UUFSMA Newsletter March 18, 2019

The Mission of this Fellowship is to serve the spirit as each individual understands it; to serve the educational and pastoral needs of our own community; and to serve our multicultural community through actions that further social justice.

Women's Breakfast Group meeting at Oso Azul on Zacateros every Saturday.
Come and join us!

Small Group Discussions Revived!

The UUFSMA Board has heard your voice -- many members who recently completed a Long-Range Planning Survey and attended one of the focus group meetings suggested that with our growing membership, we need to have more gatherings of small groups. We have long had small groups meetings for breakfast on Saturdays, philosophical discussions on Tuesdays, comida on Wednesdays, and Circle Cenas on the first Monday of each month.

This month Rev. Tom Rosiello held three sessions of a training course on UUism. It has been so successful that he has agreed to offer this course again in a few months.
Stay tuned.

Soon we will have more opportunities to have small group gatherings on interesting topics. Your Sunday Service Committee and Care Team are planning some post-Sunday service discussions beginning in April. We are also providing some small group discussions in the homes of our members or guest ministers. 

The first of these is described below:

Canadian members of UUFSMA may have seen the recent email from the Canadian Unitarian Council about their current series of films and discussion groups related to Truth and Reconciliation. The first film on the list is “Trick or Treaty”, a film by Alamis Obomsawin made in 2014, which is being viewed and discussed in Canadian congregations throughout March.  

"This feature documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin ( Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance) profiles Indigenous leaders in their quest for justice as they seek to establish dialogue with the Canadian government. By tracing the history of their ancestors since the signing of Treaty No. 9, these leaders aim to raise awareness about issues vital to the First Nations in Canada: respect for and protection of their lands and their natural resources, and the right to hunt and fish so that their societies can prosper.” – National Film Board


Karen Woolhouse and David Lewis are hosting a small group discussion event on Tuesday April 2 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in which we will be watching the film and then talking about it. The film is just under an hour and a half. Karen will have dialogue suggestions from the Canadian Unitarian Council to help get the discussion started.


This film is particularly relevant for Canadians in this year of Truth and Reconciliation, but others may find that it will bring some insight into the issues of Indigenous peoples. 

Because of limited space we can have a maximum of eight people, so it will be “first come, first served” with replies to Joanna Kafarowski at  joannakafarowski@gmail.com.    

There is a steep and very rough alleyway leading up to the house, so people with mobility concerns may find it difficult to access. Karen will send the address and directions once we know the attendance.

If you are interested in hosting or leading a small group discussion in your home, please contact Ellie Goodwin at  epgoodwin@hotmail.com

The UUFSMA Annual Membership Meeting will be held next Sunday at noon following the Service. In order to vote at the Annual Meeting, you must have pledged before March 4.

See you there!

Care Team

It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.
-  Mother Teresa

Lee Veal is recovering at home from his Gall bladder surgery and is happy to have visitors...but please contact him at:  leeveal@juno.com 


SkyMed Small Group Seminar

Come and find out why SkyMed is the Gold Standard of medical evacuation plans and 
medical emergency. SkyMed does 2 or 3 member services per month from San Miguel alone. Last year SkyMed did over 600 member services worldwide.

To find out more, join me at the upcoming small group SkyMed Seminar.
Thursday, March 21st at 10am sharp, at SmarSpace Hub, Salida a Celaya #34.
On left as you head out of town, towards Mega, on Salida a Celaya. Next to Bridgestone.

Special group seminar discounts will be offered at this event. Space is limited to only 8 seats. Please RSVP to Sarah Ash, SkyMed Team Leader, Cellular: 415-125-3537, email: sarah.ash@skymed.com 

If you are in need of assistance or know someone who does, please contact Francoise or Lydia Jane.

For pastoral care, please contact Rev. Tom Rosiello, 415-120-2119,  tomrosiello@gmail.com
Françoise: 415 149 3053,  francoise.yohalem@gmail.com
Lydia Jane: 415 149 3784,  lydiajafa@yahoo.com
There will be a Celebration of life for David Garrity, husband of Ellie Goodwin, at the Aldea on April 10th, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Rev. Tom Rosiello, Paula Peace, and Malcolm Halliday are planning a lovely service. There will be a casual tea-time reception following the service.

David loved children and reading. Donations in his memory will be accepted with gratitude by Libros Para Todos using this link:  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/big-read-for-children-in-rural-mexico/

Calendar of Activities

Tuesday Discussion Group, March 19, 10:15 am,  Individualism: How did the West become such a self-obsessed culture? Join us for these meaningful discussions led by Liz Stone.The group meets at the Quinta Loreto restaurant at the sunny end, Loreto 15. 

Wednesday Lunch Bunch, March 20, 1:30pm, Don Lupe, Salida a Celaya 6, (former location of Longhorn BBQ).


Women's breakfast group meets at Oso Azul, Zacateros 17 at 9:30 each Saturday morning. All women are warmly invited.

Men meet in the Jardin at 9:30am in front of the Parroquia and decide where to eat. The regular guys would like some new faces to join them!

Circle Cena - The Circle Cena is a social gathering for people who meet at a host's house once a month for either a pot luck of botanas and dessert or a full course dinner. The hosts coordinate the event as to how many guests they can accommodate and who brings what food to share. As the groups change from cena to cena, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know other UUs.

The next Circle Cena is Monday, April 1, 2019. Please sign up as host or guest at the Welcome Table after Sunday service or contact Arlena Lawrence,   lawrencearlena@yahoo.com.

Sunday, March 24, 10:30am  

What is Unitarian Universalism?

Rev. Tom Rosiello



At this week’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Service, Affiliate Minister The Rev. Tom Rosiello explores what defines Unitarian Universalism and distinguishes it from other religions.

According to Rev. Rosiello, there are many misunderstandings about UU. Even longtime members often have a difficult time articulating the core of this faith tradition. Unitarian Universalism has ancient roots in the Judeo-Christian world. It became a major faith tradition as part of the Radical Reformation that evolved in United States in the 19th century. For Unitarian Universalists, revelation is not sealed or confined to one authoritative book, and there is no creed or set of common beliefs. People who believe in different theologies are most welcome.

In Rev. Rosiello’s words, “so much strife and conflict in our world is the result of divisive forces grounded in rigid religious beliefs with an unwillingness to embrace those who believe differently. The world needs a religion that welcomes different beliefs into one space where people can learn and share from each other and find common purpose. UU is that faith. In the words of the 16th-century Unitarian Francis David: ‘We do not have to believe alike to love alike.’” 

This willingness to embrace those who believe differently rests on two dearly held UU principles: the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and the right to freely and responsibly search for and discover his or her own truth. In turn, this respect and empowerment of the individual allows us to trust in the democratic process. Unitarian Universalist congregations are entirely run by their members, not by outside clerical authority. For Unitarian Universalists, the test of faith is not based on individual piety but on how one brings their religion to the world. It is in our deeds that we express our faith. 

As always, the service will be rich in music with Malcolm Halliday and Paula Peace performing four-hand piano duets, hymns, and spiritual songs. The service begins with participation from our growing children's program offered every week. New children are always welcome. If you are looking for a different kind of spiritual home or would just like to know more about Unitarian Universalism, this is an excellent service to attend.

For more information about the UUFSMA, including our Children’s Religious Education program, Social Action outreach, weekly discussion groups, social activities, and Care Team, join us any Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at the Hotel La Aldea or check out our website at uufsma.org.

Social Action
Ser Mujer Events

Wednesday, March 20, 5:00pm, Teatro Santa Ana

Film & Talk: Emma Guerra, 100 pesos

Emma Guerra Arguero is an inspiration. In 2016 she was teaching 29 students, Grades 1 - 6, in one room in an isolated country school in El Lindero, Guanajuato, Mexico. The village is registered as "La Carrera Contra El Hambre" - one of the poorest in Mexico. In their homes the students sleep up to 10 in one room. Emma became part of the community. She started a vegetable garden to increase the protein intake of the students, and she encouraged the mothers to cook a nutritious lunch at the school for the children.

Saturday, March 23, 3:00 pm, El Sindicato
Self Defense Class for Women, Free, donations welcome

Natalia Fosado is originally from San Miguel de Allende. She attended TecMilenio University in Querétaro and has studied personal defense techniques for 15 years and currently teaches martial arts in Querétaro.

The best self defense strategies and techniques work equally well for men and women, but let’s face it, women really need them because they’re assaulted more often than men. Statistics indicate that one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime. Women also endure more incidents of verbal and sexual harassment. Although most women’s self defense courses focus on skills for quickly and efficiently destroying an attacker, self defense training also should include methods for preventing a confrontation from turning physical in the first place. Learning how to steer away from a threat may not sound as exciting as ripping out an attacker’s heart, but as they say in every beginner’s class, evading an attack is almost always superior to blocking an attack.

For more details: www.sermujersma.com

Celebrate World Water Day With Us!

This year, the UN has declared the theme for World Water Day to be  “Leaving no one behind”. All are welcome to join us in a week-long celebration of water leading up to World Water Day on March 22nd. We will address the water issues in the region, discuss the research and solutions that are being worked on, and honor an essential element of life in a series of five events.

Caminos de Agua Work Hub Open House    BILINGUAL
Calle Federico Montes de Oca 2c, Col. Independencia, 1.00 - 5.00 pm

Tour our laboratory, learn about our research, and get valuable information on the quality of water in our region. 

Women in Water                                             BILINGUAL 
Bellas Artes, Calle Dr. Ignacio Hernández Macías 75, 4.00 - 6.00 pm

Join us in celebrating and recognizing the valuable work women are doing to combat water issues in our region. Simultaneous translation available for English speakers.

Cocktail Reception and Keynote Talk              ENGLISH
6.00 - 8.30 pm  

Listen to Mariana Cárdenas, Harvard researcher and PhD, speak about the implications of water pollution on human health. Enjoy drinks and botanas in a beautiful private home. For tickets and more details on this event go to:

Water & Health: Implications of water
pollution on human health 
Bellas Artes, Calle Dr. Ignacio Hernández Macías 75, 4.00- 6.00 pm    

Listen to Harvard researcher and PhD, Mariana Cárdenas, give a public address to community of San Miguel on her area of expertise.  Simultaneous translation available for English speakers.

¿Qué pasa con el agua?                                   SPANISH
Plaza Cívica, Calle Colegio 11, Centro, 5.30 - 7.00 pm   

Enjoy a theatrical performance about the water problems in the region written by local activist and environmentalist, Diana Hoogesteger. The event is organized by the municipality and a coalition of nonprofits working together towards resolving these issues.
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