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Our Approach to Science
Science at The Master's College: Founded on Truth

Every class at TMC is taught with the understanding that God has revealed Himself in the Bible, and that the Scriptures are the lens through which we view the world around us.

Truly Scientific

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This commitment to the authority of Scripture demonstrates itself clearly in TMC’s Department of Biological and Physical Sciences. TMC is atypical among colleges in that our entire faculty, including our science faculty, adheres to the literal account of Creation and the Fall found in Genesis 1-3.

In fact, according to prominent creationist Ken Ham (answersingenesis.org), TMC is one of only two undergraduate Christian liberal arts colleges in California whose leadership formally holds to a literal, 24-hour, six-day view of the Genesis account of Creation.

TMC science graduates have taken their biblical worldview into God-glorifying careers in scientific research and medicine. We are grateful for your partnership.  Pray with us that these young people will impact their world beyond anything we could ask or think for God's glory.

Yours for the Master,

Bob White
Senior Development Officer

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