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Hello Unit Presidents!

Due to popular request, we are making the Unit Portal accessible to the units in advance of the September 1, 2015 "go live date". This will allow you access to your unit’s unique Online Register Link and scannable QR code (see picture below) to use on your marketing materials. Please note that even if you send out the links, members will not be able to register online until September 1.

Here’s how to access your portal and get your unit’s Online Register Link:

1. Go to and enter your NYS PTA unit code.

2. Select “President” and click “Send Link”. This will send the unique link to your Unit’s portal to your email address. DO NOT GIVE THIS LINK OUT! This link will give complete access to your unit’s roster and information.
3. Click on the link in your email to access your Unit Portal. Once there, click on the “Online Register Link” button to access your unit’s unique registration link and QR code. THIS IS THE LINK YOU CAN MAKE PUBLIC (see below as you may want to create a custom shorter link) as it will take members directly to your unit’s Online Registration page. You will also have access to test out the "Add Paid Member" button which will be used to enter information for all members who sign up using a registration form. PLEASE NOTE: the Portal will be reset and all information will be wiped clean before we go live on September 1. Therefore, please do not enter information except to test at this time.
You can use this link and QR code on any flyers, brochures, marketing materials, Facebook posts, web pages, tweets, etc. that you send out to your membership. Here are some recommendations:
  1. Add the link to your unit’s website or Facebook page. If your unit doesn’t have either, ask your school if they will add the link to their page.
  2. Use the QR code on any and all paper materials instead of the link itself. The link is very long and difficult to type in correctly. Alternately (or in conjunction), you can point members to your website/Facebook page.
  3. Use a URL custom shortener, like bit DOT do to create a custom link to use in conjunction with the QR code on printed material. We were not able to hyperlink to this service directly in this email but you can google it (replace DOT with a period) to find it on the web. This service will create a link that is customized for your PTA, much shorter and easier for members to type in.
  4. If you are given time during your school’s open house or beginning of the year celebration, try to either get the QR code on a large poster, or even better project it behind you, so audience members can scan it and register during your presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact

The NYS PTA Membership Team is just an email away, so please call on us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Sean Hannam, Membership Coordinator -
Laurie May, Outreach Coordinator -
Lori Fontana, Marketing Specialist -
Dan Batik, Male Engagement Specialist -
Milena Din, Diversity Specialist -
Shannon Stephenson, Youth Member –
Donna Imobersteg, Vice President -
Dania Welch, Membership & Insurance Manager -

One Wembley Court Albany, NY 12205
Phone: (518) 452-8808 / 1-877-5NYSPTA

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