September 2017
Issue 177
INFOstor by Taylors
The Technology User:
INFOstor by Taylors

Occasionally you run across an individual that looks at things a bit differently and is very progressive in their approach to running a business. Derek Barker the Operations Manager of INFOstor by Taylors is just such an individual and he has had a measurable impact on the INFOstor records management business.

This is a case study which highlights an approach that can help any records management company to maintain a competitive edge, irrespective of day to day obstacles that may be encountered.

How Safe is My Business?
How Safe is My Business?

The good old days of the RIM industry are long gone. The emergence of new and strict privacy legislation and evolving technology has turned what once was a reasonably low-risk business into a minefield of potential lawsuits and fines. It isn’t just a matter of being well insured (although that is mandatory) but rather having the knowledge and ability to assess the level of risk of your business. With a thousand things to do today it is really easy to put this assessment on the back burner. But can you? What if some unexpected event puts a serious financial strain on the business causing a setback to your overall financial position? That nest egg you have been building in the value of your business could be under attack.

O'Neil Statistics Program
How Did Your Record Center
Stack Up in 2017?

The O’Neil Statistics Program was conducted again this year with the intent of helping record center owners/managers who use O’Neil understand how their operations compare with other similarly sized record centers and the O’Neil base in general. This program was first started in 2010 and is the most comprehensive analysis of storage trends in the Records and Information Management market space.

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