Issue #7 March 2013

MAD Submissions in Review

HUVEC Forming Tubular Structures in < 24 Hours!

NEW! MagPen

NEW! MagPen Manual


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MAD Submissions Awing Our Judges!
Submissions are in and are currently being reviewed by our team of judges from Rice University, MIT, and Genetech!

Check back as we'll be announcing our MAD winners soon!

Did You Know?
When culturing human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) with the Bio-Assembler, you can form tubular structures in less than 24 hours! After performing immunohistochemistry, CD31, a endothelial cell marker, becomes very apparent. 

For more incredible photos, check out our Facebook page or Google+ page (links to the left). 

Credit: Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.
NEW! MagPen - Gently "Drag-and-Drop" Your 3D Cultures - now avaliable
The MagPen makes it really easy to transfer, collect, organize, or layer cultures without disrupting the tissue architecture, as you can "drag-and-drop" cells cultured with the Bio-Assembler (used to magnetize the cells) wherever you like. The MagPen can also be used to create organized co-cultures. In our last newsletter, we featured an example of this use with the 4-layer bronchiole we created (Click here if you missed it: February Newsletter. If you would like the PDF version of the paper published in Tissue Engineering C click here).

For instructions on how to use the pen, see the featured protocol section below.

For the month of March, you can get a 3-pack or 6-pack of MagPens for half off on your first pack.  

NEW! Featured Manual: How to Use the MagPen
Once the cells have been cultured with the Bio-Assembler, the MagPen can be used to manipulate the culture or create organized co-cultures. 

For pictures and a detailed version of this protocol check out the PDF version on our website. Below is a summary of the protocol:

Picking up the cell culture:
Hold the MagPen with the magnet fully inserted into the white Teflon tip, and touch the culture with the MagPen. The magnetized culture will stick to the MagPen. 

Dropping the cell culture into a 24-well plate:
Put the plate on top of the 24-well magnetic driver. Remove the magnet completely out of the Teflon tip (culture should stay on tip). Point the tip to the liquid in the well, and the culture should transfer to the well.

Dropping the cell culture into a 96-well plate:
Put the MagPen (with the culture sticking on it) into a well with liquid on a 96-well plate. Fully remove the magnet from the MagPen, and then remove the Teflon tip. The culture should remain in the well. 

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