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December 2015 - Automated usability studies Copy (Dec 2015)
Most usability studies include feedback from a just a handful of people. As a rule of thumb, you can find 90% of usability issues with just 12 participants. However, many of my clients are uncomfortable making major changes to their product based on such a small sample. In this issue of 'Tidbits,’ I will tell you about one way to gather usability feedback from many users via "remote unmoderated usability studies".

Usability Tidbit 11 - How to do A/B split testing (Nov 2015)
This month you will learn about A/B Split testing and when and how to leverage this very simple online approach to learning and measuring the preferences of your target audience.

Usability Tidbit 10 --> How to get inside your end user's brain Copy (Aug 2014)
You can learn so much about how to design a product by just talking with the right people. In this issue of 'Tidbits I am going to share the highlights of my secrets to interviewing success.

Usability Tidbit 9 - Why I love online card sorts (Nov 2013)
Today I am going to share with you one of my most favorite research techniques - online card sorting. I typically recommend this approach on projects where my client wants to improve the navigation of their product. Card sorting is a perfect fit for this objective because it gives you a picture of how your users organize their world as it relates to your product.

Usability Tidbit 8 - How to win acceptance for your UI design ideas (Mar 2014)
When it comes to product user interfaces everyone seems to have a strong opinion on how things should work. In this edition I am going to share some approaches I've learned over the years that lead to more effective design meetings.

Usability Tidbit #7 - How to run mobile usability studies (Sep 2013)
This edition of Usability Tidbits offers an overview of mobile usability testing, and how it is different from traditional usability testing, excerpted from a recent webinar I gave for the American Marketing Association

Usability Tidbit #6 - Leveraging groups in usability research (Jun 2013)
When does it make more sense to do usability research with groups rather than just individuals? My clients often ask me this. So this issue of 'Tidbits examines the value of talking with a group of people as you set out to design a new product or service.

Usability Tidbit #5 - How to set up a task list (Apr 2013)
The task list is a simple usability tool that will help you see whether the design of your product makes sense to your target audience. This month's tidbits describes a simple approach for a well-constructed task list.

Usability Tidbit #4 - Measuring emotion in a usability study (Mar 2013)
This month's newsletter will focus on how to use the Product Reaction Cards, which is a simple and quick survey that you can give participants at the end of a usability study to learn how they feel about your product.

Usability Tidbit #3 - Pay attention to what they do - not what they say (Feb 2013)
The theme of this month's 'Tidbits is how to be a better observer during a usability study and how the user's actions speak way louder than their words.

Usability Tidbit #2 - Finding the best people to be in your studies (Jan 2013)
This issue of 'Tidbits offers practical pointers on how to "get the most bang for your buck" when recruiting for usability studies.

Usability Tidbit #1 - Inaugural edition (Dec 2012)
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Usability Tidbits. My goal with this newsletter is to offer my best advice on usability to help my readers create more successful products.  In this first issue you'll learn how to vary your research approach depending on where you are in your product development cycle.

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