March, 2015  
       Go wild for Learning!

Announcing our first Kids Activity Sheet

After a long winter, spring has finally arrived in the Northwest (and hopefully where you are as well)!  Longer spring days bring flowers and singing birds, and warm spring nights bring a chorus of "spring peepers" as frogs and toads gather in wetlands for their annual mating ritual.  The fascinating life cycle of the frog is the subject of our very first activity sheet for kids called Me and Nature.  Feel free to download this activity and share it with other friends or school groups.  Watch for our upcoming newsletters, and you will be able to download similar free monthly activities designed to get kids outdoors where they can develop that sense of wonder for the fascinating things that can be found in the natural world.

Naturekids is also pleased to announce the opening of our brand new web site -  In addition to a beautiful new look and additional products, we have added links to informative documents, fun videos, and opportunities to get involved with other nature-oriented families in your area.  If you know others that would like to follow our newsletter and receive the monthly activity sheets, our home page also has a newsletter signup form.

The "Birdwatcher" was one of our most popular activity kits at Christmas time.  Although birds are fun to watch any time of the year, spring in the bird world is hard to beat!  Some birds are arriving back in North America after a remarkable migration of thousands of miles from their winter homes.  Males are setting up territories and looking for mates.  Courtship and nesting are soon to follow.  To celebrate spring, the Naturekids Birdwatcher activity kit is on sale now.  Kids will have a lot of fun using the Audubon bird call to interact with spring birds.  Build the Wren House Kit, and you may have baby birds in your yard this spring!

So get the kids outdoors; let's all celebrate spring!