How is it November, already?
Does anyone else feel like this year has been sooo long?
I think for me, it feels as though the year has stretched into eternity, a neverending year of learning and unlearning. 


Here in Portland, the leaves are turning, the days have been sunny and cool. The fires have cleared and the air is crisp. My daily walks with the girls and mutts have been life giving. My time, building On The Inside with women from around the globe, has been life giving. The days managing work, my girls, schooling, and more work, have been chaotic, but committing to my personal practices even more have lit a fire inside of me to continue to build, create, and connect.


I’m a crier. I cried in the first 5 minutes, during my first Board meeting for On The Inside. The tears were gratitude tears, for my mother’s work and the women that have shown up to continue to dream big with me in a world that feels in flux. My tears gave way to a broad smile as I listened to women share, reveal, and offer the support of sisterhood. 


This month and next, I’ve pulled together a bunch of ways I infuse my life with community, wellness, and movement to be a resource for you during the days and months ahead. As the days get darker, longer, and full of holiday shenanigans, my practices become even more essential to showing up, not losing my shit, and savoring these cool nights, mostly indoors. So my offering to you, is to step up your levels of care- for yourself, your friends/family member/partner, and add more light to the darkness.


Light doesn’t have to be elusive. It doesn’t have to be something we chase. In fact, it can be something that guides us, a steady presence in our lives. I’ve connected a lot of people to create meaningful experiences over the next two months. Teachers that inspire me with their work and words. Movement that reminds me I’m alive. Oils that bring me back to a sensory experience of being alive. Meditation groups to remind us how powerful the gift of sitting in silence with people can be. I invite you to try something new, to create a space for yourself to grow towards the light, not away from it. I’m a sucker for lighting daily candles, as a reminder that light grows from a small flicker into raging fires, it doesn’t begin as a fire. One of my favorite quotes about light is:


“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives light its deepest significance.” -Roy Bennett

On The Inside, join the conversation and collaboration-


This new nonprofit is alive and well, follow along over here: On The Inside, to learn more about our classes, ongoing creative content for incarcerated women. As I begin to roll out the monthly newsletter for On The Inside, you will be automatically added to that list. Feel free to let me know if that is too much for you to be receiving from me. I’ll be sharing a little about On The Inside here each month, but you’ll get all the juicy details on our website and on our new newsletter format. Thanks to Board members who are creating online content on resilience and joy with me, and building our Facebook and LinkedIn pages too. 


But for now, you can still join our four class series to get a good introduction to our work, meet our people, and storytell with us too. Every month moving forward,  you are invited to join me for a cup of tea or a fancy drink and share in conversation as we dive into the work of working with incarcerated women together. As I begin to build, On The Inside, my hope is to create more connections for women on the inside with women on the outside of prison walls. This group will meet four times through Zoom calls for 2 hours each time, once you complete our four class series you’ll be able to join our monthly calls.


What you can expect: 






- 4x group sessions and individual follow up’s.


Together, I’ll walk you through a typical class and then offer up creative prompts for our group to begin to create from. Each class you will be given a small homework assignment to prepare for the following class. Portions of our work will be shared with the women on the inside. We will begin with centering and sharing. This class is open to all levels of life experience, the curious of heart, and the introverts.




Friday’s 4-6pm PST

November 13 & 27

December 11 & 18




$200, payment should be made to On The Inside paid right here, a Zoom link for all classes will be sent to you once payment is received.

*If funds are tight, reach out, I want to make this accessible for all.


*Ongoing monthly group: If you have already participated in a group, you can continue the conversation and creative time with us collectively as we gather for monthly sessions. Each zoom call is 2 hours long with time for shared connection, a creative prompt offered for homework, and a centering meditation to bring us all in. Sign up ahead of time is required. Cost is $50 p/month with meetings on:


Tuesday’s 4-6pm

November 17

December 15


*once payment is received a Zoom link will be sent to your inbox. Payment can be made online here.

Gatherings: a few ways for us to connect during these sustained times-


In the effort to find more pause, more moments of listening and light in the months ahead, join me here.
A LOT of collaborations (Cycerli Ash, Jill Knouse, and Julie Jeske) in November and December. With so many offerings over the next two months, please feel free to reach out with questions or ideas. Make sure to specify in your payment what you are paying for to help my brain. Thanks!


*Sit with me: the power of pause (NEW monthly meditation group)


November 12 &19

December 3 & 10

2-3pm PST

$20 p/class, suggested donation, payable on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver. Link shared after payment is received.


Get your meditation cushion, yoga mat, or cozy blanket out and join this collective:  a 15 min talk, followed by a 30min sit, followed by 15mins for reflections.

*Move with me: Yoga for the Heart and Soul Series


November 15 & 22

December 6 & 13

9-10am PST

$125 for the series, payable on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver. Link shared after payment is received. Each class will be recorded if times don’t work for you life and emailed out post practice.


These 60 minute experiences are shared through Zoom and taught as a 4-part series. Get through the winter months with some great movement, good tunes, essential oils, and community. I’ll serenade you with original songs on the harmonium and poetry for each class, plus you’ll get an essential oil mailed to you that we will be using for our practices together. Makes a great self care gift, a gift for someone you love, or a fun practice to do with a friend/family member.

Classes are full body, full heart experiences, and are curated to meet the needs of each individual group. .If times do not work for you, please reach out and I will send you the video to class to practice on your own time. The more the merrier, so please share with your friends and let’s practice and move together.

*How we use the body and voice to create empathetic characters, and an empathetic life.

Workshop with Cycerli Ash


Sunday November 22 

4-6pm PST 

$100 p/person p/class (payment through Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver, or by check)

Needs: pen or pencil and paper, yoga mat, and water.

Link sent after payment is received.


By training our bodies and our voices, we believe in training the whole self to show up on an off stage in an authentic way. We create specificity through engaging a physical, emotional, and mental self. Our own personal practices (martial arts, meditation, yoga, running, writing) allow us to know we are at a core level. Our practice of listening invites us to change moment to moment. When we learn to use our voices, we can begin to diffuse chaos and tension in the body. As storytellers, creators, teachers, and directors we believe that the body carries messages, when we lack voice we tend towards passive aggressive tendencies. Come prepared to write and share with us as we create together along the way. When our voices and bodies are in alignment, the truth of a character, and the truth of our lives is present. 


The Pleasure and Presence Series with Julie Jeske and Nikki Weaver

Live online classes, join from anywhere: November 21, December 19, and January 16 2021.

9-12pm PST

Cost: $450 (9 hours of live content, weekly emails, monthly yoga). Payment plans available,payment through Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver, or by check, or Paypal.


Join us for a 3 month series beginning November 1st. Once a month you’ll join us for a live three hour Zoom session (connection, movement, and meaning). For three months, you’ll hear from us weekly and monthly we will gather online from the comfort of our own spaces.


Here’s what you get:


-a weekly email full of pleasure practices, and a meditation or movement sequence to bring you into more moments of presence in your body, mind, and heart.


-a monthly 3 hour Zoom session to join us in real time as we focus on process, decompressing, and how to integrate pleasure and presence into our lives during challenging times (covid, the election, the approaching holidays, and preparing for 2021). We will walk the talk and level with you, share with you, and offer self care, wellness, and healthy creative habits that have allowed us to become more resilient to change.


Here’s what we give:


-100% professional presence and pleasure along the way


-Two full-time professionals guiding you every step of the way (18 years of yoga/meditation experience, 15 years teaching professionally-Nikki, and Julie in her own private practice for 10+ years).


-Small online group to share, connect with, and learn from


-Monthly yoga with Nikki, and weekly meditations right to your inbox.


-Key tools and insight direct from Julie’s private practice


-Weekly emails designed to meet your needs, and tailored by Nikki and Julie to reflect the individuality of each group


-Each session thoughtfully prepared, discussed, and planned by the two of us.


Minimum: 7

Maximum: 15

*open to all genders, age, levels of life experience.



Monthly Gratitude Gifts that keep on giving-


As I sat with the idea of illuminating light, I wanted to find a way to create pieces of me that bring people back to themselves. Here you’ll discover a small sampling of ideas, gifts, self-care, and sensory and kinesthetic support for the months ahead. 


FREE shipping on all products. Payment can be made on Venmo (@Nikki-Weaver), or by check (email me for mailing address). 

Handcrafted Bath Bombs: Unicorns and Clouds (made with doTerra lavender and rosemary essential oils, and organic coconut oil). Perfect for kids and adults. These are my favorite things to make as gifts for friends and family. They smell delicious, are a fun science fizz in the bath, easy to ship and pack. I often make a ton at a time and then we have them on hand for our family or for gifts to go.


$5 each or $25 for 5.


Handy Essential Oil Roller (made with doTerra essential oils: siberian fir, eucalyptus, peppermint, serenity, clove, lemon, or wild orange, and organic coconut oil.) Custom made based on your preference, and shipped with use and care instructions on a sweet little handmade card. Fits snugly in your pocket, or great for having on your desk, in your car, or (man)purse. If you know me, you know I always have about 5 of these in my backpack with me- something for everyone- easy to make, fun to play with, easy to share. My girls love making these with me too. Elliette’s collection, my youngest daughter, is almost larger than mine. 


$5 each or $20 for 5.

What I’m Reading and Listening to-

Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson 

Aren’t we all reading this book right now? If you aren't, grab a copy or listen to it on audible. During November, join the Portland Book Festival to hear her talk about her book in conversation with Viet Thanh Nguyen on November 19.


My Own Words, by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

When I’m feeling blue, I grab this book and am reminded of the smarts and wit of this woman, and of many women. This book gives me hope for a brighter future, a place for women to be equal, to be heard, and to be acknowledged through gender equality.

A Blessing for you-


May light illuminate your path. May you consciously draw the light towards you, and may you emanate light with whoever you are with.


“You have put light at our feet, and around our heads. We are brighter because of you.” -Maya Angelou, sharing words about Nelson Mandela

In lightness,




An hour practice with me and a 10 minute meditation.
Cost: $25
Venmo me @Nikki-Weaver or click the button below to send me an email if you have questions!

Listen in today on the Yoga Strong podcast!
I'm so proud of this conversation and this work for On the Inside.
Thank you Bonnie Weeks aka @carrot_bowl_bonnie for sharing your platform and believing in me and my ideas. All love. Always.

This new nonprofit is alive and well, follow along over here: 
On The Inside, to learn more about our classes, ongoing creative content for incarcerated women.

Join our 4 class series beginning November 13th, 2020.

You can register here!
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