Blessings to you as we move into the month of July.
I’m grateful to you for being here, for being alive, and for taking the time to revel in these words.
I find myself traveling a lot these days. I love to travel, to adventure alone and with friends. Flying in the air is one of my favorite times to reflect, to plan, and to snooze. I never watch movies in the air. I almost always write (like now!), dream of future gatherings, and plot collaborations. Something about soaring above the land gives me courage to extend myself further. And recently these words came to me:
Movement comes from stillness. Words come from silence.
As a yoga teacher, massage therapist, parent, wife, artist, director, blah, blah, blah, I’ve learnt alot about the practices of stillness and the need for movement as a way to process. Both are necessary to inspire transformation and change. If you have ever practiced with me, you will often find me saying:
We must ground down in order to fly. 
I love practicing this through balance in yoga. Rooting into the earth and then expanding into the sky, our limbs float somewhere in between the fine line of the earth and the sky. I also find this sensation when flying in the air on a plane.
This year I have already visited six countries, so air time has become my new best friend. Countless airplane rides has given me plenty of space to dream into the future. I’m looking forward to more upcoming travel, and retreat leading in new places.
I find myself coming back to places to see with new eyes what I might have missed the first time. I’m revisiting Croatia and Italy this year with new friends and old friends. I’m bringing my two girls along with me to expose them to more life. My mother always said that travel is the best education you could get. I didn’t understand it then, but I live for it now.
As I look into 2020, and dream, send me your ideas for where you might like to go on a retreat and what you would like to learn or experience. I’m filling up my notebook now with ideas, and maybe we can find ourselves together. 
I promise to expand my wings to support your growth so we might grow more together. 
Daily Practice-
Sometimes we need something new, something that feels playful to bring us back to a daily practice. Whether it be exercise or a nutritious diet, or restful sleep. So for July, here is a little playful practice to try:
Stand on your feet outside on the grass or sand (if possible). Rise up and down onto your toes. Feel your weight and balance shift. Notice how heavy or light you feel as you rise.
Now extend your arms out to the side like wings. Then lift them straight up to the sky. Can your breath support this change in shape? Can your heart extend itself into your finger tips? And can your energy, rise from the earth to the sky above?
So simple, the idea of changing balance in our lives, and sometimes this can feel insurmountable to do. Whether it be changing a job, or leaving a partner, or being left. I find the practice of taking up space a challenge, one that brings me more fully into my body. When I take up space, I allow other people to do the same.
So here is your invitation, to play. To play on your toes, and to play with your wings unravelling. Find yourself between the earth and the sky being supported just where you are.
Monthly Essential Oil-
Ginger. For some added spice. Ginger adds fire and earth to my practices. Lately, I have been rolling this on my solar plexus when I am in transit.
Ginger is also great to ingest and helps fight upset tummies, menstrual cramps, inflammation and nausea. You can add a couple drops of this oil to any carrier oil and apply directly to your tummy for a calming effect.
I also love to mix this oil with wild orange from the DoTerra line to create a warming smell. This mix is a favorite for my kids. We use this as a foot massage blend as a night time ritual.
 I hope you will consider joining me for one of these special upcoming events. I’ve gathered some of the best practitioners, colleagues, and friends for all of these. So not only will I be leading, but I’ll be learning right alongside you.
  • Pickathon Music Festival Portland, Oregon August 1-4 ( Wellness Lead)
  • Vibrant Living in Lucca, Italy with Julie Jeske September 7-14
  • Be Love/D in Portland, Oregon with Atieno Bird October 11-14
Pickathon has a limited amount of tickets left, snap one up soon and come play with us for yoga, kirtan, mediation, and a daily sing-a long with some inspiring local artists.
Vibrant Living Italy has only one spot left! Reach out to me ASAP about joining this fantastic all female group for a weeklong retreat at a private villa in the hills of Tuscany for daily yoga, walks and talks, cooking classes, wine and olive oil tasting, and excursions.
Be Love/D is open to women of all life experience to come play in your body and in your heart as we explore movement, theatre, and nature together in Portland, Oregon.
A Blessing for You-
May July unfurl your wings and allow you to soar into the direction you need. May you find flight in your body as a source of grounding and expanding. May you allow yourself to take up more space. We need you. We need your light to awaken us all.
Two Hands Together,
Vibrant Living:
A Women's Retreat in Italy
Co-led with Julie Jeske (pictured below)
September 7-14th, 2019
Lucca, Italy

Together, we will share conversations and movement on pleasure, presence, ancestry, moon cycles, vulnerability and humility, daily essential oil treatments
, creativity, wholistic living, practices for being grounded & heard, massage, learn from our stories,and practice reiki.
Julie is one of my favorite people to lead with, if you haven’t met her you should, and if you have you are probably better for her presence in your life.
On this retreat we will collect the beauties of Italy, shared with new friends as we cook together, yoga each morning inside the great hall or by the pool, explore local towns, swim, sip wine, taste olive oils, and enjoy art. We hope you can join us for this nourishing experience!
*1 spot left*
Register Here
Be Love/d: You are an Infinite Being
Co-led with Atieno Bird
October 11th-14th, 2019
Portland, OR

Are you ready to be loved, beloveds? Are you ready to be reminded that, as infinite beings, we can meet the challenges of our lives very adequately, and often even brilliantly? Are you ready to join a circle of women and see your divinity reflected in their eyes? Are you ready to be love?

Click Here for more info and to join us!
Photo by my dear friend, Karen Pride
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