Welcome to March.
Are you watching the daffodils bloom?
Are you soaking up time outdoors like I am?
It's a funny thing to write a newsletter, send it out into the world and wonder if it gets read, consumed, or deleted before opened. If you are reading these words, thank you. And if you are, I hope to hear from you. What would you like to learn about, read about, care about? I'm inspired to write for you so send an idea or two my way.
As I move into March I'm thinking about the art of transitions.
Those of you that know me well, know that I move through my days as swift as an eagle. I move from parent to partner to teacher to yogi to actor to mother to dog walker to dreamer to toilet cleaner to audience member seamlessly. Some days I drag my feet, other days I breathe in and out and float on through knowing that this moment to shall pass.
This week, as I solo parented and embraced my inner and outer super woman. I walked the kids plus our two dogs to the park before school. As we were hustling down the sidewalk my entire wrap skirt slid to my ankles. A perfect example of how things can fall apart, come undone, and it is in the art of our transitions (or as I like to say, "how we clean our shit up") that matters. In this moment, I freed the dogs, grabbed my skirt, laughed about it with my kids, and continued on. I shared this moment with everyone I encountered that day. I found such ridiculousness and joy in it. And it also reminded me about how and why we choose or avoid transitions in our lives.
This past week I announced to our little Playhouse that I would be stepping away at the end of June. I've spent twelve years building this company alongside of so many wonderful artists, including my husband. Actually, my entire married life has been built in building this company. And now it's time to watch it fly, not from me, but from a distance where I can partake in how things fly when you set them free.
To build something larger than yourself and witness it continue to grow is not something I will ever take for granted. And yet for a couple years now I have felt myself questioning, what comes next? If this is where I began, where do I want to go? To step away is not easy for me, it's both joyful and painful, easy and hard. In allowing myself to feel and heal and be with people who can see both my superwoman powers and my big heaping messes of tears and snot, I continue to move forward. This transition I am choosing, and I believe it will allow the Playhouse to flourish in new ways, and it allows me to begin to dream new ideas into exciting realities.
I'm birthing a new non-profit called, On The Inside: of prison, our stories, and our hearts.
On The Inside will build a creative connection for incarcerated women, both individually and collectively through theatre, storytelling, and healing arts. It's been an inkling of an idea for awhile and I am excited to watch it grow and am reminded of how hard it is to start something. I am soaking up stories from women on the inside as I find my own courage to move this idea into a business. As I do so, I'm moving my body a lot. I'm sharing ideas aloud a lot. I'm picking up the phone more, and I'm traveling a lot too. 
As I move through transitions this month I am reminding myself of a phrase that came to me long ago right after the Sandy Hook School shooting-
Breathe for those who can not.
When my body feels stuck, and my mind feels full, I remember that I am alive and have an opportunity to create and share something larger than myself alone. Each breath is my reminder to move my body, and my life forward while I am still able. I am listening and learning deeply. As I do so, you will begin to see my workshops and retreats support the work of this new nonprofit as I begin to roll out trainings and opportunities to connect with this community of women.
I welcome your support and courage in the coming months.
You can also find me on stage in the coming months as I put my acting shoes back on for The Antipodes by Annie Baker, directed by Samantha Van Der Merwe at Shaking the Tree Theatre which begins performances in April.
Practices I’m Carrying Forward-
Knowing when to let go and when to hang on.
This one is a practice I feel first and foremost in my gut. Then I run with the feeling before I speak it out loud. 
Sometimes I talk to our two dogs, Lucca and Frida, about whatever it is. 
Sometimes to our two girls, Margot and Elliette. Kids always have great ideas. Today when we were listening to the radio while driving somewhere, Elliette asked me, "Mom, when you get drunk are you drunk forever?"
My next newsletter might be about that topic:)
Monthly Oil Blends-
This month I am all about lavender, sandalwood, and green mandarin. I love these three together on my palms or on my chest. For me, its the perfect mix of citrusy fruit, woody balance and calm. Together, they create a nurturing aroma that brings me directly into the present moment. I'm finding that I enjoy these three in the bath after a long day, especially during these cool evenings. You can learn more about them, or purchase them from my site here:
Join me for some time this year to recharge, reset, and move both inwards and outwards. I create space for participants to both be apart of a community, and also hold space for individuals to have alone time. We need socialization, but we also need stillness in order to blossom.
I have just returned from Wild at Heart with Karen Pride on the Oregon coast! Thank you to all who attended and shared in this weekend with us. Coming up I have a few ways to gather with me this year:
-Community Yoga Classes in the Portland Playhouse Studio through March 
-Vibrant Living Portland with Julie Jeske, April 18 10-4pm (*one day only, my only Portland offering)
-Vibrant Living Italy with Julie Jeske, September 5-12 (*full week)
-Embracing Your Soul: Let Your Wisdom Lead with Atieno Bird, October 23-26 (*weekend retreat)
If you don’t know me personally, you can expect to laugh a lot, share stories from you life, create vision for the future, eat really, really well, and I probably will invite you on some early morning runs:) Come play, come discover with me, and meet yourself where you are at. We will learn and love together on this wild mess of life. Please reach out directly if you have questions about any of my retreat offerings, I personally respond to all inquiries.
Community Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-10:30am
$10 suggested donation fee. No one turned away.
Sunday March 1
Sunday March 8
Sunday March 15 (with my friend, Brenda Ku)
Classes are $10 for a drop in, and free to artists currently working at the Playhouse.These classes support the Education programs at Portland Playhouse, so feel good and give back to our community at the same time.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds or experience, classes are open to all levels- yoga, music, meditation, rest, and essential oils. Bring your own mat, please. Mark your calendars and come play, move, and breathe together. Bring a friend and walk to coffee with us afterwards.
My hope is that these classes will build community, connection, and balance in our lives. Please help spread the word to your family and friends! Then go for coffee or brunch after class, or the farmers market just two blocks away.

A Blessing for you-
May you move through March with the sun above you and also within you. May your lightness motivate change. May you move into transitions with breath, and with ease. May you overcome fear and replace it with courage. And may you walk your own path, inspired by action and rooted in knowledge.
From my heart to yours,
Vibrant Living with Julie Jeske- PORTLAND
April 18th, 2020

Together we will explore self-care, passion, pleasure and joy.

You’ll leave feeling nourished and connected and with a plan for living your own vibrant life!

I will be leading us in yoga in the morning and movement/meditation in the afternoon.

Julie will ask questions and lead exercises to explore pleasure, passion, presence and getting clear about what you want in your life.

There will be time to share, to listen, to reflect and to connect with other women.

For lunch we’ll walk to a local restaurant to socialize and sit with each other in community.

Only a few spots remain, Join us here!

Vibrant Living
Co-led with Julie Jeske
September 5th-12th, 2020
Lucca, Italy

A week in Lucca, Italy with Julie Jeske and Nikki with daily yoga, deep conversations, delicious food and day excursions.

Join us here!
Limited to 18 women*
Creator's Retreat: Embracing the Soul
With Atieno Bird
October 23-26, 2020

There are many times when life requires active   yang energy of us: "reflect, choose, be intentional, create, own the authorship of your life and make the changes you need!" This retreat will focus on those more receptive   yin tasks that are not really tasks: letting the soul be who it is, accept love and healing, feel what it feels, grieve its losses, and reveal a way when it is ready. Where can you let go of pressuring yourself and instead ...allow? I can't help but mention that the topic has already begun - selecting Chestertown took a lot of yin processing; the way emerged on its own timing.

Reserve your spot here!
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