Peers for Progress e-News                       April 30, 2012
Small Investments Launch Steps for Big Returns
In 2011, Peers for Progress (PfP) provided modest financial support to a small set of organizations to initiate collaborations for program development, evaluation and advocacy of peer support programs. The results turned out to be quite impactful. In this issue, we would like to feature one of the grant recipients, a hospital-led peer support pilot study for diabetes directed by Professor Zilin Sun of the Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University in Nanjing, China and its subsequent multicenter study.
Program Spotlight
Pioneering Peer Support for Diabetes Education and Management in China
By facing over 90 million adults age 30 or older in China with diabetes, the “traditional” Chinese diabetes education and management model that relies on lectures and individual consultation by health care providers can’t meet the demands. A pilot study at Zhongda Hospital and its subsequent multicenter study led by Professor Zilin Sun aimed to develop and further scale up a model of peer support that emphasized an integration of tertiary hospital services and community resources. [Read more]

Program Resources
WA Certified Peer Counselor Training Manual
This training curriculum by Washington State is a training and resource guide that helps train and certify people with mental health problems to provide peer support.  In addition to content specific to mental health recovery, topics like goal setting, as well as interpersonal and group facilitation skills can be applied to programs for other chronic diseases. [Read more]

More resources are available at the webpage of the Washington State Peer Support Program.

Research Briefs 

Community Health Workers Assisting with Childhood Asthma 

Peretz and colleagues reported the results of a New York based Asthma program to address asthma in the community. As part of the program bilingual community health workers provided culturally appropriate support and education to families. There have been 476 families enrolled since 2006 and After 12 months, hospitalizations and emergency department visits decreased by more than 50%, and caregiver confidence in controlling the child's asthma increased to nearly 100% (Am J Public Health, Apr 2012. Epub ahead of print) [Full abstract


Increasing Physical Activity in Low Income Latinas through WISEWOMAN Program

Adair et al. reported that lay persons ("care guides") without previous clinical experience hired to primary care clinics improved patient's management of diabetes, hypertension and congestive failure. The lay persons were trained for 2 weeks and assigned to help 332 patients for one year. Improvement was seen in tobacco usage, blood pressure control, pneumonia vaccination, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, annual eye examinations, and aspirin use. (Prev Chronic Dis, April 212) [Full abstract]

Assessing Feasibility of Peer Supporters in Telephone-based Diabetes Support
Murray and colleagues examined having lay members of the public serve as supporters for participants at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Out of 168 volunteers, 26 peer supporters were selected to receive training seminars covering diabetes prevention, utrition, physical activity, listening skills, motivation, and goal planning. Motivational calls were made every 12 weeks to each study participant by each type 2 supporter in addition to health care professional- delivered education sessions. Over the course of 20 months 22 of the 26 supporters remained in the program with a total of 240 phone calls made. (Diabetes Educ, April 212) [Full abstract]
Patient-Mentoring Intervention for Outpateint HIV Care 
Cully et al. pilot tested a standardized training program for patient-mentoring to increase adherence to outpatient HIV Care. Mentors received training over a 6-week period and required demonstration of adherence and skill. Data from the program provided preliminary evidence that peer mentors can be trained to levels necessary to ensure intervention fidelity, even within moderately complex behavioral-change interventions. (AIDS Patient Care STDS, March 2012) [Full abstract]




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Funding Opportunities

Interventions for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Native American Populations

DEADLINE: May 15, 2012
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and national Institutes of Health (NIH) are issuing a funding opportunity for research that would develop, adapt, and test interventions aimed at health promotion and disease prevention among Native Americans. Ideal proposals should be culturally appropriate, promote healthy behaviors, and create environments conducive to healthy living.  [More info]

Integrated Health Care

DEADLINE: May 15, 2012
Aetna Foundation is seeking grant applications that address the advancement of primary care, with a special emphasis on care coordination. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of peer support in linking care between the clinical team and patients. [More info]

Behavioral Interventions to Address Multiple Chronic Health Conditions in Primary Care

DEADLINE: June 5, 2012

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and National Institutes for Health (NIH) are seeking proposals for behavioral interventions that target multiple health behaviors in patients with three or more co-morbid illnesses rather than individual illnesses. [More Info]

More opportunities can be found on the Peers for Progress website- Funding Opportunities Page.

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 Program Spotlight

Program Resources

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Pioneering Peer Support for Diabetes Education and Management in China

European Congress of Endocrinology 2012 (Florence, Italy; May 5-9)

3rd Welsh Conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society 2012 (Cardiff, Wales UK; May 10)

55th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society (Tokyo, Japan; May 17-19)

2012 & Beyond Latino Health Equity Conference (Portland, Oregon, USA; May 17)

27th Annual Clinical Conference on Diabetes (Bonita Springs Florida, USA; May 24-17)

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