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Office Update


As you know, COVID-19 infections are surging around the world and in our community. Infections, hospitalizations and deaths are at their all-time highs or trending that way. It is critical that we keep you and our staff safe. To maintain a safe environment in the office, we need to limit the time that people spend inside to minimize the risk of people unwittingly transmitting the virus. Several practices that have not been as careful as ours have had to close for several weeks due to infections among staff members. Please remember, we are making these changes so that we can stay open to provide the care that you deserve.

We will be redoubling our efforts to limit your risk by reducing the time you spend in our office to under 15 minutes. This is the period of time that the CDC suggests is necessary to transmit the virus between people. In addition, we will make every effort to handle health issues virtually that do not require office visits. We will also try to reduce foot traffic in the office by reducing elective visits or visitors. In order to streamline your visits and minimize your risk, please be aware of the following:

  1. Please remember to call from the car when you arrive. We will then have you come into the building when we are ready to get started to minimize waiting time.
  2. For the foreseeable future, we will be drawing your blood work for your visit at the time of the visit rather than in advance. This reduces your number of visits to the office.
  3. Routine EKGs and Urine screenings will no longer be performed. The face to face time required for the EKG and the close contact required is an unnecessary risk in the absence of symptoms. Certainly, they will still be performed if needed for medical purposes.
  4. Unless medically or physically needed, we cannot allow any visitors to come with you. If you have someone transporting you, we ask that they wait in the car during the appointment and we will notify them when you are ready. Your physician will contact your family to discuss any issues if you desire. Also, if you are a couple and both have appointments, only one should come in at a time.
  5. For now, we will no longer be drawing blood for other physicians (unless at an already scheduled appointment with your physician). We strongly recommend the Missouri Baptist Drive-Thru as the safest way to have bloodwork done from another provider.
  6. REMEMBER: If you have had any COVID-19 exposures in the last 2 weeks, or any sign of even the slightest illness, please let us know prior to your visit. This will help us decide whether to delay the appointment or change to a drive-by appointment.
Thank you so much for your help with maintaining the health and well-being of our staff and other patients and also helping us to keep the office open and running smoothly in these difficult times. We are all in this together!
Dr. Katzman and Dr. DeLaney


Covid Care
Jennifer DeLaney, MD
Cases of COVID-19 have increased 5-fold in Missouri in the last month. Many of our patients have fallen ill. Here is a quick summary of how we recommend caring for yourself or a loved one if you contract COVID-19.
  • People with COVID-19 should be completely isolated from other household members or caregivers unless they are also infected. This means being in a room alone for 10 days unless they require physical assistance to safely use the bathroom, eat or dress.
  • Infected people should not share a bathroom with others unless there is not another option.
  • All surfaces should be wiped down with an anti-microbial cleanser after use.
  • People who are ill with COVID-19 should wear an N95 or surgical mask (not a cloth mask) when interacting with caregivers or family members.
  • Caregivers should wear an N95 mask and a face shield at all times when in the same room with someone who is infected with the virus.
  • People with the virus should check their oxygen levels several times a day using a pulse oximeter. These can be purchased at a local pharmacy or through Amazon. They should be consistently 95% or above.
  • If oxygen levels dip below 95% and stay there, call us right away, as you may need hospitalization.
  • Other indications that you might require hospital care include high fever, worsening shortness of breath, confusion, and severe weakness. Please call us if any of these develop.
  • There are currently no treatments recommended for people who are infected with COVID-19 but are not sick enough to require hospitalization.
To better serve you in this trying time we are going to begin a daily check in with all our COVID-19 patients in the first 10 days after they become sick, or longer if needed.
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