RDP Computing | One PC many users, Savings

One PC many USERS, Savings

ZERO thinclients Zeeoclients
zero clients U zero
ZERO clients
zero clients N
CPU, Memory, OS, Drivers
Software ,Storage, Data
Moving Parts, Noise
Heat Generation
ZERO clients
zero clients H
Security, Performance
Resolutions upto 1920x1080
Quality ABS Casing
ZERO clients
zero clients S
40% on capex
90% on opex
90% on energy
60% on upgradations
ZERO clients

Technical Features

Device Type Zero Client ( Connection to Server thru USB )
Configuration Display Sharing Technology, VDS-Virtual Desktop Sharing
Supported Server OS Windows Multipoint Server 2011 / 2012
Maximum Clients to Server Up to 10*
I/O Ports 2 USB 2.0, 1 mini USB for Host Connection, Mic-in, Spk-out,
Protocol Support RDP 7.1 / 8.0
Native OS No (Because it is Zero Client )
Remote Server Connectivity (Thru Internet) No
Video Resolution Upto 1680 * 1050
Audio Input Yes
Audio Output Yes
Wireless Option No
Power Consumption 2 Watt
Dimensions 103mm X56mm X 17.5mm
Weight 70 grams
Operating Temperature Max 48 Degree Celsius
Placing Options Desktop / Monitor Back
MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) 4.9 Lack Hours
Key Features Of Z-102

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