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Vol. 7, No. 1 - January 2022
Update from the President

As we reflect on the past year and enter 2022, The Combustion Institute continues to prove its resilience in the face of adversity. From webinars and hybrid meetings to our first ever fully virtual International Symposium, groundbreaking research among the combustion science community remains a constant. This year, we look forward to promoting our members’ efforts and achievements toward a clean, sustainable future.

We encourage you to submit updates on your work and accomplishments through this Google form to be featured on The Combustion Institute website, social media channels, or newsletter.

With the 39th International Symposium on Combustion approaching, we continue to hope and plan for an in-person meeting. We look forward to enjoying the beauty and sites of Vancouver in July 2022 with combustion colleagues. This symposium will introduce some new colloquia and an increased industry presence in our effort to facilitate unique conversation and prepare for the future of combustion research. Be sure to check the official 39th Symposium website for the latest updates and announcements.  


May 2022 bring you joy, peace, success, and prosperity. Keep well.


-Philippe Dagaut

CI Announcements and Events
Call for Nominations: Gold Medals of The Combustion Institute
The Call for Nominations for the 2022 Gold Medals of The Combustion Institute was released on 15 December 2021. Nomination submissions must be received before 23:59 EST, 16 February 2022. Gold medals are the highest awards of The Combustion Institute, presented biennially during the International Symposium on Combustion. The four gold medals are bestowed to scientists whose major contributions have significantly advanced their fields of combustion science. 
AMS Nomination Submission Portal Now Open

The Combustion Institute is excited to announce that our new Nomination Submission Portal is now available for use. Submissions and nominations for all CI awards and honors can now be submitted through The Combustion Institute Account Management System (AMS). Read more about how to submit a nomination here.

CI Board of Directors Election to be held in June 2022

In June 2022, we will be voting for the incoming Board of Directors of The Combustion Institute. Newly elected Board Members will step into their roles at the 39th International Symposium for Combustion in July 2022. Details regarding the candidates and the election will be released soon. In order to be eligible to vote, your membership in the CI AMS must be active. Please login to your account and check your membership. If you need to activate your membership, click on the related button in the system, and your Section Administrator will be notified to take action. 
Wood Heater Design Challenge
The Wood Heater Design Challenge, sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, consists of online workshops, a wood stove technology slam, and a technology competition. The workshops will be held from 11-12 January, 22-23 February, and 28-29 March 2022, and are all free and open to the public. Read more here.
9th Fuel and Combustion Conference of Iran
FCCI2022 will be held from 8-10 February 2022, and will be a joint effort of Shiraz University and the Iranian section of The Combustion Institute. The Sixth Festival of Flame Photographs, an international photo competition open to all people regardless of their field of science, will be hosted by this conference. Read more here.
Spring Technical Meeting of the Eastern States Section of The Combustion Institute

The Spring Technical Meeting of the ESSCI will be held 6-9 March 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The meeting will be hosted by the University of Central Florida. The event will consist of an opening reception, plenary seminars, technical talks, and a banquet event. Read more here.

Spring Hybrid Meeting of the Western States Section of The Combustion Institute

The Spring Hybrid Technical Meeting of the WSSCI will be held 21-22 March 2022, in Stanford, California at Stanford University. Because this is a hybrid meeting, there is a webpage for the in-person meeting as well as the virtual meeting.

To register or submit to this hybrid meeting as an in-person registrant, please use the in-person meeting page found here.

To register or submit to this hybrid meeting as a virtual registrant, please use the virtual meeting page found here.

Follow CI on Instagram and have your images featured on the CI account! Submissions are welcome at office@combustioninstitute.org. The photo to the left features participants from the 13th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, hosted by the Saudi Arabian Section of The Combustion Institute and Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi.
Highlights from the Symposium on Thermoacoustics in Combustion 2021
SoTiC 2021, sponsored by the Technical University of Munich, took place virtually in September. 170 participants attended the symposium, with 64 papers presented representing 12 countries. Read more here.
Former CI President Elected to CAS
Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus, former President of The Combustion Institute (2012-2016) and professor of chemistry at Bielefeld University, Germany, has been elected as a Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences! Read more here.
Highlights from the 11th Saudi Arabian Section Annual Meeting

The Saudi Arabian Section of The Combustion Institute (SASCI) hosted its 11th Annual Meeting in a virtual platform in October. The meeting featured four keynote talks, delivered by leaders in combustion-related sectors, as well as 52 technical talks presented over 8 sessions. Read more here.

CI Member Receives Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

Werner Matthias Ihme, 2017 Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award winner and professor at Stanford University, California, United States, has been selected to receive a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award! Read more here.

Highlights from the 8th Brazilian CI-Summer School

The 8th Brazilian Combustion Institute Summer School of Combustion – Virtual Special Edition was held in October. With over 300 registered participants from 20 institutions and 15 countries represented, the summer school had great participation from the combustion community in Brazil and around the world. Read more here.

International Symposium on Combustion

Submissions for 39th Symposium

The submission portal for the presentation of papers at the 39th International Symposium is now closed. We continue to be impressed by the dedication of the combustion community. Depsite the challenges and limitations authors faced, a formidable amount of submissions were received. The colloquium teams will now undertake the crucial steps to evaluate the submissions. Following the review process, the Program Co-Chairs will meet to make final program decisions. Acceptance and rejection notices will be sent to authors during the first week of April 2022. The deadline for WiPP abstract submissions is 23:59 PST, 04 May 2022.

Message to Reviewers

Individuals who have agreed to act as reviewers or who have reviewed in the past can expect to receive requests for review of the submissions for the symposium. Reviewer invitations are scheduled to be emailed near the end of January. Please remember that the symposium will be running on a tight timeline as you consider how many papers you can review. You can look forward to emails or announcements regarding the review process.

Vancouver Convention Center at a Glance

The award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) serves as the venue for the 39th International Symposium on Combustion. Located on Vancouver’s beautiful waterfront, the VCC offers dramatic views of the mountains, while providing superior accommodations for this year’s symposium. The East Building, or Canada Place, will house the majority of the symposium functions, and is easily recognizable for its sail-like fabric roofs. The West Building boasts the largest “living roof” in Canada and is the world’s first double LEED Platinum certified convention centre. Delegates will experience the prominent and unique use of British Colombia wood used in the design during the Farewell Reception.

Website Update

The 39th International Symposium website continues to be updated with materials concerning events, accommodations, local attractions, and travel. The General Information page now includes updated information regarding Visa requirements, COVID matters, the Venue, the Vancouver International Airport, and local shopping and dining. Matters regarding the format and registration for the 39th Symposium will be reviewed and evaluated in the next few months. Please make sure to check your emails and the symposium website for updates.

Second Industry Panel Introduced

In our efforts to increase industry presence at the biennial combustion symposium and connect with our industry colleagues, we are thrilled to annonce the addition of a second industry panel session. The Industry Sessions will address decarbonization in industry, with the second panel highlighting issues around transportation. Attendees can look forward to hearing fresh and diverse perspectives from experts in the field. We will announce the panel speakers soon!

Call for Site Proposals

Site proposals for the 41st International Symposium on Combustion are now being accepted. The Combustion Institute encourages the submission of site proposals in accordance with the defined guidelines. The biennial symposium provides a scientific venue for sharing ideas and experiences on the applications of combustion, as well as an opportunity to feature your section and region. The deadline for preliminary proposals is 31 January 2022. Read more here.

Advancements in Combustion
Have Combustion News to Share?
The Combustion Institute seeks news about advancements in combustion research and major scientific awards bestowed upon members of our international community. If you have news to share, please fill out this Google form for it to be featured in our quarterly newsletter or on our social media platforms. 
2021 Distinguished Paper Award (DPA) in the New Concepts Colloquium

Congratulations to Hongtao Zhong, Xingqian Mao, Aric C. Rousso, Charles L. Patrick, Chao Yan, Wenbin Xu, Qi Chen, Gerard Wysocki, and Yiguang Ju for winning the DPA in the New Concepts colloquium. In their paper, Kinetic study of plasma-assisted n-dodecane/O 2 /N pyrolysis and oxidation in a nanosecond-pulsed discharge, Zhong, Mao, Rousso, Patrick, Yan, Xu, Chen, Wysocki, and Ju provide transient and steady-state speciation data and an experimentally-validated kinetic mechanism for plasma-assisted pyrolysis and oxidation for the large jet fuel component. Read more about their study here.

2021 Distinguished Paper Award (DPA) in the Stationary Combustion Systems and Low Carbon Combustion Technologies Colloquium

Congratulations to Gianmarco Aversano, Marco Ferrarotti, and Alessandro Parente for winning the DPA in the Stationary Combustion Systems and Low Carbon Combustion Technologies colloquium. In their paper, Digital twin of a combustion furnace operating in flameless conditions: reduced-order model development from CFD simulations, Aversano, Ferrarotti, and Parente further develop advanced combustion technologies in the industrial sector. Read more about their study here.

2021 Distinguished Paper Award (DPA) in the Turbulent Flames Colloquium

Congratulations to M. Gauding, M. Bode, D. Denker, Y. Brahami, L. Danaila, and E. Varea for winning the DPA in the Turbulent Flames colloquium. In their paper, On the combined effect of internal and external intermittency in turbulent non-premixed jet flames, Gauding, Bode, Denker, Brahami, Danaila, and Varea demonstrate the important role turbulent/non-turbulent interface (TNTI) plays in turbulent mixing and subsequent chemical reactions. Read more about their study here.

UCF Researchers’ Ethanol Fuel Cells Offer New Alternative to Power Cars, Technology

A new material developed by researchers at the University of Central Florida may one day mean people could be pouring a drink for their car. That’s because UCF researchers are developing an alcohol-based power source for cars and other technology. The power source is a renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels and uses less fuel and produces less emissions compared to a combustion engine. Read more about their study here.

Second Edition of Unsteady Combustor Physics now available on Amazon
Explore a unified treatment of the dynamics of combustor systems, including acoustics, fluid mechanics, and combustion in a single rigorous text written by CI member Tim C. Lieuwen. This updated new edition features an expansion of data and experimental material, updates the coverage of flow stability, and enhanced treatment of flame dynamics. Read more here.
First-Person Science: Jacqueline Chen on Modeling Combustion Engines

In the First-Person Science series, hosted by the United States Department of Energy, Office of Science, scientists describe how they made significant discoveries over years of research. CI member Jacqueline Chen is a senior scientist at the Combustion Research Facility at Sandia National Laboratories. She has spent her career delving into the complex patterns and interactions of the flames that power our vehicles. Read more about Dr. Chen's work here.

Book discusses the future of combustion for passenger cars

SAE International recently published Racing Toward Zero: The Untold Story of Driving Green, a new book that challenges the widespread notion that battery electric vehicles are a surefire solution to sustainable transportation. Co-authored by CI members Kelly Senecal and Felix Leach, the book delves into the myths and realities of propulsion technologies and lays out a vision for a better, faster path to zero emissions (hint: it includes a lot of combustion!). Read more here.

In Memoriam
The Combustion Institute honors the accomplishments of the late scientific leaders who have made significant contributions for the advancement of many diverse communities around the world. We offer our sincerest condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of Dr. James (Jim) Miller and Dr. Paul Libby.

Dr. James (Jim) Miller passed away on 3 October 2021.

Dr. Paul Libby passed away on 2 November 2021.
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