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Special Announcement 

Caution in Generalizing From Null Effects of Diabetes Peer Support Intervention

A recent paper posted by the British Medical Journal online, "Peer Support for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial", reports disappointing results of peer-led discussion groups. The prominence of the report and its conclusion that "the results do not support the widespread adoption of peer support" raise concerns for the field. However, details of the intervention point out important differences from widely endorsed features of peer support and call into question the generality of these null findings. Peers for Progress wanted to bring this to your attention and also to share with you the substance of a rejoinder to the paper we have posted on the BMJ website. [Read the Rejoinder]


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Program Spotlight

Peer support in China: Building a Program Upon the Strengths of Its Settings



A community-based peer support program serves older adults with diabetes in the Anhui Province of China. The program shares its key feature of taking advantage of the community and health system settings. To our knowledge, this study is the first in China to emphasize peer support outside of formal group meetings and through individual contacts with peer supporters and the informal activities emerging from the groups. [Read More]


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Research Briefs

Lay Health Counselors Improve Mental Health in India

In a cluster randomized controlled trial, Patel et al. found that an intervention led by trained lay health counselors in primary care settings in Goa, India resulted in improved recovery outcomes for patients with common mental disorders.  (The Lancet, Dec 2010) [Full Abstract]

Benefits of Peer Health Workers for AIDS Care

Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, Arem et al. demonstrate the benefits of using peer health workers to complement the work of clinical staff in delivering AIDS care in low-resourced settings. (AIDS Patient Care and STDs, Mar 2011) [Full Abstract]

Peer Support Helps Patients with Depression

A meta-analysis by Pfeiffer et. al. finds that peer support interventions are superior to usual care in reducing depressive symptoms. (General Hospital Psychiatry, Jan-Feb 2011) [Full Abstract]


Benefits of Online Social Support Groups for Breast Cancer

A study of online breast cancer support groups by Kim et al. finds that patients receiving high levels of support have fewer breast cancer-related concerns and that those giving support use more positive strategies for coping. (Psychooncology, Mar 2011) [Full Abstract]


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Funding and Training Opportunities 

CDC Community-Based HIV Prevention Grants

DEADLINES: April 4, 2011, 5pm EST (LOI); May 17, 2011, 5pm EST (Application)


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is announcing a new funding opportunity for non-profit community and faith-based organizations to develop and implement a program that provides services for the prevention of HIV transmission and care. The target population consists of young men of color who have sex with men and young transgender persons of color. Special emphasis is placed on program outreach strategies that include a social networking component through the internet or other media, as well as traditional methods like peer networking. [More Info]



BMS Foundation-Opportunistic Partnership Development Concept Paper

DEADLINE: April 15, 2011


The Bristol-Meyers Squibb Together on Diabetes Initiative is soliciting ideas for partnering with them to improve health outcomes of adults with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes in the U.S. Here is an opportunity to address the diabetes epidemic using peer support interventions. However, the call for concept papers is separate from the 2010 Request for Proposals focusing on African American women.   [More Info]



The American Cancer Society's RFA for Pilot Studies Using CBPR

DEADLINE: April 22, 2011


The American Cancer Society is calling for applications for pilot research projects on effective interventions to reduce cancer health disparities at any stage of the cancer continuum. Proposed research topics can also focus on behavioral, social and emotional aspects which are mainly categorized as Cancer Control, Survivorship and Outcomes Research [More Info]



WHO Integrated Community Based Interventions Grants

DEADLINE: May 29, 2011


The World Health Organization Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases is soliciting research proposals for integrated community-based interventions for infectious disease control. The emphasis here is on the community directed intervention (CDI) model, where community members- instead of professional staff- deliver effective interventions. This kind of task shifting has demonstrated great value in low resource settings.  [More Info]



National Science Foundation Research Grants

DEADLINE: July 15, 2011


The Social Psychology Program at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) is calling for research proposals focusing on human social behavior, with an emphasis on the role of culture and the life course perspective. Past research proposals have focused on issues such as group dynamics, social influence, and the physiological correlates of social behavior. Proposed research topics should be theoretically grounded with empirical backing. [More Info]




Visit Peers for Progress Funding Opportunities for a complete listing of current funding & training opportunities


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Videos from Kuala Lumpur Meetings 

Alliance to Control Diabetes/

Alianza para Controlar la Diabetes


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Caution in Generalizing from Null Effects of Diabetes Peer Support Intervention


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