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July 21, 2017

Membership & Insurance: Updates & Reminders

Membership Information for the 2017-18 school year will be sent starting in late August to all units who have completed the required Annual Officers' Contact Information (Form A)!

The Dues Payment Slips are being revised for 2017. We will email the link to the new form in August and provide a link to it on the Portal home page and NYS PTA website as well.

You can learn to navigate the Portal with step-by-step instruction videos HERE!

Online Membership links will NOT change - please share your online register link for members to join NOW even before school starts! Your unit's link is located on the Portal.

Have you updated your Annual Officers' Contact Information (Form A) yet? If not, please do so as soon as possible!

You can find the new insurance guide HERE.

EXCITING - New Playlist of Events (replaces the Green,Yellow, Red light lists) HERE.

The Back-to-School Kit is Here!

National PTA's Back-to-School Kit contains important resources, guides and special offers to help PTA leaders serve their communities and manage local units. It's also completely digital and mobile-friendly!

To register, visit

p.s. When you register for this year's kit, you'll get a Recruitment Tool and a poster-sized Calendar of PTA events from National PTA!

Some Qualities of a Successful PTA Board

Successful boards are characterized by strong participation by all board members – not dominated by a few.

Every member must carry his or her share of the leadership responsibility. Successful PTAs have governance by a board that operates as a high-performing team with these qualities:

  • Everyone knows the goal and his or her role.
  • Everyone commits to providing honest feedback.
  • Each person on the team respects and values diversity of thought.
  • The team develops trust and the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Everyone is willing to pitch in to help.
  • Team members can solve problems as a team.
  • The team gets results.
  • The team spreads the credit and celebrates successes and achievements.
  • Participation on a PTA board is an honor and duty not to be taken lightly. By fulfilling responsibilities as stewards of the organization, the purposes and mission of the PTA can be reached and all children will benefit.

Read more in NYS PTA Resource Guide, Section 3 - PTA Board


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