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Welcome to MEMBERSHIP MATTERS! for unit board members.
The NYS PTA membership team will provide information, ideas and inspiration to help you grow your membership!

2016 Membership Incentive Contest


Units will earn points by successfully completing a set of tasks designed to improve membership recruitment, advocacy, marketing, and communication. Some tasks are set to coincide with current due dates and awards, some are set to specific time periods to help promote theme months.

Points will be tracked by your Region Membership Chair (RMC). Units will be required to notify their region via email, phone, etc. Photos of events where units earn points will be encouraged.

Deadline Points: (50 points possible)

10 Points – First payment was received by the October 31 deadline

5 Points – Reach 100% of your membership from last year by March 1

20 Points – Submit a Membership and Marketing Plan to your Region by March 1 (template will be available online)

15 Points – All members in online roster paid for by May 31 deadline

Membership Award Points: (50 points possible)

10 Points – Earned the Early Bird Award

5 Points – Unit earns Founders Day Recruitment Award (promote in February)

5 Points – Unit earns Men Matter Award (promote in March, earn by end of year)

5 Points – Unit earns Building a Better Community Award (promote in April, earn by end of year)

5 Points – Unit earns School Pride Award (promote in May, earn by end of year)

20 Points – Unit earns a Good Apple Membership Growth award

Monthly Theme BONUS Points: (70 points possible)

The Monthly Theme events MUST take place during the month they are in.

FEBRUARY – Founders February:

10 Points – Hold a member event designed to recruit brand new members – people who have not been members in the past. This can be done during a PTA meeting, or as a stand-alone event.

5 Points – Create a Founders Day bulletin board or poster for your school and/or community spaces that celebrates the founding of the National PTA, as well as YOUR PTA, and tells the PTA story.

MARCH – March Men’s Madness:

10 Points – Recruit and pay for 10 male members in this month.

5 Points – Hold an event that highlights and encourages male involvement in your school.

APRIL – It takes a village:

15 Points – Hold an event in your community, outside of your school.

10 Points – Create a bulletin board or poster to hang in your community (not in your school) outlining what your unit has done over the past school year, and inviting anyone to support the work your PTA does by becoming a member next year.

MAY – Watch Your School Spirit Grow:

10 Points – Hold a staff recognition event involving students. This can be at a regular meeting or a separate event.

5 Points – Hold an event to recruit students. Remember that regardless of whether you are a PTSA or a PTA, students are always welcome and encouraged to become members.


The winners are the units that have amassed the most points. In the (hopefully likely) event that more than one unit has the same amount of points, winners will be determined by a random drawing.


Two Runners Up will be awarded a Membership Toolkit (PTA Tablecloth, Portfolio, etc...) plus one free registration to the NYS Summer Leadership Conference for the Membership chair (or board member if MC is unavailable).

One Grand Prize winner will receive everything that the Runners Up receive plus a $500 cash prize for the unit.

The NYS PTA Membership Team is just an email away, so please call on us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Sean Hannam, Membership Coordinator -
Lori Fontana, Marketing Specialist -
Dan Batik, Male Engagement Specialist -
Milena Din, Diversity Specialist -
Gene Kinney, Data Specialist -
Shannon Stephenson, Youth Member –

Donna Imobersteg, Vice President -
Dania Welch, Membership & Insurance Manager -

One Wembley Court Albany, NY 12205
Phone: (518) 452-8808 / 1-877-5NYSPTA


One Wembley Court, Albany, NY 12205