Pivot NW Newsletter
January 2019 
A message from the Pivot NW Program Manager Martin Jimenez

Thank you for taking a moment to glance through our newsletter. We hope some of the things that piqued our interest also pique yours.

Some of the highlights of this newsletter include...
- PUB TRIVIA January 18th! One of the things I did not think anticipate this grant leading us into, but we are co-hosting a pub trivia night with Fuller NW. See details below!
- Power and Practice of Personal Storytelling event with Mark Yaconelli on February 7th. This event will explore how storytelling may help healing relationships when intergenerational anxiety rears up in your congregation.
- We are celebrating the grand release of our mobile phone app and are offering FREE STICKERS which are quite handsome if I say so myself.

I would also love to call your attention to a more personal blog post I wrote about a recent team-building event we did that helped me understand the ground I occupy as I negotiate what it means to better serve young adults through the church.


Martin Jimenez

Program Manager – Pivot NW

Click the image above to learn more about an upcoming, free pub trivia event co-sponsored with Fuller NW! Lots of free food and a good way for ministry teams to learn and laugh together.
The second year of Pivot NW has seen the first year of churches striking out into unfamiliar territory as they begin to enact their ministry innovations.

We are also hosting some events that are open to the public, so please check those out!
Have a 2019 booklist? Tell us about it!

Reviewing the literature that is part and parcel to our work is very revealing. We see both how young adults want to be regarded, and how non-young adults want to or have learned to regard young adults.

We just updated our Literature page to include links to a few other books that we have read, are reading or plan to read this year.

Click here to read more.

Emerging Themes
At the spring summit, each of the 12 churches in the Pivot Northwest grant were asked to present their progress from the past year as a tri-fold (think Jr. High science-fair without the volcanoes). We analyzed the content on the tri-folds along with what the church leaders shared during their short presentations. While multiple values were seen within each individual church, three main themes emerged across most of the churches. These three themes include values, innovation process, and empowering young adults... Click here to read the full blog post about the major themes from our partner churches efforts'.
Trying to Hack Discussion Guides for Young Adults

Every Thursday for six weeks, we (Mac, Gabrielle, and Eric) announced to our I-O psychology classmates that we wanted to pilot some discussion guides and we listed off several topics they could discuss. All these topics would allow young adults to have these conversations with a Christian lens. These topics are vulnerable, but we ended up getting about 10+ people each session...
Click here to read more from Gabrielle

Tickets are on sale now for our premiere public event this Winter: The Power & Practice of Personal Storytelling. We believe one of the ways in which intergenerational harmony and thriving can occur in our churches is by weaving together our diverse narratives as communities of faith and practice. Come, bring a ministry team or group of fellow congregants, and learn more about telling the story of yourself and your church well. Click on the image to proceed to the ticket page.
Introducing Pivot NW App and Podcast

As the Pivot NW team has been listening and learning both from our faith community partners and the young adults throughout the Pacific Northwest, the felt need for invitation into deep hospitality within communities of purpose and activism has risen up as a constant in every measure we have surveyed. 


To this end we have developed some tools to assist young adults and faith communities to move into such spaces together.  Many are found on our website: https://pivotnw.org/ 


One tool recently launched is our Pivot NW app that curates meaningful content that will spark conversations and guide community gatherings with themes core to major interests found in and with today’s young adults.  The app includes a number of discussion guides with tested conversations starters and deep questions for reflection as well as a series of podcasts that we have been drawn together from leading voices on themes of social justice, biblical interpretation, stewardship and philanthropy, global and local activism, mission and vocational clarity among others. Our hope is that you will share this app with your community and concern using it to both reach out to your young adult neighbors and deepen your engagement with core themes that are vital to work with our young adult culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Jeff Keuss
Pivot NW Executive Director
p.s. Send us your name and address and we will send you some stickers for the coffee mug and/or water bottle that you carry with you. It is a great way to begin discussions about young adult spirituality and spread the interest in helping the church to innovatively re-engage our young adults.
Thanks for reading our newsletter. Please forward to colleagues and friends to help us spread the word about what we are doing and share our tools and knowledge. Also please subscribe to this occasional (no more than 4 times a year) publication for the latest on our work and remember that you can always go to Pivotnw.org.

Martin Jimenez, Progam Manager
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