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Vol. 4, No. 2 - April 2019
Update from the Executive Administrator

Preparation for Adelaide
The Site Visit is just around the corner. The Program Co-Chairs, Tim Lieuwen and Fei Qi, have been discussing schedules and plans. The Call for Papers listing the Colloquium Coordinators and Co-Chairs is available. This also lists the paper submission deadline which is 7 November 2019.  Start reviewing your research and begin to plan your paper submissions. Keep checking the websites for new information.
Publishing Changes
As many of you have noticed, Combustion and Flame (CNF) has transferred to the Editorial Manager (EM) software submission program. There have been a few problems identified by authors and we appreciate your patience as we bring these to Elsevier’s attention, seek solutions, and request updates. It is important to note that everyone is required to set a new password in EM for security reasons.
We are starting to look at EM for PROCI submissions. Watch for more details on the login and submission process in late summer. Instructions will be available on both the CI and Symposium websites when testing is completed.

We are pleased to recognize the 2019 Fellows of The Combustion Institute. More information on the 38 nominees elected is available below.
The 2019 Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award, presented by Elsevier and The Combustion Institute, has also been announced. Details are below on the selection of two worthy honorees for 2019.


-Barb Waronek, Executive Administrator

CI Announcements and Events

The Combustion Institute and Elsevier, with the assistance of an award committee, have selected two members to receive the annual Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award. This year’s winners are Aamir Farooq and Greg Rieker (pictured from left to right). Read more about their accomplishments and contributions here

2019 Class of Fellows 
The 2019 Fellows of The Combustion Institute have been named. The selection committee elected 38 exceptional honorees. As dedicated members of the international combustion community, each Fellow has made outstanding contributions to the discipline of combustion science in research or in application.

Silver Medal Committee 
The Silver Medal Award Committee has been selected and is hard at work reviewing the Distinguished Papers from the 37th  International Symposium on Combustion in Dublin, Ireland. One paper from each of the 13 Symposium colloquium was selected as the most distinguished in quality, achievement, and significance. From these 13 papers, the committee will select the most outstanding to receive the Silver Medal. The winner will be announced at the 38th Symposium in Adelaide in 2020. Congratulations to all of the DPA authors!
Elsevier Editorial Software Update

Recently, Combustion and Flame (CNF) transitioned from the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) to Editorial Manager (EM) software. The transition was relatively smooth (with very few exceptions) and the CNF editors, Prof. Fokion Egolfopoulos and Dr. Thierry Poinsot, believe that EM is a better platform compared to EES. Follow this link to learn about two important changes as indicated now in the updated CNF Guide for Authors.


Call for Photos and Graphics to Share on Instagram

Follow CI on Instagram and have your images featured on the CI account! Submissions to be showcased on the CI Instagram page are welcome at Please include a caption with the photographer's or artist's name, hashtags, and location when submitting images. The image to the left is of cylindrical perforated burner flame, taken by Mr. Mehdi Najjar Niko from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran Section. 
The Tsinghua-Princeton-CI Summer School application deadline is 30 April 2019

The Tsinghua-Princeton-CI Summer School on Combustion is an annual master course event on combustion held by the Center for Combustion Energy (CCE). The application deadline for the program (to be held 14-20 July 2019 in Beijing, China) is 30 April 2019. Click here to go directly to the event website which contains a link to the online application page.  

Application Deadline for Hosting 2020 CI Summer School Programs
The deadline for applications to host Combustion Institute-Summer Schools has been permanently extended to 31 May from the previous deadline of 31 March. Universities, Combustion Institute Sections, and other qualified organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal in accordance with the guidelines posted on The Combustion Institute website summer schools page. The deadline for proposals to host 2020 CI-SS programs is
31 May 2019. 
VII Brazilian Combustion School 
The VII Brazilian Combustion School will take place in Cachoeira Paulista – SP at INPE (National Institute of Space Research) from 3-7 June 2019. Mini-courses and lectures will be held on "Innovative Aspects in Combustion, Gasification and Pyrolysis" and on "Combustion in Multiphase Media." Program includes a round table on the future of combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and fluid atomization in Brazil in the coming years, in addition to research presentation posters by participants to stimulate interpersonal knowledge and awaken cooperation interests. For more information visit the event website
1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School to be held in Chile
(10-15 November 2019) 

The main goal of the 1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School — Fundamental Combustion Problems in Fires (APCISS-1) — is to introduce intermediate graduate students, industrial researchers and practicing engineers to fundamental combustion problems applied to outdoor and structural fires. The organizers expect this school to contribute to creating and reinforcing the collaboration bonds between different academic institutions and research groups in the Asia Pacific and South America. The activities are scheduled for 10-15 November 2019 in the coastal city of Valparaíso, Chile. Workshops will be held at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. 


Congratulations to Undergraduate Elizabeth Wait (University of Central Florida)

Elizabeth Wait began researching under Dr. Artёm Masunov and Dr. Subith Vasu during her first semester as a freshman undergraduate at the University of Central Florida. For 10 semesters she has used computational methods to investigate the effects of supercritical carbon dioxide on the rates of combustion reactions. This is important to consider if carbon dioxide is used as a diluent in oxyfuel combustion.

 Elizabeth is second author on four publications in the  Journal of Physical Chemistry A. She also has a first author paper "Quantum chemical and master equation study of OH + CH2O → H2O + CHO reaction rates in supercritical CO2 environment" which made the cover in the  International Journal of Chemical Kinetics. She is scheduled to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in May 2019 before interning at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the summer. Elizabeth was recently selected for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program and intends to enter a PhD program in the autumn where she will continue her research in the field of computational chemistry.
7th Laser Ignition and Giant-microphotonics Conference
The 7th Laser Ignition and Giant-microphotonics Conference (LIC) will be held at Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan, on 22-26 April 2019 in the frame of OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress (OPIC2019). The exhibition (OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition, OPIE2019) will be co-located on 24-26 April 2019.
17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion

The 17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, hosted by the German Section of The Combustion Institute, will covene in Aachen, Germany on 6-8 May 2019. 


2019 Spring Technical Meeting of the Canadian Section of The Combustion Institute

The spring technical meeting of the Canadian Section of The Combustion Institute will be held on the Okanagan Campus, University of British Columbia from 13-16 May 2019.


This TCS workshop, co-organized by ERCOFTAC special interest group 28 "Reactive Flows" and co-sponsored by HGS MathComp of IWR, Heidelberg University, Germany takes place on Sunday 16 June 2019 in Tenerlife, Spain.This is the day preceding the 11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium.  
The 11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium

The 11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium invites you to Tenerife, Spain on

16-20 June 2019. The objective of MCS11 is to give combustion scientists, particularly engineers and students from the Mediterranean area, the opportunity to get together for the dissemination of state-of-the-art advances in combustion research and to enhance future collaborative research activities between scientists from different geographic areas.


11th International Conference on Chemical Kinetics

The 11th International Conference on Chemical Kinetics (ICCK) will be held at Université d'Orléans, France on 23-27 June 2019.


12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion

The 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (ASPACC) will be hosted by the Japan Section of the Combustion Institute, and will take place on 1-5 July 2019 in Fukuoka, Japan. 


16th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and Their Health Effects

The University of Michigan will host the 16th International Congress on Combustion By-Products and Their Health Effects in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA on 10-12 July 2019.


32nd International Symposium on Shock Waves

The 32nd International Symposium on Shock Waves (ISSW32) will be held on the National University Singapore (NUS) Campus in Singapore, Japan on 14-19 July 2019.

9th International Symposium on Coal Combustion

The 9th International Symposium on Coal Combustion (ISCC) will be held 21-24 July 2019 in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.


2nd International Workshop on Near Limit Flames

The 2nd International Workshop on Near Limit Flames will be held on 27-28 July  2019 at Zhong-Guan-Yuan Global Village of Peking University, Beijing, China, before the 27th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS 2019).


2019 Summer School on Detonation

A summer school on detonation fundamentals will be held on 27th July 2019 (one day before ICDERS 2019) at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. 


27th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS)

Hosted by Peking University, the 27th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) will take place on 28 July 2019 - 2 August 2019 in Bejing, China.


International Symposium on Combustion

Call for Papers Released
The Call for Papers for the 38th International Symposium on Combustion has been released. The 38th International Symposium on Combustion will convene at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia from Sunday, 12 July through Friday, 17 July 2020. Scientists, engineers, and others interested in combustion are invited to attend and participate in this biennial world congress of The Combustion Institute.

38th International Symposium Invited Speakers

The Combustion Institute is pleased to announce the invited speakers for the 38th International Symposium on Combustion in Adelaide, Australia. Throughout symposium week, experts in their respective fields will deliver plenary lectures and topical reviews on advancements in combustion science. During the opening session, participants will attend the Hottel Lecture on Combustion Chemistry given by Professor Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus. Click here for the full listing of invited speakers and their scientific topics. A speaker schedule and full presentation titles wll be announced in the coming months.

Advancements in Combustion

Deconstructing deleterious soot

Sandia National Laboratories uses tandem mass spectrometry to detect gas-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with aliphatic side chains in flames that produce soot. Read more.

New technologies could solve rocket challenges 800 years in the making
Purdue University researchers are exploring several patented techniques to address two significant challenges with modern solid propellants used in rockets - controlling the burn rate and improving overall perfomance.  Learn more on the website.  

2019 Distinguished Paper Award (DPA) in the Gas Turbine and Rocket Engine Combustion Colloquium
Congratulations to M. Stöhr, K.P. Geigle, R. Hadef, I. Boxx, C.D. Carter, M. Grader, and P. Gerlinger. Their authoritative paper,  Time-resolved study of transient soot formation in an aero-engine model combustor at elevated pressure has significantly progressed research aimed at reducing soot emissions from aero-engines by providing valuable synchronously measured data of key quantities and relation to combustion simulation. Read more about their study here.

2019 Distinguished Paper Award (DPA) in the Spray, Droplet, and Supercritical Combustion Colloquium
Congratulations to Alanna Y. Cooney and Simcha L. Singer for their winning paper, A hybrid droplet vaporization-chemical surrogate approach for emulating vaporization, physical properties, and chembical combustion behavior of multicomponent fuels . Their study substantially improved research in spray combustion and the predictive modeling of multicomponent droplet vaporization. Read more about their research and advancements here.

Future transportation fuels, a scientific perspective
In their perspective paper,  Future transportation fuels, Gautam Kalghatgi, Howard Levinsky, and Med Colket address the challenges faced by the combustion community as they progress toward a low-carbon transportation future. The overall challenge is how to achieve significant emissions reduction while maintaining the fitness for purpose of the engines used in different transportation sectors. In the report, they identify several challenges and provide the perspective and conclusion that alternative (renewable) fuels and high-performance combustion concepts/engines using fuels adapted for that purpose can reduce the environmental/climate footprint of combustion-based transportation systems. Read more.

In Memoriam

The Combustion Institute honors the accomplishments of the late scientific leaders who have made significant contributions for the advancement of many diverse communities around the world.

Dr. Joe V. Michael  passed away 17 March 2019.

Professor Gérard de Soete  passed away 15 January 2019.

Professor János Miklós Beér  passed away 8 December 2018.

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