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Innovative Applications of Peer Support in the Affordable Care Act
In this newsletter, we discuss some innovative applications of peer support in the Affordable Care Act. Our spotlight discusses how peer support can help hospitals reduce readmission rates and avoid costly penalties. You will also find resources on the use of community health workers for patient navigation and addressing health disparities.

Program Spotlight  

Reducing Hospital Readmissions with Peer Support
The penalties imposed by the ACA’s Hospital Readmission Reduction Program is prompting hospitals to reform their policies around patient discharges and continuing care. As part of a multidisciplinary care team, peer supporters are uniquely positioned to provide the type of community-based care that could prevent unnecessary rehospitalizations. [Read More]

Collaborative Learning at the Together on Diabetes Grantee Summit
Together on Diabetes (ToD) is an ambitious initiative launched by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation in November 2010 to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities in adult populations with diabetes. At the ToD grantee summit, Peers for Progress and our affiliates were invited to lead discussions on Patient Engagement & Practice Change and Community Health Worker & Community Health Systems. [Read More]



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Program Resources  

Presentations from the 34th Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine 
In March 2013, the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) held its 34th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, CA. Peers for Progress was invited to lead a symposium on Peer Support Programs for Diabetes Management, which included presentations from Ed Fisher, Michele Heisler, Monika Safford, and David Thom. [Read More

Presentations from the 4th Annual Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker Conference
The Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker conference series provides professional development and networking opportunities, along with tools, resources, and practical skills building sessions. This year’s theme, “Expanding the Table and Reducing Disparities,” focused on the role that patient navigators and community health workers play in achieving greater health equality through reducing disparities. [Read More]

Building an Effective Peer Support Program Manual

This training manual was developed by CIL-NET to show Centers for Independent Living one possible framework for a peer support program. The course offers program examples, tools, and strategies for peer recruitment, training, motivation, supervision, coordination, and evaluation. [Read More]



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Research Briefs 

Predictors and a Framework for Fostering Community Advocacy as a Community Health Worker Core Function to Eliminate Health Disparities
Sabo and colleagues investigated factors related to community health worker community advocacy that affect social determinants of health. They propose a framework to conceptualize, support, and evaluate CHW advocacy and the iterative processes they engage in. These processes create opportunities for community voice and action to affect social and structural conditions that are known to have wide-ranging health effects on communities. [Full Abstract

Designing a Community-based Lay Health Advisor Training Curriculum to Address Health Disparities     

This project engaged community partners to develop and implement a unique lay health advisor training curriculum to address cancer health disparities among medically underserved communities in a tricounty area. Seven phases of curriculum development went into designing a final seven-module LHA curriculum. [Full Abstract

The Experience and Impact of Chronic Disease Peer Support Interventions: A Qualitative Synthesis

Embuldenyia and colleagues conducted a meta-ethnography to synthesize qualitative literature about the perceived impact and experience of participating in peer support interventions for individuals with chronic disease. Thirteen concepts were identified that reflected participants' perceptions of the experience and impact of intervention participation. These were brought together in a conceptual model that highlighted both positive and negative perceptions, while also indicating if specific experiences and impacts had greater pertinence for mentors, mentees, or were mutually experienced. [Full Abstract]



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Funding Opportunities 

CMS Health Care Innovation Awards

DEADLINE: August 15, 2013
FUNDS: $1 million to $30 million per award for three years

The second round of Health Care Innovation Awards will fund applicants who propose new payment and service delivery models that have the greatest likelihood of driving health care system transformation and delivering better outcomes for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP beneficiaries in four categories. One category is “Models that improve the health of populations.” These models may include community based organizations or coalitions and may leverage community health improvement efforts. [Read More


American Diabetes Association and Lilly Clinical Research Award: Diabetes Care in Older Adults

DEADLINE: September 16, 2013
FUNDS: Up to three awards will be funded, each of which will receive a maximum of $200,000 per year for a total of $550,000 over a term of three years
The ADA and Lilly Clinical Research Award: Diabetes Care in Older Adults provides grant support for clinical and translation studies focused on improving the evidence base and understanding of the goals, barriers, and effects of treatments and interventions (beneficial and adverse) in the older adult population with diabetes. [Read More]



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Program Resources

Research Briefs

Funding Opportunities

Meetings and Events

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Reducing Hospital Readmissions with Peer Support

Collaborative Learning at the Together on Diabetes Grantee Summit


National Council of La Raza Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA; July 20-23, 2013)

AAFP Scientific Assembly (San Diego, CA; Sept 24-28, 2013)

World Diabetes Congress (Melbourne, Australia; Dec 2-6, 2013)



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