Welcome to July.
Here we are together, learning to adapt, donning face masks as we venture outside, speaking up with more awareness and knowledge for Black Lives, and hopefully, doing a deep clean of what matters to us. For me, covid has brought me to a place of deep reflection, what matters to me, who matters, and how I am choosing to hold myself accountable. The larger wakefulness surrounding Black Lives has also had me questioning, has it taken a worldwide pandemic to wake me up? And, how will we stay woke as we move into our future selves? 


These questions lead me into deep conversation, they march me into protesting mode, and creator mode with artists I love and am challenged by. Questioning my existence, also gives me space to hone in on how I’m moving through life. This month brings a lot of personal and professional change- letting go of a company I have helped grow and shape, hitting the wide open road for long stretches of time, planning and prepping new content to be shared, creating new work that is art as activism, and building a new nonprofit. 


The phrase "circle up" first came to me in the outback of Australia, I remember watching cattle dogs herd sheep. These dogs are so impressive in their focus, precision of judgement, gentle yet sharp, quiet yet fierce, and always on point. I then translated this phrase watching horse riders round up cattle, still in the outbacks of Australia. This phrase then was something I heard in and out of theatres and rehearsal rooms, a way in which to gather people to begin a process. I then began using it myself when leading workshops and retreats, mostly teaching yoga, as a way to ground, center, and move into the work. I now find myself sharing it on the inside of prison as we gather to begin our work together. The women use it on me when they are ready to start and end. This phrase also is the beginning and ending of life. It is complete, and yet missing it’s center. A circle is both whole and empty.


To me, a circle exists on it’s own and it belongs to a whole. My circle has brought me back to the work of working with women, storytelling, singing, playing, work that my mother began so long ago. My circle has brought me in and out of healing through physical movement, storytelling and shared experience. My circle continues to grow and expand with friends from around the globe, and stories inside and outside of walls. Walls that no longer contain me, but expand my capacity of what is possible. This month, I’m growing my circles to include more time in nature, more time getting to know the work I am called to do, and more time connecting to each of you. 


What is it you are circling these days? What have you encircled in your life? And today, in this moment, are you complete or lacking? Whole or emptied? I invite you to recognize the circular, cyclical patterns of your own life. In the listening and deep looking at ourselves, we can begin to respond rather than react, and from this centered place, our whole selves begin to circle into alignment.


Thank you for being apart of my circle.

On The Inside, join the conversation and collaboration


This month you are invited to join me for a cup of tea or a fancy drink and share in conversation as we dive into the work of working with incarcerated women together. This is the second  group I’ll be gathering on the outside to learn more about the work I do on the inside. As I begin to build, On The Inside, my hope is to create more connections for women on the inside with women on the outside of prison walls. This second group will meet four times through Zoom calls for 2 hours each time. Samples of our work, both from the inside and outside are here for you to take in.


What you can expect: 






- 4x group sessions and individual follow up’s.


Together, I’ll walk you through a typical class and then offer up creative prompts for our group to begin to create from. Each class you will be given a small homework assignment to prepare for the following class. Portions of our work will be shared with the women on the inside. We will begin with centering and sharing. This class is open to all levels of life experience, the curious of heart, and the introverts.




Monday’s 4-6pm PST


July 20

August 3, 17, & 31




$200, payment should be made to On The Inside by check or to Nikki Weaver on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver

*If funds are tight, reach out, I want to make this accessible for all.


A sneak peak of some of the work we have been creating together in our classes. Below, you’ll read Taryanne Rahmaan’s poem, a current inmate at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and a longtime member of our theatre class, plus a poem from Marie, an outside participant in our current cohort of classes. We are beginning the expiration of swapping our stories back and forth between women behind bars, and women on the outside. These pieces were written on the theme of identifying light and darkness in our lives.


Do You See Me?

Do you see me? Not my titties or my ass.

Do you see me? My finesse, my class?

Do you see me? My intelligence, my drive?

Do you see me? My truth, my lies?

Do you see me when I’m so deep in thought?

Do you see me as your trophy, something you bought?

Do you see me as the tears roll down my face?

Do you see me as I am, at this time; in this place?

Do you see me?


-current theatre student, Taryanne Rahmaan

The Shade


You love the outline of my face,

the shadow of my personality,

but the bruises and laugh lines

that have raised me

are hidden in the dark.


Would you recognize me in the sun

when my features come to life

and the joy and pain are more pronounced?

Or would you guide me under a tree

to take cover in the shade?


-by current On The Inside participant, Marie

Monthly Oil Blends-


Summer treats as we move into the summer heat. 


I carry peppermint with me almost everywhere I go, especially these days on long road trips in the car. A quick spritz and I’m feeling cool and less smelly again. Refreshing, calming, and clarifying. I use it with my girls on insect bites or on cool washcloths in bed at night.


A longtime favorite of mine, balance, I use this around my collarbone most days. Perfect for grounding, meeting transitions head on, and centering the body and mind through change. Earthy undertones complemented by chamomile and frankincense oils.



In these times of covid, I find myself seeking connection and also being overwhelmed by the online content available. If this is true for you, check out my website for online yoga and meditation practices to do on your own time, when and where it suits you. Otherwise, tune in for a few online moments of connection this month:


-Bloom (60min of yoga, 10min of meditation): A sweet little two-part package deal, prerecorded for you to practice on your own time.

This class is a strong sweaty flow full of twists, arm balances, and juicy heart openers to get you opened up in all the right places. The meditation is a short and sweet grounding practice to invite more space in your life, both calling on Mother Earth and the sky above. You will receive both for just $25, my gift to you last month and this month. You can Venmo me or snail mail me a check, at which point I’ll send you a link for both practices.


-Julie Jeske and I: Full Day Women’s Retreat in Portland, Oregon. Date TBA. (*please reach out directly if you would like to attend, we have a current waitlist and our finalizing dates as we look at covid requirements for meeting in person at this time.)


-Move with Me: Virtual yoga/meditation/song experiences to play together in real time. Times/dates can be found below.


-Embracing Your Soul: Let Your Wisdom Lead with Atieno Bird, October 23-26 (*east coast weekend retreat)


If you don’t know me personally, you can expect to laugh a lot, share stories from you life, create vision for the future, eat really, really well, and I probably will invite you on some early morning runs:) Come play, come discover with me, and meet yourself where you are at. We will learn and love together on this wild mess of life. Please reach out directly if you have questions about any of my retreat offerings, I personally respond to all inquiries.


Move with me: Yoga for the Heart and Soul


These 90 minute experiences are shared through Zoom: Move with Me, password required: flywithme


*Monday July 6 9-10:30am PST

*Monday July 13 9-10:30am PST

*Saturday July 18 9-10:30am PST

*Saturday July 25 9-10:30am PST


Classes are full body, full heart experiences. Suggested donation is $20, payable on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver. If times do not work for you, please reach out and I will send you the video to class to practice on your own time. The more the merrier, so please share with your friends and let’s practice and move together.

Embracing the Soul, Let Your Wisdom Lead

Creators Celebration With Atieno Bird, and On The Inside- bridging community connection through my new nonprofit 

October 23-26 2020


Atieno and I are excited to announce that the perfect spot for our 2020 Creators' Celebration (let's just admit it, it's more of a party than a retreat) has been selected! 


We will be offering a Friday evening to Monday morning gathering for women in the charming waterfront hamlet of Chestertown, MD Oct 23-26. Chestertown is about an hour and a half from nearby airports. 

Our theme is Embracing the Soul; Let Your Wisdom Lead

There are many times when life requires active yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.


Our celebration between sessions looks likely to include some of the following: wine-tasting, art-making, theater, galleries, main street shopping, walks, spa time, brunches and dinners, dancing, and free time. We will be walking distance from all activities (driving is of course an option, but not provided.)


Cost: $675, to be paid by check or Venmo

(@Nikki-Weaver) Payment plans are available. 

Cost includes luxury accommodation in a double (contact me for single occupancy price), all programming (yoga, facilitation of circle time, coaching) healthy snacks, continental breakfast foods, and wine. Other meals and tastings will be at local cafes (google "restaurants in Chestertown" to get an idea of prices,) and spa time is at your discretion. You will be able to bring and store food. 

A Blessing for you-


May July offer you the space to recalibrate, to take stock, to expand. May your heart move you to say the things that need to be said, to let go of old patterns that have outgrown you. May you envision your life as a fire that you are tending to daily.

From my heart to yours,




Creator's Retreat: Embracing the Soul
With Atieno Bird
October 23-26, 2020

There are many times when life requires active   yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive   yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.

Reserve your spot here!

An hour practice with me and a 10 minute meditation.
Cost: $25
Venmo me @Nikki-Weaver or click the button below to send me an email if you have questions!
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