FDA and CDC Approved Third Dose for Limited Population
The FDA and CDC approved a third shot of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine for people with severely suppressed immune systems who are less likely to develop a good immune response from two doses of these mRNA vaccines. This includes the following groups of people:
  • Transplant patients
  • Stem cell transplant patients less than 2 years from their transplant 
  • HIV patients
  • People with cancer who are currently receiving certain types of chemotherapy
  • People taking more than 20 mg of prednisone a day
  • People on TNF inhibitors/biologics for treatment of autoimmune disease
The data does not yet support a third dose for those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  
We have ordered the Moderna vaccine and will find out Monday if we will receive it next week. We are trying to get the Pfizer vaccine as well, but may be unable to because of distribution requirements. It is advised to receive the third dose from the same manufacturer from which you received the first two doses.
If you believe you meet the above requirements, please email your doctor. Over time, the FDA might expand the criteria further, but for now, these are the only approved categories of people for the third dose.
We will keep you updated!

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