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SAHDIGITAL - What we can do for you 2020 (Jan 2020)
At SAHDIGITAL-22nd CENTURY INK we have been helping small business owners just like you reach more customers for almost 20 years.   Contact us to discuss how you may want to:   Improve your website: - Update the look of your website - Upgrade your HTML website to the latest CMS website software - Improve your website’s mobile device response (more info.) - Need additional email accounts for staff? (more info.) Improve your online marketing strategy:    - SEO Search Eng

2019-2020 Holiday Promo (Nov 2019)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS: SPECIAL OFFER VALID: NOVEMBER 18, 2019 TO JANUARY 17, 2020 20% OFF WEB SITE UPDATES Schedule your next HTML or WordPress website update to be quoted between 11/18/2019 - 01/17/2020 and have 30 days to make any necessary project deposits plus receive 20% off your invoice. Get a FREE QUICK QUOTE online now! click here to view this offer via our website $249.95 CUSTOM GRAPHIC DESIGNED 2 PAGE WEBSITE PACKAGE The Prefect Starter-kit includes everything nee

WordPress updates May2019 (May 2019)
NEED HELP UPDATING YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE? Keeping your WordPress website updated is important. WordPress releases a lot of updates.  Updates can be tricky as not all updates play nice with other plugins and/or the theme your website has activated.  Regardless, updates are important, providing new features and bug fixes that can improve the security of your website.  Because WordPress is the most popular content management platform in use today, it is also targeted

Need Help Updating WordPress (Mar 2019)
UPDATING YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE There is most likely an update awaiting your login. If you are not sure what plugins to update or just fear something could go wrong when updating your website software please contact us.  We will review your available updates and offer suggestions on keeping your web site up to date.  Ask us about backup services. View this email in your browser SAHDIGITAL-22ND CENTURY INK. Please reconfirm your interest in receiving em

WordPress Update (Dec 2018)
WordPress 5.0 is being released today, December 6th. This release contains a major change to the WordPress editor. For more information on some of  the challenges this may introduce for some site owners along with information to help you formulate a successful strategy for making the transiton please click here. Spam & Cyber attacks: 2019 is predicted to show increased cyber crime like activity.  We recommend you change your password(s) periodically and make them difficult to guess

Request A WordPress Backup (Oct 2018)
If your website is WordPress you may want to have it backed up? Securing the hard work you have invested into your website can be an easy and cost-effective way to insure your digital assets are safe from outside attacks or even inside user-errors.    Request a single, one-time, server-side backup to secure your entire WordPress website, all FTP contents and MySQL database to offline media for only $60.00 CAD All backups are dated and stored at SAHDIGITAL, held for a

Payments via Canada Post (Sep 2018)
Electronic Payment Option Considering the upcoming strike that was voted in favour of by members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, SAHDIGITAL-22ND CENTURY INK is taking steps to maintain its commitment to the best possible service in the event of any mail disruption. Customers and clients are still required to pay their invoices by the due date. Please see important billing information below.  We encourage you to take action in the following ways:

SSL Certs : Aug 22 2018 Email (Aug 2018)
  Secure Socket Layer Encryption for your website If you would like to learn more about Google's preferences in this regard and have not already spoken to us about SSL certification for your web site please contact us.  * Place "SSL Certificate" in the the subject line.   Concerned about your site not loading https:// please read on.:   If your website does not collect sensitive data, like credit card numbers or customer shopping cart data, you may not have needed an SS

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