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January 2019 eNews

Happy New Year to you, our readers!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc (UFWDA) needs to reinforce its position as the national and international body representing four wheel drive vehicles. While there is some outstanding work being done regionally and locally by a variety of organizations, as a recreation we have left ourselves wide open to the risks of 'divide and conquer'.

At a time when sales of Jeep brand products continue to break records, the equivalent growth of four wheel drive organizations is trending the other way.
Potentially thousands of new four wheelers each year are looking at the options for actually engaging the 4WD system in their vehicles and there's a high risk that they will make a poor decision in respect of where they experiment off road.

There is also the need to consider the eventual effect of the current interest in owning off highway capable vehicles as those 4x4's age a little and get used more and more within diminishing public lands that allow vehicle access. Somehow our recreation needs to remind politicians etc. that the public are buying vehicles with an expectation of engaging 4WD and will do so somewhere... making plans now could save major confrontations.

A question for you, what do UFWDA need to do, to once again be the lead organization for four wheeling?

A reminder again that the UFWDA ‘online’ store is temporarily disabled as we need to find a volunteer to manage the stock.

Your input of topical material for each eNews is still vital, so please keep UFWDA and our readers informed by emailing  before the 10th of each month. If your organization has a website with interesting stories etc. then send a link to

Peter Vahry; editor

Illegally Off-Roading in a Closed National Park Is Peak Bad Behavior, Folks

By Andrew P. Collins – (the PEAK liar deluxe)


This "story" was fabricated by this radical environ-mentalist.

Language Alert: If you're dainty, go read something else.


This article makes the argument for REQUIRING "anyone" who rides or drives in the Great American BackCountry become a paid and PARTICIPATING member of an "Off-Road" club and association that teaches, preaches, and insists with peer pressure that proper use of our lands are STRICTLY adhered to.


Some national parks won’t recover
from the government shutdown for decades

Joshua Tree and other deserts house sensitive soil crust communities.

Photos of felled Joshua trees went viral last week, a casualty of the government shutdown and the related lack of oversight in the eponymous national park. Other arid lands have been similarly abused. At Death Valley National Park, also in California, officials have also observed illegal off-roading, driving in donuts, and camping, according to National Parks Traveler, a non-profit media organization. But some of the longest-lasting impacts of unregulated trampling, driving, and camping might be the least obvious.

OutdoorX4 Partners with OK4WD and Fellow Industry Members to Promote National Park Clean Up & Protection Effort

Our industry revolves around exploring and experiencing the outdoors. The vehicles we choose are just a means to experience it. The United States is home to one of the most varied terrains in the world - from deserts to snow peaked mountains to swamp lands to thick forests. Every corner of the United States features a different biome. 
Across the United States, National Parks are set up for camping, exploration and to protect national monuments and historical properties. Since the shutdown, we have read incidents of people damaging property, illegally off-roading, illegally camping, and backed up trash and sewage. We've also read inspiring reports of people going beyond by taking trash, restocking toiletries and more.
We want to help and encourage others to help.
To encourage others to help, we have teamed up with some of our favorite manufacturers. Below are the companies that are supporting the efforts and the prizes being given away.
  • MAXTRAX - (1) One Set of Traction Devices
  • ARB - (1) CKMA12 Air Compressor
  • American Expedition Vehicles - (1) Pair Of Recovery Gloves & (1) Air Gauge
  • OK4WD Gift Card
  • OutdoorX4 Magazine - (3) 3-Year Subscriptions
How can you win these great products? All you have to do is volunteer and help out. Take a photo of yourself carrying out trash or any way other way you can help. Be sure a monument or park sign is in the photo! Share the post on social media, tag us in it (@ok4wd, @outdoorx4), and let us know what our national parks mean to you. Encourage others to help too.
If it's a single broken camp chair or several trash bags, no act is too small. Even the smallest acts can be monumental when we all chip in to make a difference.

How and when will the winners be chosen?
We will pick the winners at random when the government shutdown is over and our National Parks return to normal operations.

The National Park Service was created by conservationist and President Theodore Roosevelt. It was through his love, passion, and foresight that some of our most prized natural wonders have been protected for generations. While the shutdown is temporary, let's do our part to ensure people can not only enjoy our National Parks now, but also in the future.

Illegal Off-Roading & Camping
Lastly, we must stress how important it is you do not illegally off-road or illegally camp. Illegal off-roading not only damages land, sometimes beyond repair, it also puts the hobby millions are passionate about into the spotlight negatively. It's important to educate others about treading lightly and only off-roading in approved areas.

Until you get to the "Climate Change" issue, and again after that silly reference, this article does a fair job of explaining why we want to plant trees. 

I don't think the writer was quite as emphatic about "healthy forests" as she should have been though. Without HEALTHY FORESTS, nowhere near the same qualities being related here can happen over the same area. The REAL benefits come from a healthy, thriving forest.

Jerry Smith

Have you ever had a look at the UFWDA Environmental Affairs Director's Facebook page?

Winching backwards.


In the mountains of the US, we find all sorts of  driving instances not
generally found in the lower elevations. Of course, there as many or
more similarities.

After over 50-years of driving about every kind of Jeep trail, you learn a
few things. I wrote down some thoughts about Mountain Driving that
might help make your next foray into the mountains a bit more safe and enjoyable at this link.…/mountain-driving-…

UFWDA - United Four Wheel Drive Association Contributes $5,000 in support of the DBBB Legal Fund.

Back in October of 2018 we very graciously were awarded a $5,000 Grant from the UFWDA - United Four Wheel Drive Association. The funds from this Grant come at a great time and will be used directly in support of the ongoing DBBB - Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway’s Legal fees. We will continue working towards the goal of sustaining this beautiful route indefinitely.

The fight has heartened up. This past year alone in 2018, SFWDA contributed $56,538 in cash along with countless volunteer man hours both on the trails and behind the scenes diligently working to bring this all to fruition.

The future is bright! There has already been a very positive impact within the local Slade, KY and surrounding communities. Our OHV presence when travel to and from the DBBB is now where and how a considerable amount of revenue is being generated. Visiting these communities is boosting their economies considerably. We now have the attention of local residents and politicians. As always we will Tread Lightly! and be sure to respect all land owners and always stay on the designated routes. Digital Maps at a nominal cost are available from Cartotracks to keep you on track.

So, now after three very successful Meet and Ride events held on the DBBB trails it was obvious people love these trails and want more of them. There are now 50-100+ miles of expansion of the DBBB planned to meet the growing need of the OHV community for entry level experience. The roads throughout the DBBB are part of the historical county transportation systems which make the right-of-ways county property and allows access to the public. The DBBB is of moderate difficulty and open to licensed vehicles only. While there are some hard core level obstacles in vicinity the DBBB trails are intended and designed for entry level off-roading to provide both a safe and rewarding off road driving experience.

To learn more about the project visit our DBBB webpage.

Truth or Consequences OHV Ordinance Passes in Special Referendum Vote

  (Updated: 01/15/2019)

OHV use WON in Truth or Consequences tonight by a count of 781-713.

Several months ago, Ordinance 697 (allowing limited OHV use on City streets in compliance with New Mexico's OHV statute) passed on a 4-1 vote by the City Council in Truth or Consequences.  A few days later, a local group filed a referendum petition to repeal the ordinance.  After a month long mail-out special election, the voters decided to allow OHV use on city streets. 

"This is a win for motorized tourism in Truth or Consequences and New Mexico. We look forward to working with T or C and other communities across the state to bring positive recreational opportunities for all ages," said Dean Tulk, President of NMOHVA and local a T or C resident. 

We at NMOHVA would like to take a moment to remind everyone to always follow the laws of the land your recreate on and to be respectful of others. Share the trails and Tread Lightly.

To review the OHV laws and ordinances across the state please refer to the

Thank you all!

NMOHVA Board of Directors


Oregon: Court Shoots Down OHV Trails In The Ochocos 

Environmental groups call it a big win for elk and other habitat


"one of the last quiet and serene forests" the Hunters Group claim. That is a
huge crock of BS! "we are just opposed to the disturbance and displacement
of elk in critical habitat that would move them off public land onto nearby
private land." Again, this is BS!

"there are plenty of opportunities for off-roaders elsewhere in Central Oregon"
“There are 53 different OHV trails in the State of Oregon, 10 of which are here
in Central Oregon,” WOW, how generous!

According to my count, there are 47-Congressionally designated Wilderness
Areas in Oregon. This does NOT count Wilderness Study Areas and all the
other non-motorized designations in Oregon.

Are they claiming this is the ONLY area in the state with elk habitat?? What of
the other areas around America with elk populations and OHV trails. Do the elk
seem to care?? Do the elk exit all those areas en masse?

With a little planning, the new trails proposed could have been and would have
been routed away from any true critical areas and they know it!

 Jerry Smith
 UFWDA Environmental Affairs Director

National Advocate | Special Winter Edition 2019

By On January 14, 2019
The Special Winter Edition 2019 issue of the National Advocate features: updates from ORBA Representatives, SEMA, ISMA, Snowmobaby and much more!


To create an edition of the UFWDA Voice online magazine requires sourcing a variety of content and with a great geographic area to cover,  we have to rely on willing contributors to fill those pages.

As 'Editor' it would be great to be able to spend time attending events and club activities, but sadly the system just can't accomodate  the time and travel costs!

That then means we need to ask you our readers and members to consider sending us some of your photos of your four wheeling and maybe even a few words describing the activity?

There is a planned UFWDA Voice that it would be great to get published in March, so let's have those pictures etc. now .. or before 28 February 2019 and you may find them published!

BRC / OHV Events Calendar page

Check out a range of recent updates on activities.

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