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Issue 16 | Oct 2010

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Branding gets stale. Have you seen the new look on the Marketing Actuary blog? This is the first redesign since 2007. It's consistent with the Marketing Reflections archive.

PS If you have an iPad, how do you use it for business?
Phototampering From 1860-2010

Ronald Reagan in Time (Mar 2007)
The image was doctored to include a tear on Reagan's face. Time issued a statement saying it regularly runs what it calls "conceptual covers."
— about a March 2007 cover

We can't believe our eyes. This isn't a new phenomenon. Tampering started shortly after photography was invented. Surprised? See for yourself.

By extension, how can you help your clients believe you?
Pocket Notebooks Of 20 Famous Men

A paper notebook is an excellent tool for capturing notes before a thought vanishes, perhaps forever. I usually carry two: a small one in my jacket pocket and a 5"x8" notepad in my bag. How about you? This article shows actual notebooks from the likes of Twain, Patton and Hemingway  read more

Five Reasons To Blog And Five To Not

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Like many things, blogging has pros and cons. This blog post shows both sides and is especially helpful if you sell your advice. read more

You may recall Dr. Robert Cialdini's six universal principles of influence. In this recent interview, he explains the role of social media. read more

If you think people buy on price, take a look at these 10 items. How many do you buy? read more

It's difficult to keep secrets these days. Do you think Starbucks wants you to know these ones? read more

Five Rules For Your ABOUT Page

These rules are simple, but get violated regularly. They also apply to your LinkedIn profile, the place I apply rule five. read more

Do you write your About page in the third person? Here's why that matters. This applies for your LinkedIn profile too.

Here are recent blog posts you may have missed or wish to review

  1. Three marketing lessons from the iPad
  2. The easiest way to catch up with social media as the web fades in importance
  3. Measurement matters: free tools
  4. How the CIRA AGM became interesting
  5. TED to TEDx to TEDxToronto
  6. Highlights from TEDxToronto 2010
  7. The right way to view Netflix in Canada
  8. How your real age and insurance age differ
Reader Favourites

Branding is tricky but even professional help doesn't guarantee success.Pepsi made eight changes which seem well-received. In contrast, the new Gap logo was yanked within days. Social media deserves from credit.

So I wasn't sure how the redesign of and @mActuary would look. I wasn't worried but curious. Once again, Laslzo Elo at exceeded expectations. Expect another redesign next month ...

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Phototampering from 1860-2010

Pocket notebooks of 20 famous men

Five reasons to blog and five to not

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Five rules for your About page

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