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Issue 3 | Sep 2009

Hi Subscriber. Students are back to school and we're back to work.

We get serious about business at this time of year. Some of the articles can help us become more productive, which frees up time for other priorities. Like marketing better.

Let's go.

Jerry Seinfield's Productivity Secret

Life happens at the level of actions, not words. Trust movement.
--- Alfred Adler

Writing jokes takes motivation. Jerry uses a simple low-tech technique to keep going. So can you. This might even work for losing weight. read more

Inborn talent doesn't explain the success of Yo-Yo Ma, Tiger Woods or Bill Gates. That's good news but takes away an excuse for under-performing. Fortune magazine looks at what makes the difference.  read more

Four Ways To Change A Customer's Mind

People don't resist change. They resist being changed. --- Peter Senge

If only you could get inside your customer's head, grab their attention and earn their loyalty. Maybe you can. Forbes gives us four steps (and links to other interesting articles). read more

10 Success Secrets from Michael Jordan
In basketball, Michael bested opponents who were taller, faster, stronger and younger. Here are 10 tips, each with a quotation.  read more
How About Getting A Virtual Assistant?

To use your time better, how about hiring an inexpensive assistant overseas? This thorough guide explains what works, what doesn't, and more. read more

You can also leverage your time with technology. Here are free options to consider

Does Multitasking Work?

Multitasking makes you look busy but do you get better results? Stanford University looked at CEOs. Here's what they found  read more

Here are blog posts you may have missed or wish to review
  1. Beat your Blackberry (or iPhone) with a Netbook
  2. Do you annoy your customers without knowing? 
  3. Creating a Wow! B+H Photo/Video Manhattan
  4. Reasons to stop avoiding New York City
  5. Organizers: Toodledo does more than Remember The Milk

Creating a new issue no longer feels like a chore. That's progress.

Did you notice the subtle shift in focus to reflect the diverse readership. At first, the target audience consisted of advisors in Risk, Accounting, Investment and Law who are guides along a client's Financial TRAIL.

Here's the reality: we're all in marketing. We need ways to better market ourselves and the results we provide.

Each month, most article ideas get rejected. They aren't lost though. You can find many posted on Twitter: @mActuary or @riscario.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to send your comments, questions and article suggestions. Let's learn and share. 

--- Promod

P.S. Pursue Success

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Jerry Seinfield's productivity secret
Talent is overrated
4 ways to change a customer's mind

10 success secrets from Michael Jordan

How about getting a virtual assistant?

Does multitasking work?

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