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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende

Order of Service for Sunday, May 17, 2020 


10:30am SMA Time, Virtual Service by Zoom

Money and Me

Rev. David Usher


Rev. David Usher, Guest Speaker
Rev. Tom Rosiello, Affiliate Minister

Dr. Bonney McDowell, UUFSMA Board Member &
Member COVID19 Task Force

Paula Peace & Malcolm Halliday, Musicians
Diego Vargas, Spanish reader and Audio/Visual Technician


 About Today’s Speaker

A deft turner of social contradictions into insightful sermons, Rev. Usher began his climb into the pulpit from the Australian Outback. After experiencing life as a young “jackaroo,” not unlike a young “buckaroo” in the northern hemisphere, he went to Oxford University as a student. There he prepared for a career as a minister, afterward serving congregations in England, New Hampshire, and California. He is the founding President of the International Council of Unitarians & Universalists and author of two books.

Welcoming Music   Puttin’ on the Ritz by Irving Berlin

“Have you seen the well-to-do
Up and down Park Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare
With their noses in the air

High hats and narrow collars
White spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time.”

Welcome and Call to Worship 

Chalice Lighting

Hymn   #12, O Life That Maketh All Things New

O Life that maketh all things new, the blooming earth, our thoughts within,
Our pilgrim feet, wet with thy dew, in gladness hither turn again.

From hand to hand the greeting flows, from eye to eye the signals run,
From heart to heart the bright hope glows, the seekers of the light are one:

One in the freedom of the truth, one in the joy of paths untrod,
One in the soul’s perennial youth, one in the larger thought of God;

The freer step, the fuller breath, the wide horizon’s grander view,
The sense of life that knows no death, the Life that maketh all things new.

A Time for Community


We respect the interdependent web of life and work for a just and peaceful world. We encourage the search for truth and meaning, strive for compassion in our relationships and seek values that will benefit our lives and the lives of others. This is our covenant.

Respetamos todos los estilos de vida dentro de su red interdependiente y trabajamos por un mundo justo y pacifico. Alentamos la búsqueda de la verdad y la comprensión total. Nos esforzamos por mantener compasión en nuestras relaciones y buscamos valores que beneficien nuestras vidas y las vidas de los demás. Este es nuestro convenio.

Joys, Sorrows and Concerns

Pastoral Prayer

A Time For Generosity   God Bless the Child 

                                          by Arthur Herzog Jr. and Billie Holiday

“Them that's got shall have
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news
Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child that's got his own, that's got his own.”

Sermon   Money and Me

Hymn   #331, Life Is the Greatest Gift of All

Life is the greatest gift of all the riches on this earth;
Life and its creatures, great and small, of high and lowly birth:
So treasure it and measure it with deeds of shining worth.

Mind is the brightest gift of all, its thought no barrier mars;
It seeks creation’s hidden plan, its quest surmounts all bars;
It reins the wind, it chains the storm, it weighs the outmost stars.

We are of life, its shining gift, the measure of all things;
Up from the dust our temples lift, our vision soars on wings;
For seed and root, for flower and fruit, our grateful spirit sings.

Closing Words and Extinguishing the Chalice

Postlude    Money, Money (from “Cabaret”) by John Kander

“Mark, a yen, a buck
Get a little
Or a pound
Get a little
That clinking clanking
Get a little
Get a little

Clinking sound
Money money
Money money...
Is all that makes
The world go 'round
Money money
Money money
It makes the world go…”


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Cathy Canepa at ccanepamd@gmail.com


Coming Up Next

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Gathering Storm

Rev. Jurgen Ahlers and Rev. Mark Johaningsmeir


In this Sunday’s UUFSMA service, two retired ministers converse with each other about several crises unfolding in the world and, as a team, suggest responses to strengthen personal and communal resistance to a dystopian future.

In its individual elements, the storm that Rev. Jurgen Ahlers and Rev. Mark
Johaningsmeir see gathering will be familiar to their audience. Millions of people already experience the warming of planet Earth, and its foreboding acceleration generates news reports almost every day. With less notice than in the past, a corporate stranglehold on timely information now limits public exposure to unbiased, science-based information about issues affecting health and security. Political leaders and partisan intellectuals ignore the deadly
consequences of recent decades of neo-liberal policymaking on human, animal and plant life. Decades of concentration of global wealth in the pockets of fewer owners result in shrinking economic benefits for more and more workers. This we know about too.

These global trends find mirrors in millions of refugees who are made homeless by war, famine, social violence, massive shocks of unemployment, and natural disasters. Emphasizing the necessity of hope, Rev. Ahlers and Rev. Johanigsmeir will reflect upon the synergy of these crises gathering together in their effects on humanity.

Both of this Sunday’s presenters are UUFSMA members, retired, and living in San Miguel. Rev. Ahlers was ordained in the United Presbyterian Church and Rev. Johaningsmeir in the United Methodist Church. After years of experience in the pulpit, Rev. Ahlers also served as an advisor to executives in the Ritz-Carlton Company and other multinational corporations. He has lived in San Miguel since 2018.

Rev. Johaningsmeir led congregations in Minnesota and Colorado and is known for his work with individuals and their families in the final months of a loved one’s life. A full-time resident here, Rev. Johaningsmeir moved to San Miguel in 2011.




Change of Zoom address for Sunday afternoon movie and discussion

You are invited to a Zoom webinar. 
May 17, 2020, 4.00 PM San Miguel Time,
5:00 PM Eastern Time, 2:00 PM Pacific Time
"The Migrant Crisis: "Where Can We Live in Peace?" 

Please click the link below to join the webinar: 
Password: 142189

This 54 minute documentary features the vision - and frustrations - of Pastor Ignacio Martinez Ramirez, founder of the ABBA shelter in Celaya, Mexico. The migrants tell of fleeing violence and poverty in their countries, only to encounter more problems along the way. Now, with COVID-19, the borders are sealed. They have nowhere to shelter-in-place and are asking "Where Can We Live In Peace?"

The film will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Bill Dalsimer. Among the speakers will be: Pastor Ignacio, Stan Allen (who supports ABBA with his Go-Fund-Me), Rebecca Eichler (Immigration lawyer and board member of Latin American Relief Fund. Directed by Judy Jackson. it is also a fundraiser for ABBA.

Or iPhone one-tap : 
    US: +19292056099,,88058689039#,,1#,142189#  or +12532158782,,88058689039#,,1#,142189# 
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 929 205 6099  or +1 253 215 8782  or +1 301 715 8592  or +1 312 626 6799  or +1 346 248 7799  or +1 669 900 6833 
    Webinar ID: 880 5868 9039
    Password: 142189
    International numbers available: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kbc2IxQC0O


If you have a poor or intermittent Internet connection, you can watch the film on Vimeo and then join the Zoom discussion. https://vimeo.com/418977974.


Tom’s Coffee Hour Discussion, Tuesdays at 9:30 am.
Email Diana Amaya for sign up info: info.uufsma@gmail.com



Tuesday Discussion group, May 19 (11:00am)

The Tuesday Zoom discussion group is led by Bill Dalsimer and Liz Stone.  
The topic is What myths did you grow up with or carried into adulthood? What did you believe that you later learned was false? What myths formed who you are?


Thursday Discussion group, May 21 (11:30am)
The Thursday Zoom discussion group is led by Trish Snyder. 

Why has the pandemic become so political (and this is true all over the world)? How can we understand divergent viewpoints?


Please contact jane.wilkinson@gmail.com if you are interested in joining one of these groups. Space is limited!

Saturday Discussion Group for people living alone, May 23, (11:30am)

This Zoom group is for the mutual support of people living alone in these anxious times. Participants can connect with others similarly situated to share resources, concerns, and tribulations. Helen Rivas-Rose is the moderator. To join this group, please contact Helen, at helycres@icloud.com or jane.wilkinson@gmail.com.


San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico