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June 08, 2017
Pathways to Commercialization - How UCLA Startups Found Success

June 02, 2017

Topic:  "Your Startup IP - Identifying Key Inventions and Maintaining Their Value"

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UCLA Innovation Fund

UCLA Innovation Fund and Competition Announced
A new campus-wide fund and biomedical competition was just announced to further enable the commercialization of UCLA discoveries. The multi-million dollar UCLA Innovation Fund is the result of a partnership between UCLA Technology Development Group (TDG), UCLA Health / David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), UCLA HSSEAS, and the College's Divisions of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. [ more]
Milken Report

Report:  UCLA Ranked #1 in US for Startups Launched
UCLA is No. 1 in the nation when it comes to the number of startup companies launched as a result of campus research, according to the rankings by the Milken Institute, an independent economic think tank based in Santa Monica.   The report, published April 20, 2017, notes UCLA's strong positive impact on LA's economy. [ more]
Code for the Mission 2017 logo

2017 "Code for the Mission" Competition Announced
UCLA faculty, staff and students are invited to enter the 4th Annual “Code for the Mission’ competition to develop mobile applications promoting UCLA’s mission of education, research and service. Winners will earn placement of their app in UCLA’s App Store and a $5,000 prize in each of this year's three categories: Supporting Diversity in Education; Quantified-Self Apps; and Apps for a more Livable LA. [ more]
Omega Biosystems

UCLA Incubator Member Acquired by Global Company
CNSI announced recently the successful acquisition of Omega Biosystems Inc., a startup member of the UCLA CNSI Incubator, by a global medical technology company. Omega Biosystems, Inc. is a life science tools company that was established to develop and commercialize fluorescence imaging optical technology for its application in the field of flow cytometry.  [ more]
Neural Analytics

UCLA Startup Raises $10 Million in New Funding Round
UCLA startup, Neural Analytics, a medical device company developing technology to measure, diagnose and track brain health, announced recently that it has raised $10 million in new a new round of financing to support the commercialization of its portable ultrasound system for the noninvasive diagnosis of brain disorders. [ more]

UCLA Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 9,563,745 - Medical case treatment decision support system  
    Saigal, C., et al.
  • 9,605,941 - Lens-free tomographic imaging devices and methods 
    Ozcan, A., et al.
  • 9,605,031 - In vitro reconstituted plant virus capsids for delivering RNA genes to mammalian cells  
    Gelbart, W., et al.
  • 9,604,039 - Unobstructing microdevices for self-clearing implantable catheters  
    Judy, J., et al.
  • 9,603,674 - Method to protect the esophagus and other mediastinal structures during cardiac and thoracic interventions  
    Shivkumar, K.
  • 9,601,789 - Self-pumping membraneless fuel cell  
    Kim, CJ., et al.
  • 9,600,990 - System and methods for generating predictive combinations of hospital monitor alarms  
    Hu, X., et al.
  • 9,598,480 - Recombinant NEL-like (NELL) protein production  
    Ting, K., et al.
  • 9,598,404 - Deoxycytidine kinase inhibitors  
    Radu, C., et al.
  • 9,598,395 - Premature-termination-codons readthrough compounds  
    Gatti, R., et al.
  • 9,598,314 - Corrosion inhibiting cementitious compositions  
    Sant, G., et al.
  • 9,597,372 - Vault complexes for cytokine delivery  
    Rome, L., et al.
  • 9,597,007 - Methods for the identification and targeting of brain regions and structures and treatments related thereto  
    DeSalles, A., et al.
  • 9,597,006 - Burst suppression monitor for induced coma  
    Bier, M., et al.
  • 9,592,409 - Methods for monitoring electrical currents in neuronal circuits  
    Bystritsky, A., et al.
  • 9,592,309 - Positron emission tomography probe to monitor selected sugar metabolism in vivo  
    Witte, O., et al.
  • 9,588,037 - High throughput lens-free three-dimensional tracking of sperm  
    Ozcan, A., et al.
  • 9,582,880 - Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease  
    Kim, H., et al.
  • 9,577,847 - Non-reciprocal components with balanced distributedly modulated capacitors (DMC)  
    Wang, Y.
  • 9,570,244 - Solid-state supercapacitor  
    Dunn, B., et al.
  • 9,567,307 - Amination of aryl alcohol derivatives 
    Garg, N., et al.


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