcover)
978-1988140056 (Paperback)
978-1988140063 (eBook)
Ordering info: Overdrive, Ingram Wholesale, cloudLibrary (Bibliotheca)

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