Welcome to April dear friends, strangers, family.
I'm Nikki.
I thought I'd take a moment to share a little bit about myself since some of you are new to following along here.
I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Australia at the age of ten when my mom died suddenly from colon cancer. My dad was living in Sydney, and thus began the journey of learning who he had become and learning about a whole new country. I moved back to the "excited states" (as my step mother, Ruby, calls it) when I was 21. Not sure where I was landing or if I would stay in this country. I found myself at Shakespeare & Co in Lenox, MA studying Shakespeare. It was here I found my voice, spoke my truth, and allowed my body to feel all things I'd been running from. I learnt about breath, and emotions, and I watched stories come alive that burst my heart and mind wide open. I met my husband staring at a photograph in a lobby. I knew looking into those eyes that I needed to know this person. 
My story keeps growing, evolving, and changing. I've spent many years studying theatre in Australia and then in the U.S. I spent many years running competitively beginning at the age of 12, and I still have a daily running practice. I then spent years studying the way the body works through yoga and massage therapy, I'm trained in both art forms. I then nerd out on Reiki practices and followed that practice and still incorporate many of the practices I've learnt into my daily self care routines. 
I now have two young girls, and through this pandemic, am learning how to bring all of my mindfulness into a practice of presence. It's calling me to adjust and wiggle, and listen deeply. Some days it's a turbulent wave, and other days, it's smooth sailing and fun. Today, has begun on the smoother side, as my youngest daughter, Elliette, just crawled onto my yoga mat with me to meditate.

Who knew that the world would spin out this way?
Who knew that we would find ourselves immersed in our homes reexamining the ways in which we live?
I certainly didn't. Just last month I was leading a retreat on the dramatic Oregon coast relishing in the beauty of the world and my life, planning for future adventures. Now, I find myself, using my massage table as my home office desk, sitting on a kids chair and a meditation cushion and gazing out the window.
I am spending more time standing on my head, in my room and outside, seems to be the state of the world, where everything that was right side up, has now flipped itself on its head. I am also taking daily walks with my dogs and kids and reveling in the beauty of seeing other people appreciate the beauty of our world. I also think that Mother Nature has been screaming at us all for awhile now, and finally she is getting the rest and break that she needs. I find myself getting lost in the clouds more, appreciating every blade of grass in our yard more, and wanting to dig in the Earth more. We have planted more vegetables than you have ever seen or probably eaten in our garden. I've spent more time weeding than I ever have, and I've fallen in love again with my meditation cushion.
As I learn how to split my work day with my husband and the increased needs of parenting and schooling our two young daughters, I'm reminded of how connected we all are. How connection is what binds us, even when we fight it. I find myself creating little rituals with my girls- daily walks, daily art lessons, lots of cooking and play time. Last night as I brushed my teeth, I looked into the mirror and saw my neighbor across the street doing sun salutations with her window open. I've never spoken to her. I stopped brushing my teeth and smiled at how cool this was to be let in on her world in a small way. I then realized that if I could see her she could see me. So I walked over to our window and smiled with the tooth brush hanging out of my mouth. And the next time she inhaled her arms up, I waved. She waved back and we smiled together.
Practices I’m Carrying Forward-
At this present moment in time I am seeing so many friends and established teachers offer online content, some free and some by donation or for a class fee. This is wonderful, to have so much access at our fingertips. At the same time, I have found myself overwhelmed by all the content. As I have sat with the question, what do I want to offer at this time, my answer has been meditation. Here are two practices you can do anytime, anywhere. I hope they may serve you. Let me know if you find them helpful, and if you have an idea you would like me to speak to or share a practice on. I welcome your input.
Monthly Oil Blends-
With more time at home these days I am inspired to use more essential oils as part of my daily ritual. I am currently using these two on repeat- in my morning diffuser and often in the bathtub at night. Together these two both ground and uplift me as I move through my day, find new ways of being and working more from home. I find joy in the fruitness of green mandarin and my two girls love this massaged onto there feet for a midday break. Sandalwood is a grounding force for me, and reconnects my senses to the Earth.
You can learn more about them, or purchase them from my site here:
Join us online in a virtual setting for many of these fun upcoming experiences to gather support, ground down, and process all the feels this current pandemic has us all living through. Let’s move together and get creative about how and why we show up for each other.
-Community Yoga Classes (online and virtual, schedule below)
-Vibrant Living Portland with Julie Jeske, April 18 10-4pm (*one day only, my only Portland offering, a virtual experience to gather us all up)
-Vibrant Living Italy with Julie Jeske, September 5-12 (*full week, hopefully not cancelled)
-Embracing Your Soul: Let Your Wisdom Lead with Atieno Bird, October 23-26 (*weekend retreat)
If you don’t know me personally, you can expect to laugh a lot, share stories from you life, create vision for the future, eat really, really well, and I probably will invite you on some early morning runs:) Come play, come discover with me, and meet yourself where you are at. We will learn and love together on this wild mess of life. Please reach out directly if you have questions about any of my retreat offerings, I personally respond to all inquiries.
Community Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10:30am
$10 suggested donation fee. No one turned away.
April 5
April 18 & 19 (with Brenda Ku)
May 3
May 10
Classes are $10 for a drop in, and free to artists currently working at the Playhouse.These classes support the Education programs at Portland Playhouse, so feel good and give back to our community at the same time. You can make a donation for these live practices, right here
Mark your calendars and come play, move, and breathe together. 
My hope is that these classes will build community, connection, and balance in our lives. Please help spread the word to your family and friends! 

A Blessing for you-
May April awaken your inner life, and connect you more to your outer life. May this time of incubation stir up in you the things you want to offer, the ways in which you want to share yourself, and may you rise to meet this part of yourself. May you spend this time nurturing yourself and offering your heart to those in need.
From my heart to yours,
Vibrant Living with Julie Jeske- PORTLAND
April 18th, 2020
*this will now be a virtual retreat*

Together we will explore self-care, passion, pleasure and joy.

You’ll have the opportunity to come away from this virtual expereince feeling nourished and connected and with a plan for living your own vibrant life!


There will be time to share, to listen, to reflect and to connect with other women.

Only a few spots remain, Join us here!

Vibrant Living
Co-led with Julie Jeske
September 5th-12th, 2020
Lucca, Italy

A week in Lucca, Italy with Julie Jeske and Nikki with daily yoga, deep conversations, delicious food and day excursions.

Join us here!
Limited to 18 women*
Creator's Retreat: Embracing the Soul
With Atieno Bird
October 23-26, 2020

There are many times when life requires active   yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive   yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.

Reserve your spot here!
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