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As many of you have seen, the US Preventative Services Task Force has recommended against using low dose aspirin to prevent first heart attack or stroke in those over 60 years of age.

Many years ago, it was recommended that everyone over 60 years of age take an aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. This was later amended several years ago to consider taking a daily low dose aspirin if one was at “high risk” for heart attack or stroke. These latest recommendations propose that it should not be used at all in this age group for preventative measures. These guidelines do not apply to those who have already had a heart attack, stent, bypass surgery or stroke—all of whom should remain on a daily aspirin.

The proposed recommendations are based on increasing evidence that the risks of daily aspirin (stomach ulcers, increased risk of bleeding), which increase with age, outweigh the more limited benefits of preventing a heart attack or stroke.

Please feel free to contact your doctor if you have questions regarding this issue.
Moderna and J&J Boosters
Yesterday, the FDA advisory panel recommended a booster dose of Moderna for those over 65, those at high risk for serious Covid-19 complications, and those at risk for exposure to Covid due to occupation such as teachers or health care workers. These are the same groups as the recent Pfizer booster approval. However, given the strength of the Moderna vaccine, it appears the booster dose will be approximately ½ the strength of the original vaccine.  
Today, the advisory panel also recommended a booster dose for the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine. Their recommendation is broader for this booster vaccine stating anyone over 18 who received a first dose of J&J should receive a booster at least two months after the initial dose. 
While it is very likely the CDC will affirm these recommendations in the very near future, the formal authorization approval is still pending. We will notify you when these boosters are formally approved.
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