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The latest from the Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand - August 2019
HFNZ 60th anniversary celebrations

There are still places left! So, if you want to come to the 60th, and you haven't registered yet, get in there today!

On Friday November 8 we will have a welcome reception at parliament, hosted by one of our MPs

The main event of the weekend is the Gala Dinner on Saturday November 9. This will be held at Te Papa, and will include members, past and present staff, and special guests. 

The Youth Committee are running an event on Saturday afternoon as part of our youth twinning with Nepal.

Outside of the main events, you're free to make your own plans for entertainment. Here's a great resource of free things to do: https://www.wellingtonnz.com/discover/sights-activities/the-best-of-guide/best-things-to-do-for-free/

Remember, this is an 18 years and over event, and there will be a small fee attached to attendance. For those that don't require flights and accommodation the fee will be $50 per person, $100 per person for those who do.

We don't want money to be a barrier to attendance, so if it's an issue for you please reach out to your Outreach Worker, or to Leanne at leanne@haemophilia.org.nz to organise a plan. Likewise if you have registered but have yet to pay. We can't book flights or accomodation until payment is made, or a plan is in place.
Southern Port Hills Walk

The Chch Haemo walkers got out in the Port Hills on Sunday 25th of August and enjoyed a beautiful day, and a lovely walk incorporating traversing areas of both forest and bush. We were again able to enjoy a cuppa and a scone/ muffin at the end of the day. We appreciated having Kathy Fawcett, CNS Haemostasis Unit, and Lee Townsend, our very own physio, along, as well as our Lions Club drivers to return people to their cars. A couple of photos show the participants out there in the moment.

For our next walk we are breaking with our last Sunday of the month tradition, with the walk set down for Sunday, 6 October.

Remember, this is a great opportunity to get some fresh air, snap some lovely views, and keep your physio happy all in one!

OK where to next?

Our next walk starts from the Taylors Mistake Carpark (Car park is at the end of the road in Taylor’s Mistake close to the Taylor’s Mistake beach) and takes us out to Godley Head on the Godley Head Circuit. This is a longer walk ( 3 hours approx), than our previous two but is not as steep. (Please see description below). Given our arrival time back at Taylor’s Mistake we thought we would finish there with a picnic lunch. (BYO). The walk features beaches , WW 2 remains, and spectacular coastal views.

Remember all that is required is a moderate level of fitness and a positive attitude.

Here's what the website description says about this track:

From the Taylors Mistake car park make your way behind the beach to the start of the Pilgrims Way Coastal Track. The track offers views of places where old cave dwellings used to be built into the hillside, as well as views down to the rocks and sea below.

Passing Boulder Bay, the track climbs up to the headland and the historic Godley Head coastal defence battery. It passes two of the first gun platforms to reach the Godley Battery Compound (currently closed due to earthquake damage). From here the Godley Head Gun Emplacements Track carries on around the nose of the headland, past the historic military buildings including the Battery Observation posts located at the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour. Good views of the city and coastline south can be had from the headland. There are toilets at the car park at Godley Head.

From there the Breeze Col Loop Track climbs high above Breeze Bay, offering sweeping views of Lyttelton Harbour and Banks Peninsula, until it drops back down to Breeze Col.
Follow the Black Rock track down for 20 minutes to the Pilgrims Way Coastal Track. Turn left there to walk back to Taylors Mistake Beach and car park.

We'll be sending out an email with more details in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. To register your interest contact Ross at ross@haemophilia.org.nz

 Central: Taranaki Cafe Evening

On Wednesday 24 July a group of members from the Central region got together for dinner in New Plymouth for the Taranaki members cafe evening.

It's great to see out members out and about, enjoying each others company. It's connections like this that make HFNZ what it is.

 Membership: Family or individual membership?
Over recent weeks we've had a couple of queries about membership, and which membership type applies to particular personal situations.

As you know, we have two types of membership: Family and Individual. 

In general, family membership is for family groups who all live in the same house where any children included in the membership are under 18 years old. If your kids are older than 18, and/or live at a different address to you, then they'll need their own individual membership, or to be covered by a family membership at the address they live at. Likewise if your children have kids of their own. In that case they'll need their own family membership.

Individual membership is for single adults over the age of 18 years.

We have a statutary obligation to have paid members in order to be an incorporated society. However, we make sure we keep our membership fees very low. For the last several years family membership has been set at $35, while individual membership is $25. HFNZ members get a whole lot of benefit for such a low annual cost. We don't view membership fees as a revenue stream. 

Nor do we want money to be a barrier to participation in HFNZ activities. If maintaining your membership is financially difficult for you, or if you're not sure which membership type is right for you and your family, please contact our administrator Leanne at leanne@haemophilia.org.nz to make appropriate arrangements. 
Policy: HFNZ Code of Conduct
As mentioned in an earlier Pānui, our CEO, Sue Ellis, has been working hard updating HFNZ policies. We already shown you our complaints policy, and now we'd like you to see our Code of Conduct. 

The Code of Conduct is a cornerstone document that makes it clear exactly how we expect all HFNZ representatives to conduct themselves when performing duties and activities on our behalf.

Here's what the core of the Code of Conduct says:


Staff, volunteers, and office holders working on behalf of HFNZ will: 

  1. Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  2. Operate within the law.
  3. Base all dealings on fairness and honesty.
  4. Use the property and resources of HFNZ, including paid time, responsibly and in the best interests of the Foundation and for the benefit of people with haemophilia.
  5. Be accountable for their actions. 

Treating all people with respect and dignity,  includes: 

  • Contributing to the maintenance of a safe working environment
  • Placing value on people, and their contribution, in promoting quality in provision of services to and for haemophilia
  • Encouraging cooperation in education and learning, and in personal growth in all the work we do
  • Striving to accomplish the vision, mission, and objectives of HFNZ and the individuals who comprise the organisation. 

Operating within the law: 

  • Respect the law, customs, codes, and business practice of New Zealand
  • Notify the President in writing in the event of a breach in the law, customs, codes, or business practice of New Zealand
  • Base legal dealings on integrity. 

Basing all dealings on fairness and honesty: 

  • Do not use misleading practices, promote misleading information, falsify, or wrongly withhold information 
  • Disclose any possible conflicts between private interests and obligations to HFNZ 
  • Without a disclosure, ensure private interests do not create a situation where private interests could conflict directly or indirectly with obligations to HFNZ
  • Do not accept personal benefits such as gifts over $100.00 and always make a disclosure of such gifts
  • Do not accept personal benefits such as gifts or entertainment when the acceptance may create an obligation. 

Using property and resources of HFNZ responsibly and in the best interests of the Foundation and for the benefit of people with haemophilia: 

  • Do not use resources to provide ANY benefits to selves or others unless it is by prior decision of the National Council or Regional Branch Committee. This does NOT preclude the reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred by the individual on behalf of HFNZ
  • Do not disclose confidential information without proper authorisation. 

Accountability for actions: 

  • Accept personal responsibility for issues over which you have control.
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