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May 2011 Newsletter         
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Alex Brandin   
Alex Brandin

ar Seraphim Blueprint Friends,

Hereby I am introducing my own teacher's newsletter. I have decided to enhance my communication to be able to include more pictures and also videos. If you have already subscribed to the monthly newsletter from the founder of the Seraphim Blueprint Ruth Rendely you will receive my newsletter in addition to her worldwide edition. My newsletter and other communication will primarily focus on my activities as teacher.

It is also my desire to move to a new level of automatic contact information processing by adding such a subscription form to my website, as well introducing an unsubscribe option to all of my e-mails. I would appreciate if you would take a moment to click on the reconfirm link at the very top of the e-mail, if you wish to receive my newsletter and workshop announcements. Thank you very much for taking the moment to update my existing  database.

All my best wishes,

Alex Brandin
Seraphim Blueprint booth and lecture during the New Living EXPO in San Francisco from April 29th to May 1st , 2011

This was the second year that I have participated at the San Francisco New Living EXPO. In addition to being available at our booth 512, I also was a speaker for the first time this year. Over 70 people joined my introductory lecture.

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YouTube video showing the Seraphim Blueprint booth

I wish to thank especially Cindy Smith who flew in from Florida where she lives and teaches to support me the whole weekend. Also many thanks to Rita Bral, another local Seraphim Blueprint teacher for all her help! Two of our students dedicated their weekend to answering questions at the booth and to give mini sessions to interested visitors. Aljona and Danny, I could not have done it without you! Thank you all so very much!

Cindy, Alex & Rita at the New Living EXPO
Cindy, Alex & Rita at the New Living EXPO

Something cute...
(...only if you like gophers)

I spend every possible minute outdoors. And we are lucky enough to have many options to enjoy nature here in San Francisco. Golden Gate Park has an amazing variety of wildlife.

Here is a funny video I took while a little gopher was stacking up on sunflower seeds...

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YouTube video showing a gopher collecting sunflower seeds

It's not easy being a gopher... Everyone seems to want a piece of them. They are on top of the menu of the great blue herons, the hawks, the cats and the foxes. And of course the park keepers aren't their friends either. But this little guy seems pretty content for now.
Workshops & Events

Level I -
Seraphim Healing

Saturday May 7th, 2011
San Francisco
10am to 6:30pm

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a class room style workshop with me in San Francisco. Normally, I mostly schedule phone classes.

Guardians of Gaia - follow up
Friday May 6th, 2011
Conference Phone Call
6pm Pacific time

All Guardians of Gaia are invited to join into this free follow up session. There will be a Q&A part and we will also activate some planetary healing energies together to experience the extra power of the group dynamic

Flower of Life with Heart shape
Picture of a glass art depiction of the Flower of Life with a Heart Shape highlighted within

Seeing this glass art was truly my highlight at the New Living EXPO in San Francisco last weekend. The Flower of Life plays an important role in sacred geometry. I always refer to it in my Level II workshop: Seraphim Sacred Geometry. But I had never before seen the heart inside. This piece shown above was created by the artist Joan Joie Dawson. It is actually for sale. It would be lovely in a meditation center I think. Joan can be contacted under I hope this inspirational piece finds a good home soon.
Something to smile...

A man ordered a pizza and gave the delivery guy a $20 bill.  The delivery guy pocketed the bill. The man asked  "Don't I get change?"
The delivery guy responded  "Change must come from within."
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Alex Brandin
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Best of EXPO Gold Award seal for the category body, mind, spirit integration

Closing Comment

Thanks for reading my first newsletter. I plan to compose one about every month from now on. If have not yet taken the moment to reconfirm your interest in receiving my newsletters, please do so now by clicking the "reconfirm" link at the very top above the header.

I also will create soon different subscriber lists for the free conference phone calls I offer periodically, like the Level I Seraphim Healing expansion, or the Level V Group meditation. Please stay tuned for more information on these topics...