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In honor of Black History Month, this issue of the Peers for Progress newsletter is dedicated to the work being done in peer support in African American communities. In both urban and rural programs, peer support has been helping people with health issues such as diabetes, depression, cancer, and HIV.


The Power of Peer Support in African American Communities
Peer support offers a valuable strategy to help African American communities confront their health challenges in the 21st century. Across urban and rural settings, peer support is helping African Americans address health issues such as diabetes, depression, and cancer. This spotlight features Encourage, a diabetes peer support intervention in rural Alabama, and Circles of Care, an advanced stage cancer peer support program in North Carolina. [Read more

National Peer Support Collaborative Learning Network Work Groups 
Leaders in peer support across the country have signed up to participate in six NPSCLN Work Groups. Work Groups will complete "products” of value to the field of peer support – e.g., protocols, training materials, position papers, reviews, etc. Each Work Group will receive $5,000-$6,000 to support their efforts. [Read more 



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Program Resources  

Cities for Life Launches Interactive Diabetes Website, MyDiabetesConnect
Peers for Progress grantee, Andrea Cherrington, helped develop this interactive website for people living with diabetes in Alabama, placing an emphasis on support and education resources. This website provides a useful model to connect people with diabetes to community resources. [Read more

Peer Support for HIV Treatment Adherence
This manual for program managers and supervisors of peer workers was developed by the Harlem Adherence to Treatment Study. Peer support is provided by trained peer workers who themselves are HIV-infected, from the Harlem community, and adhering to antiretroviral therapy. [Read more

Live, Learn and Share

A Diabetes Peer Support Group Guide for the Black Caribbean Community provides information, step-by-step guidance and resources for people living with diabetes to start a Diabetes Peer Support Group. [Read more]



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Research Briefs 

Circles of Care: Development and Initial Evaluation of a Peer Support Model for African Americans with Advanced Cancer
This study reports on the results of an academic-community partnership that developed and evaluated a peer support intervention for African Americans facing advanced cancer. Support teams are a promising model of peer support for African Americans facing advanced cancer and serious illness, with reach, adoption, and implementation superior to the lay advisor model. This formative initial evaluation provides evidence for feasibility and acceptance. [Full Abstract

The Interconnections Project: Development and Evaluation of a Community-Based Depression Program for African American Violence Survivors     

Fifty-nine women participated in a 6-month intervention in which a peer advocate provided education, skills training, and case management services, and used Motivational Interviewing to support self-management behaviors. There were significant improvements in depression severity, self-efficacy, self-management behaviors, and self-esteem. [Full Abstract

Social Support Among African Americans with Heart Failure: Is There a Role for Community Health Advisors?

This qualitative study interviewed community health advisors in Alabama to examine the role of social support in the lives of African Americans and to inform the development of a lay support intervention framework to address the needs of African American patients with heart failure. [Full Abstract]



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Funding Opportunities 

Targeted Capacity Expansion Peer-to-Peer

DEADLINE: March 15, 2013
FUNDS: $250,000/year, 3 years

This NHS/SAMHSA program intends to expand and enhance service capacity through the provision of addiction peer recovery support services for those individuals with substance use disorders. It is the expectation that those with lived experience will play an integral role in the design, development, and implementation of this program.
[More Info] 

Lawson Foundation Diabetes Program (Canada)

DEADLINE: May 28, 2013
FUNDS: $200,000 over 2 years
The Diabetes Program focuses on preventing diabetes and improving health care for those with diabetes. The program's objective is to strengthen the delivery of diabetes prevention, care and management programs and services through innovation.
[More Info


HRSA Delta State Rural Development Network Grant Program

The Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program requires local health providers to work together across counties and parishes to implement programs for chronic diseases. The programs will focus on strengthening the knowledge people of the Delta region have about health risk and disease management. Up to $5.6 million in the first year will focus on managing three health risks—diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity—that disproportionately affect the Delta region
. [More Info]



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Program Resources

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Peer Support for African Americans Across Diverse Settings

National Peer Support Collaborative Learning Network Work Groups


17th Reach to Recovery International Breast Cancer Support Conference (Capetown, South Africa; Mar 20-22, 2013)

SBM 34th Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA, USA; Mar 20-23, 2013)


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