Hello friends.
How are your hearts during these strange times?
Welcome to the month of June, my birth month.
If you are new here, welcome. If you are an old friend, past lover, foe, or stranger, welcome. 

This month you’ll find all sorts of ways to connect here- virtually for yoga and meditation, or on your own time with pre-recorded yoga classes and meditation to play with when the time is right. I’m also offering up a new playground for women to begin to connect in a real time, live format (over Zoom for now) to connect more deeply and join an intimate circle of light seekers wanting to learn more about the work I do with On The Inside, creating theatre and storytelling with incarcerated women and how we might begin to connect more deeply. Read on, or skip ahead for all of these juicy pieces.

June 24th was the day my mother, Penelope Ann Lawrence, birthed me into the world. As a mother of two young girls, I sit back in awe of all the women who have journied down the road of motherhood. Both children you have birthed, or adopted, or cared for as your own. Motherhood is a wonderfully complicated journey for myself. I often sit with large amounts of doubt about how to do it. I know this comes from losing my own mother early on at the age of ten. I love the challenge of raising two young daughters, and find myself often asking the universe, “what would my mom have done here, in this moment, now?”

Somehow this question fills me with great comfort. I can guess and imagine my way forward. Mothering is the greatest improvisation rollercoaster I have ever been on, and the ride doesn’t seem to be slowing to a stop anytime soon.

This month, I’m offering you Bloom: an hour of yoga and a ten minute meditation. A sweet little package deal.

This class is a strong sweaty flow full of twists, arm balances, and juicy heart openers to get you opened up in all the right places. The meditation is a short and sweet grounding practice to invite more space in your life, both calling on Mother Earth and the sky above. You will receive both for just $25, my gift to you this month.
If you are interested in this, you can venmo me @Nikki-Weaver and I will email you the link to download.

Peonies are some of my favorite flowers on the planet, tis the season to be in full bloom, right?
Everywhere I run or walk I seem to see them dripping over walkways, bundled up at the farmers market, or growing wildly along the side of the road. The most stunning part to me, is that their season is fairly short. They burst into abundance with blooms bigger than my daughter’s heads and then petal by petal fall apart. Is this a metaphor for our lives, or our time of covid? Maybe. The other day one of my daughters was admiring the giant peony on our kitchen countertop. She brushed it with her fingertips over and over again, admiring the color, smell, and texture. Then in an instant, hundreds of petals fell to the countertop. She gasped, and looked at me. She then arranged them in a neat little pile around the vase and went off to collect animals that would soon make a home in the pile of petals on our countertop. It was a whole little world being assembled before my eyes.

I started to prepare dinner and noticed that she had since collected all the petals, moved them to another table and was now busy with glue, tape, and scissors. When I asked her what she was working on, she replied, “ I’m remaking the peony so that we can always have it.” This struck me, why haven't I ever rebuilt a peony? What a magnificent idea! She slowly reconstructed the whole thing and I photographed her diligent process. I found it almost mesmerizing, that such little hands could complete such fine and intimate work. A lesson and reminder for us all, beauty is always with us, inside of us and outside of us. We carry it wherever we go, and we can remake ourselves when we need to bloom elsewhere.

Something new you say- 
On The Inside, join the conversation and collaboration

This month you are invited to join me for a cup of tea or a fancy drink and share in conversation as we dive into the work of working with incarcerated women together. This is the first group I’ll be gathering on the outside to learn more about the work I do on the inside. As I begin to build, On The Inside, my hope is to create more connections for women on the inside with women on the outside. This first group will meet four times through Zoom calls for 2 hours each time.

What you can expect: 





- 4x group sessions and individual follow up’s.

Together, I’ll walk you through a typical class and then offer up creative prompts for our group to begin to create from. Each class you will be given a small homework assignment to prepare for the following class. Portions of our work will be shared with the women on the inside. We will begin with centering and sharing. This class is open to all levels of life experience, the curious of heart, and the introverts.


Thursday’s 3-5pm PST

June 11 & 25

July 9 & 23


$200, payment should be made to On The Inside by check or to Nikki Weaver on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver

*If funds are tight, reach out, I want to make this accessible for all.

Monthly Oils I'm loving on-


Plant magic, I can’t get enough. I’m a huge believer in working with nature to heal ourselves from the inside out. I’m learning as I go about how the plants continue to nurture me and my family. If you have questions, let’s connect, or I’ll connect you to my fantastic tribe of plant magicians who continue to preach the beauty of these potions to me, Elena Brower and Freedom, I’m looking to you. I have some magical women in my life who would love to help you learn more alongside me. Here is what I’m loving on this month:


Vitality Pack: My go to daily vitamin supplement, a combination of three vegan supplements that promote vitality, nutritio, and antioxidants. This is my go to morning routine, on the road or at home. I’ve gifted these to multiple people.

Citrus Bliss: Almost always on in our kitchen and/or the bathroom. Promotes a feeling of warmth, cleanliness, and citrusy goodness. I also have been known to splash this in the bath for a morning wake up call post-run, great way to get a natural burst of energy as the day begins.



In these times of covid, I find myself seeking connection and also being overwhelmed by the online content available. If this is true for you, check out my website for online yoga and meditation practices to do on your own time, when and where it suits you. Otherwise, tune in for a few online moments of connection this month:

-Move with me: yoga for the heart and soul (through my personal Zoom link)

-Community Yoga Classes through Portland Playhouse (online and virtual, schedule below)

-Embracing Your Soul: Let Your Wisdom Lead with Atieno Bird, October 23-26 (*weekend retreat)

If you don’t know me personally, you can expect to laugh a lot, share stories from you life, create vision for the future, eat really, really well, and I probably will invite you on some early morning runs:) Come play, come discover with me, and meet yourself where you are at. We will learn and love together on this wild mess of life. Please reach out directly if you have questions about any of my retreat offerings, I personally respond to all inquiries.

Move with me: Yoga for the Heart and Soul

These 90 minute experiences are shared through Zoom: Move with Me

*Heart Beats: Heart openers to crack you open. June 10 9-10:30am PST

*Twist Me Up: Twists to stretch your mind, body, and soul June 16 5-6:30pm PST

*Fly with Me: Get upside down and test your balance June 20 9-10:30am PST

Classes are full body, full heart experiences. Suggested donation is $20, payable on Venmo: @Nikki-Weaver. If times do not work for you, please reach out and I will send you the video to class to practice on your own time. The more the merrier, so please share with your friends and let’s practice and move together.

Community Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10:30am through Portland Playhouse Instagram Live

June 7, 14, and 21. 

9-10am yoga

10-10:30am meditation and breath work.

$10 suggested donation fee. No one turned away.

Classes are $10 for a drop in, and free to artists currently working at the Playhouse.These classes support the Education programs at Portland Playhouse, so feel good and give back to our community at the same time.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds or experience, classes are open to all levels. Practice from the comfort of your home.

My hope is that these classes will build community, connection, and balance in our lives. Please help spread the word to your family and friends! Then go for coffee or brunch after class, or the farmers market just two blocks away.

Embracing the Soul, Let Your Wisdom Lead

Creators Celebration With Atieno Bird, and On The Inside- bridging community connection through my new nonprofit 

October 23-26 2020

Atieno and I are excited to announce that the perfect spot for our 2020 Creators' Celebration (let's just admit it, it's more of a party than a retreat) has been selected! 

We will be offering a Friday evening to Monday morning gathering for women in the charming waterfront hamlet of Chestertown, MD Oct 23-26. Chestertown is about an hour and a half from nearby airports. 

Our theme is Embracing the Soul; Let Your Wisdom Lead

There are many times when life requires active yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.

Our celebrating between sessions looks likely to include some of the following: wine-tasting, art-making, theater, galleries, main street shopping, walks, spa time, brunches and dinners, dancing, and free time. We will be walking distance from all activities (driving is of course an option, but not provided.)

Cost: $675, to be paid by check or Venmo

(@Nikki-Weaver) Payment plans are available. 

Cost includes luxury accommodation in a double (contact me for single occupancy price), all programming (yoga, facilitation of circle time, coaching) healthy snacks, continental breakfast foods, and wine. Other meals and tastings will be at local cafes (google "restaurants in Chestertown" to get an idea of prices,) and spa time is at your discretion. You will be able to bring and store food. 

A Blessing for you-

May June crack you wide open, in ways you never thought to bloom. In your experiences, your stillness, your willingness to give, and your ability to surrender to the tiny moments. The tiny moments always lead us to the larger moments. May this month be a time of seeing your truest self wake up, step up, and soak in the beauty of who you have become. 

George Floyd.
Say his name. Write it down. Imagine his family. Believe that his life could have been your life.
This month, any donations towards classes, retreats, and offerings will go directly towards The George Floyd Memorial Fund (https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd)
Let’s gather our resources and support his family. You’ll be having yourself a gift of wellness and health, while also giving back to his family. We must move in order to process. We must feel in order to heal. We must come together to change systems of racism.

From my heart to yours,


new dates TBA

Vibrant Living

Co-led with Julie Jeske
Lucca, Italy

A week in Lucca, Italy with Julie Jeske and Nikki with daily yoga, deep conversations, delicious food and day excursions.

*Limited to 18 women*
Email me if you're interested!
Creator's Retreat: Embracing the Soul
With Atieno Bird
October 23-26, 2020

There are many times when life requires active   yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive   yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.

Reserve your spot here!

An hour practice with me and a 10 minute meditation.
Cost: $25
Venmo me @Nikki-Weaver or click the button below to send me an email if you have questions!
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