When I was just under 18,
I had a vision of going to Nepal and hiking the Annapurna Circuit.
My mother had always said that travel would be the best education I would get.
So I began saving.
This was back in the day when everyone was still using travel agents to book travel. I walked into a travel agent asked how much a ticket was and slowly began to pay it off over the next few months. When the travel agent realized how young I was she requested that I have a signed document by a parent allowing me to travel alone. So I asked my dad to sign a pice of paper saying I could travel to Nepal. He refused for fear of the rebels rioting in the mountains.
I decided to forge his signature.
I only told my dad about me forging his signature the day before I got on a plane. He was furious and tried to have my ticket cancelled and complained uproariously to the travel agent. I later apologized to the travel agent, who had no idea what I had done. And then, even later, apologized to my dad. However, I never, ever regretted the trip I took.
I flew to Nepal and landed in Kathmandu with a third of my suitcase packed with food, very little warm clothing, and $200 in my pocket. This was the first of many trips I would begin to take like this. I spent most of this trip hiking through the mountains with a sherpa and two other people from Australia. These two people got engaged on the top of the mountain and I was later invited to their wedding. This trip awoke in me my love for the unknown and for adventure. I got altitude sickness one day and was carried by our sherpa for 8 hours while I slept for 16 of those hours. I awoke in a different place from where we had begun and the whole time in between seemed surreal.
This was the loneliest time of my life and the most grounding. I found my feet. I moved them forward even when it was a struggle. I read for pleasure, not for study. And I ate foods I’d never seen before. I spoke to people from places I’d never heard of. I missed no one, and I longed to discover more of the world.
What was new, became familiar. 
Since this initial solo trip I’ve travelled alone many times. Sometimes to meet friends or family, and sometimes to simply see the world. I highly recommend spending time somewhere new alone. It’s one of the best things I give myself. 
When we move against the grain, in unfamiliar ways, or in unfamiliar places our lives change. We see again. We ask for help, and we open ourselves to experience we might have passed by. 
My newest way of moving against the grain is inside a women’s prison. Each Sunday I travel into unknown territory. I invite women into a circle. We throw our badges into the center and begin to share. Sometimes our sharing is easy and light, other times it’s full of screams, or judgements, or laughter. It’s full of strangers, and then friends. It’s full of large life moments, and tiny openings, cracks that grow us into our humanity. I leave more fully aware, and more in touch with humanity.
 I wonder. I cry. I laugh and I smile. I move beyond the gates and guards as I know most of the women can’t, and never will. I feel into my privilege and ask myself, what is it you have to give?
And sometimes, without knowing what it is I am giving, I return with an open heart and an open mind, and ears that take in more than I can imagine, because I’m curious about our shared humanity. And because I know, that moving against the grain is what allows us to grow more fully into ourselves.
Daily Practice-
Green smoothies. I love smoothies as a quick pickup and go for my mornings. I usually double my recipe to make two at a time for the next day or for my kids if we are bike commuting around town.
My current favorite is a seasonal dose of deliciousness:
1/2 cup of pumpkin, cinnamon, cardamon, clove and nutmeg to your liking, 1 cup of almond milk, and dates.
I find this energizing and satisfies my sweet tooth and fills my belly for a few hours. It’s like eating pumpkin pie without having to share any:)
Monthly Oil Blends-
*Citrus Bliss (orange, mandarin, lemon, clementine, bergamot): a super uplifting blend that I diffuse in our kitchen most mornings. In the cooler months when the days are dark I love this blend to brighten my mood and remind me of the light that is to come.
*Deep Blue (blue tansy, wintergreen, peppermint, chamomile): soothing, calming and restorative. My favorite way to use this blend is on the soles of my feet and my children’s. I put it on my kids feet most nights as part of our bedtime rituals. For myself, I love this in the bath too or mixed with coconut oil as a body lotion.
You can order any of these blends from me here for a discount: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/pl/proprietary-blends
Listening to-
Swoon, a podcast by my dear friend Julie Jeske about sexuality, sensuality, love lessons and connection. She co-hosts with another friend, Gina, and together the two of them share there expertise, humor and sensitivity around all topics that might otherwise seem uncomfortable. 
Also, available on iTunes, and if you love listening to her, come meet her this Fall on our co-led retreat to Italy. More information on this trip right below.
As this year moves towards a close I have a few more sweet community yoga practices you can drop into, then join us for a walk to the coffee shop or farmers market and meet your neighbors. This past weekend, I had a room full of new and old friends laughing, sweating, and sharing together. Nothing fills me more than finding connection through our breath and each other.
 And as I look ahead, I’m THRILLED to announce two 2020 gatherings with two of my favorite people, Karen Pride and Julie Jeske. More about both of these gatherings below. In February, you can join Karen and I on the Oregon coast for a weekend getaway complete with creative practices, yoga, delicious food, and community. In September, you can join Julie and I in the Italian countryside for a week of deliciousness as we share stories, revel in pleasure, attune our senses, and move our bodies on and off the mat to identify our true purpose.
Community Yoga Classes at the Portland Playhouse are back!
Classes are $10 for a drop in, and free to artists currently working at the Playhouse.These classes support the Education programs at Portland Playhouse, so feel good and give back to our community at the same time.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds or experience, classes are open to all levels- yoga, music, meditation, rest, and essential oils. Bring your own mat, please. Mark your calendars and come play, move, and breathe together. Bring a friend and walk to coffee with us afterwards.
My hope is that these classes will build community, connection, and balance in our lives. Please help spread the word to your family and friends! Then go for coffee or brunch after class, or the farmers market just two blocks away.
Community Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10:30am
$10 suggested donation fee. No one turned away.
Sunday November 10
Saturday November 16
Sunday November 17
Saturday November 23
Sunday November 24
Saturday November 30
Sunday December 1
Saturday December 14
Sunday December 15

2020 Retreat #1: 
Wild at Heart with your co-hosts, Karen and Nikki
February 14-17 2020
Arch Cape, Oregon
$850 p/person, $200 reserves your spot. To pay, Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver
*limited to 14 women.
Join your Wild at Heart co-leaders Nikki and Karen for a creative weekend built to ignite the senses, stir up your passions, and encourage community. This is the 3rd year in a row we have created a weekend together. We enjoy creating community, sharing our passions, and beautifying our world with food, movement, conversation, and art making practices.
With us, you'll enjoy morning yoga, daily delicious meals (mostly made by Karen), an energizing creative flow taught by Karen (while Nikki cooks), massage and reiki sessions with Nikki, handmade pottery by Karen, afternoon creative practices,essential oils, structured conversations to fuel creative fire in your life, and evening singalongs with special guests.
Our weekend begins on Friday evening with dinner and sharing, and ends on Monday morning after yoga and breakfast. All rooms are shared. So grab a friend and spread the love, or cozy up with a stranger. Open to all levels of life experience.
- All Meals
-Daily Yoga
-Creative Conversations and Practices 
-Handmade bath salts
-15min massage/reiki session with Nikki
Add on's:
-Purchase individual pieces of Karen's pottery
-Increase your massage/reiki time with Nikki 
-Buy essential oils to take home

2020 Retreat #2

Vibrant Living Lucca, Italy, 2020

Dates: September 5-12 2020, October 3-10 2020
Price: $3000 private bathroom or $2700 shared bathroom
*$250 reserves your spot. 
*limited to 18 women.
Join us as we spend a week in the countryside of Lucca, Italy this next Fall together. After our first trip to Lucca this past year, ew fell in love with the country and this special town. I even got a puppy when I returned and named her Lucca to remember our time here:)
Julie and I first met while pregnant. We ate ice cream and talked about love, lose and death in just a few breaths. This began our deep friendship, our attraction to the unknown and our curiosity for pleasure and presence in our lives.
With us, you’ll get a week of learning about daily practices and ritual to enrich your life. You’ll recharge your spirit and your heart. With us, you’ll also most likely, laugh and cry. We love to do both, sometimes at the same time.
Our week begins with dinner together on Saturday evening and ends with breakfast on Saturday morning. Throughout the week we will gather daily for yoga in the early morning, deep conversations led by Julie where we will explore: intimacy, boundaries, pleasure, and boundaries. In between, we will take day trips to a local female-led winery, an optional bike tour around the city wall of Lucca, a day trip to Cinque Terre or Florence, and a. Group cooking class with our resident chef.
A typical day is as follows-
7-8:30am yoga with Nikki
8:30-9:30am breakfast
10:30-12:30pm morning session with Julie
1-2pm lunch
2-5pm free time
5-6:30pm afternoon session with Nikki and Julie
7-8pm dinner
-Seven nights accommodation in our private vila
-All meals at the villa, 3 meals a day, plus snacks.
-Nightly local wine at dinner.
-Use of the pool
-Winery tour and lunch
-Group cooking class
-A day in Cinque Terre or Florence
Add’s on:
-Taxi’s to and from the villa.
-Massage at the villa.
-One lunch and one group dinner.
-Optional bike and food tour of Lucca.
A Blessing for You-
May you find the beauty in this month. May you ask for forgiveness as much as you seek it from others. May you recognize that our time here is short. Each breath, really is an opportunity to start again.
Grateful for your continued presence here,
Wild at Heart
Co-led with Karen Pride
February 14th-17, 2020
Arch Cape, OR

Join your Wild at Heart co-leaders Nikki and Karen for a creative weekend built to ignite the senses, stir up your passions, and encourage community. This is the 3rd year in a row we have created a weekend together. We enjoy creating community, sharing our passions, and beautifying our world with food, movement, conversation, and art making practices.

Click Here for more info and to save your spot!
*Limited to 14 women*
Vibrant Living
Co-led with Julie Jeske
September 5th-12th, 2020
Lucca, Italy

A week in Lucca, Italy with Julie Jeske and Nikki with daily yoga, deep conversations, delicious food and day excursions.

Click Here for more info and to join us!
Limited to 18 women*
Photo by Karen Pride
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