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COVID-19 Vaccine Second Booster
Jennifer DeLaney, MD
The CDC and FDA have approved second boosters of the COVID-19 vaccine for all people aged 50 and older who are more than 4 months post their last vaccine. Boosters are also available for immune-compromised people under age 50.


This decision was based on rising cases of the BA-2 variant. This variant is approximately 2-3 times more contagious than Omicron and is associated with a spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Europe and Asia.


Cases remain at a low rate throughout the US, but wastewater testing for COVID RNA is showing increases in virus detection in half the wastewater sites in the US. Missouri collects this data but does not report it to the CDC. Based on PCR data, cases are up 7% in St. Louis County.


Many people ask if they should get a booster if they have had a recent infection. Omicron infection appears to provide immunity from reinfection for a very short time of 1-2 months, so if your infection was more than 2-3 months ago, we recommend getting a booster.


We recommend that all people who are over 50 should receive a second booster

  1. This reduces your chance of infection, hospitalization and death.
  2. This will reduce the circulation of the virus in our community.
  3. It reduces your risk of long COVID.
  4. It reduces your risk of other complications of COVID like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, dementia and impotence.

    We just received a shipment of vaccine from the state and are working on the details for distribution. Please stay tuned for another email today or tomorrow with the timing of our vaccine clinics.

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