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Issue 41 | Nov 2012

Hi .

The raking is done. Superstorm Sandy got the leaves off our trees but didn't blow them onto our neighbours' yards. Maybe that's just as well.

PS Were you affected by Sandy? Are you getting better prepared for whatever is next?
How The Thermostat Affects Results
The weather affects us more than we might think. Our clients get affected too. This article from Fast Company looks at how Campbell's sells soup using a Misery Index, moves to the office and beyond.
5 Ways To Get People To Listen
If you're a technical presenter, this article is especially suitable. Even if you understand the importance of establishing an emotional connection with your audience, how do you? Inc has the answers.
5 Visual Trends In The Financial Sector
Companies want to stand apart but that doesn't mean they do. This photo-laden article shows what's happening in the financial sector. The data is from Getty Images for North America and Europe. If you don't want to read, fell free to enjoy the images.
The Least Valuable Jobs
Now presenting society's least valuable jobs. You don't want to be on the list, do you? Are you?

This article from the Huffington Post has photos, video and lots of links. Results come from consumer surveys.
Slow Down To Do More
The time to take a break is when you don't have time to take a break. The cause could be external (e.g., Superstorm Sandy) or internal (e.g., getting sick).

We can get more down by slowing down. Jason Womack gives us tips in Entrepreneur.
The Reflecting Pool
Here are recent blog posts you may have missed or wish to review
  1. Reviewing the SMB Exchange
  2. Why a private mentor matters (and how to get one for free)
  3. Greater harm than Superstorm Sandy
  4. Building trust in a transparent world
  5. Why enter competitions of skill
  6. What does your advisor drive?
  7. How musicians and advisors evolved since the 1980s
  8. How TEDxToronto has changed
  9. "Financial doctor" interview "insurance doctor"
  10. Reminders from disasters like Superstorm Sandy
  11. The pros and cons of insuring your children (guest post)

  1. Exercise: critique this interview
  2. How to prepare a speech on your iPad
  3. Three lessons for speakers from TEDxToronto
  4. Communicating on video: two Toastmasters chat
Reader Favourites 

Little victories. This issue was especially easy to prepare. Using standard-sized images helps (started last month). That's a minor change with pleasant side effects. What can you standardize?

I got interviewed on camera again. This time was by Jason Heath on the Objective Financial Hour. I'm getting more comfortable with the process.

I also wrote my first guest blog post. This was for the popular Million Dollar Journey blog. I wrote about the pros and cons of insuring your children.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to send your comments, questions and article suggestions.
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How the thermostat affects results
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