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June 2019 eNews

As Editor I must thank Jerry Smith for his efforts in contributing to the UFWDA publications... if we could find a few more contributors like Jerry, it would be wonderful!

One of the objects of UFWDA is to assist our member organizations and other members to improve four wheeling opportunities and its sustainability. To be able to assist, we need to hear from people who might like our involvement as a national four wheel drive organization.

If you've been waiting for notice of the UFWDA 2019 AGM, please be advised that the plan is to hold that meeting during the SEMA show, as both a face to face and online event. Another reason to visit SEMA?
More on that soon.

Your input of topical material for each eNews is still vital, so please keep UFWDA and our readers informed by emailing  before the 10th of each month. If your organization has a website with interesting stories etc. then send a link to

Peter Vahry; editor

USDA Forest Service and State of Utah sign Shared Stewardship Agreement

Agreements like this appear good on paper but must have action and consequences.

The USFS must make a complete reversal of its "Protect and Preserve" philosophy before anything of value will happen in our severely unhealthy forests.

our service.


This is the result of 200% snowfall and the size of avalanches that happen.  A mountainside of timber wiped off in a matter of seconds.



Contact your U.S. senator now to support full funding of the Recreational Trails Program


Senate Bill 1527 has five sponsors, many more needed


The federal Recreational Trails Program has used off-highway vehicle users' federal gas taxes to fund more than 24,000 trail projects nationally since 1992. It is clearly one of the best tools we have to help fund trail construction and maintenance.

 Take Action 

Only about $84 million of the estimated $270 million collected annually on OHV fuel makes its way to trails projects. That's less than a third. And it's a gap that every trail user should want closed.

In late May, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) introduced legislation that takes the first, important step toward getting RTP the full funding it deserves. Four other senators have signed on to co-sponsor the bill, which requires the Federal Highway Administration to update its estimate of the actual fuel tax dollars generated by off-highway vehicles, so that amount can be captured as program revisions are made.

It's time now to add as many Senate co-sponsors as possible to help the bill move through Congress. Please take just a minute to send your U.S. senator either a Thank-You for co-sponsoring the bill or your request that they do so as soon as possible. Our software and pre-written messages will make it easy, matching you to your elected officials to make sure they get the appropriate message. 

Please do this now, it's quick and easy and could make a big difference.  Take Action 

For more information, contact the AMA at


What If We Planted a Trillion Trees?

While it's hard to argue that planting trees is not a good thing (because it is a good idea), there is so much questionable in this video, it would take a large book to counter all the false claims.

In America, revising and replacing the failed doctrine of "Protect and Preserve" that the USFS is steeped in, would be the first step. We MUST quit listening to the radical environmentalists' jargon and return to the LAW - Multiple Use and Sustained Yield kind of management.

That law was working perfectly before the Environmental Protection Act and Endangered Species Act came along. American forests were healthy during that time frame. Now, the forests are all old growth... dead and dying.

Healthy forests are a combination of new, middle, and old growth intermingled. By "Protecting and Preserving" everything, our forest's health has steadily declined over the last 50+ years. Most properly trained professional foresters KNOW that the current policies are wrong, but they run into the radical environmental wall when arguing for a change in that policy. The "environmental bankroll" (money) speaks too loudly to Congress for them to stand up to the insanity.

Congressional elections matter!!! Electing greedy individuals who put their personal greed before the country's best interest on these and other issues is taking us down the trail to disaster. We MUST elect people who can see the truth and will change or replace the current environmental laws with some that promote immediate changes in USFS and BLM policies regarding how to manage our public lands.

Restoring true health to the forests will eventually bring down the level of intense wildfires. This will also bring down the costs of managing the wildfires and add to the American economy positive growth.

Dead and dying forests benefit no one! Leaving them to burn benefits no one or nothing!  -- Jerry Smith, Director of Environmental Affairs for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations
Have you ever had a look at the UFWDA Environmental Affairs Director's Facebook page?

High country snow

The Colorado high country has some long-term thawing ahead before the “real” enjoyment can commence... and we're only days away from the Summer solstice!

Photo by Mike Flenniken

Desert racer Rod Hall takes the final flag

Fall Crawl - 4 Corners 4x4 Week -
Cliffhangers 4 Wheel Drive Club

Fall Crawl is a two day 4 wheel drive event in Chokecherry Canyon and Largo Canyon. The Cliffhangers 4 wheel drive club guides will be meeting participants each morning at 8am to line up, have a drivers meeting, and will be hitting the trails at 9am. There will be an Indian Ruin run meeting at Farmers market in Bloomfield headed out to Largo Canyon. Depending on guides and participants the Largo Canyon may only be offered one day. We will update those interested mid August. The runs in Chokecherry will meet at the Chokecherry Canyon entrance Wednesday the 5th and Thursday the 6th. The type of runs will be Easy (4-5), medium (5-6), Hard (6-8), extreme (9-10), and Side by Side. Each entry comes with a T-Shirt, a goodie bag, and a raffle ticket for the Friday night raflle at the Offroad Downtown Takeover. Fall Crawl entries are per vehicle. We will offer 1 day at $40. If you can only do 1 day please message us at

Get involved with the creation of the UFWDA 'Voice'

To create an edition of the UFWDA Voice online magazine requires sourcing a variety of content and with a great geographic area to cover,  we have to rely on willing contributors to fill those pages.

As 'Editor' it would be great to be able to spend time attending events and club activities, but sadly the system just can't accomodate  the time and travel costs!

That then means we need to ask you, our readers and members, to consider sending us some of your photos of your four wheeling and maybe even a few words describing the activity?

BRC / OHV Events Calendar page

Check out a range of recent updates on activities.

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